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Biden and Harris Must Strongly Advocate for Working People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/07/biden-and-harris-must-strongly-advocate-working-people

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Get out your pots and pans, and start banging.

The “Reality TV president” has been fired!


You only count if you vote! Vote Always! Every time!


Biden and Harris have made careers out of opposing the working class. Biden still supports the TPP and in recent years defended NAFTA. To believe that these two will now advocate for the working class is completely delusional and rife with false hope. Mass civil disobedience and general strikes are the only path forward.


Biden and Harris don’t have to do anything, except continue to serve their corporate masters.

Progressives have proven, once again, that we don’t deserve to be listened to. Even if you have spent a lifetime being against everything we hold important, and continue to brag about it, progressives will still vote for you. And cheer at your winning.

I still say that Howie Hawkins had a better chance at winning, than Biden even kind of appearing to consider a tiny shift left.


Right now the republicans are looking at their victories, especially Florida, and are talking about attracting more working class. They can do it with propaganda even if not with actions, so it behooves the corporate Democrats to suck it up and let the politicians who care about people run the show. And, no. corporations are NOT people.


They won’t, they were forced on the voters precisely because they won’t help poor working people. They were forced on us to serve the Wall St./Silicone Valley donor class, and they will ably do that for the next four years. Then, with the people fed up with four more years of gridlock, the GOP will run a truly competent fascist, like Tom Cotton, and defeat the by-then President Harris, who nobody outside of the elites wanted for POTUS, since she never got over 3% in the polls and had to drop out before the first primary. Enjoy the reprieve.


Biden/Harris must strongly advocate for working class people. Really. I originated in a proud working class family. My deceased mother just turned over in her grave and so did her friend and idol Eugene V Debs…


The headline has got this exactly right. And not just advocate, but get something accomplished. Otherwise, the Dems are toast in 2022 and 2024.


Expecting anything progressive from those right center winners is like asking a snail who’s better off, a snail or a slug? The snail’s shell will remain closed off to the 80% whose lives will be in the toilet when the economy fails completely in the coming months. Instead of celebrating they should be going crazy to get some economic relief before winter hits next month.


And make no mistake, Tom Cotton is the very REAL monster, a blood from the fangs and talons bona- fide, war hungry, fascist, monster.


Hi genders:
sigh—and the DNC is completely insane if it keeps rejecting the majority of the people as America goes more and more corporate!
People can’t afford rent now, and food either.
sigh—I just read that in CA Uber and Lyft won and they got what they wanted-----drivers will not be considered employees and will have no heath care, or holiday benefits either. They will remain 1099 workers which means they are both employer and employees at the same time and pay both sides of the taxes too.
WAKE UP America as I can see this scheme growing bigger and bigger and more workers becoming 1099 workers—how will you live when you have to pay both sides of the taxes, and both sides of social security too? NO MORE FEUDAL Empoyers! : (


Hi gene debs:
Sorry but the spell check on my computer is from hell, and so I had to cut your name in half this time. Otherwise it makes gene debs into the word genders! Maybe it’s evil SIRI, as I hate that part of this computer too. Although people should know who Eugene Debs is!

In January, Americans will have a president and vice president who have pledged to prioritize the needs of working families.

They did nothing of the sort. Biden promised that nothing would fundamentally change, that he wouldn’t ban fracking, would veto Medicare For All if it passed and that he has zero empathy for millions of Americans suffering economically.


Should mention – infrastructure spending, added manufacturing jobs, public housing construction, clean energy construction, increased childcare and elder care, along with the minimum wage and labor union reform. Add up the new jobs, make reasonable promises as to added jobs and wage growth. General nonspecific ideas won’t capture the imagination. Recently the RAND Corporation reported that wage growth since 1973 to 2018 was negligible, $43,000 to $50,000, but could have been $43,000 to $92,000. Many studies paint a clear picture about wage growth if public jobs tighten the job market. How fast could wages grow if all reforms are instituted and carried forward? Plus we need a mention of B-Corporation and the growth of cooperative ownership.


So what do we do when they do not?


oh, they “must”, must they?

delusional fools.

perhaps when we start hearing from “working people” on pages like this we can get there. I’m past sick of the middle class pretending to speak for me even as they shovel dirt on my grave.


Thea- You First Must Not Be Complacent here… Trump has not conceded. Do you think that Trump will really give up the office without a long fight?.. That’s the first problem…

Not only that, Pelosi has already stated that she sees no reason why the Democratic Party should change direction, Biden has already made known his plans to fill his cabinet with corporate lobbyists and Republicans, the establishment Party still hates the handful of progressives in their party and they are not about to do anything even remotely progressive. Anyone thinking the Dems are going to suddenly become the party of the people is a fool. They are still joined at the hip with their corporate sugar daddies and that is not about to change.


Don’t expect Bernie Sanders as a player in this administration, he will be a voice in the wind as corporate toads envelope the key posts that are critical for any change. Climate salvation will be a “jobs bill” as politics will trump what is required.