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Biden and Trump Exchange Exposes Political Arena's Commitment to Toxic Masculinity


Biden and Trump Exchange Exposes Political Arena's Commitment to Toxic Masculinity

Jon Queally, staff writer

A former vice president threatens to beat up the current president—or at least fantasizes about doing so back when the two septuagenarians were back in high school and buffed out like teenage jocks.

So the current president fires back, saying the former vice-president would lose and "go down hard and fast."

But what are these two grown men fighting over?

Women, of course. One threatening to defend the dignity of women from a man intent on assaulting them. And the other defending, it seems, his right to sexually assault women.


Bored one night with nothing to do I started watching a youtube video done by this body language expert woman who proceeded to analyze Joe Biden’s behavior around young girls. It was damning. Damning. I wish I had saved it so I could post it here…it probably is still on YouTube if you want to go looking. I thought it was ludicrous at first, but with video after video this body language expert absolutely destroyed Biden. I have no proof but from watching that video I will never look at Joe Biden the same way…nor would I let him anywhere near a young girl.


Rather than focus on one personality or the other, let’s talk about the toxic masculinity thing. I have little chance of getting within arm’s reach of either Biden or djt, but I deal with toxic masculinity every day. Yes, in the political arena, but in almost every facet of my life. Let’s address that issue.

A corporate AA instructor once pointed out (as the group had just demonstrated) that those who share experiences of op/repression readily recognize each other as members of a group and identify with each other’s experiences. Those in the oppressor class, however, speak of those who’ve committed offenses as bad apples. Thus, it’s not a bit surprising that @Dan_Harris, apparently male, should jump in here to berate one man and proclaim he’ll never “let him anywhere near a young girl.” You’re doing the same thing djt did in his tweet: ‘I’m a real man. I’ll protect the weaker sex from you.’ How about just raising young girls to own their bodies and feel empowered to tell men to keep their paws to themselves.


Sounds like a set-up for neo-liberal Biden to be CHOSEN to run against Dumbf to me.


I feel sorry for you. That’s all I have to say…


Because I’m a woman? You may not have noticed, but I’m one of those feeling pretty damned empowered. I don’t need your pity or any man’s defense of me. I chased my first asshole out of Radio City Music Hall when I was 13, by simply demanding loudly that he keep his hands to himself. And yes, then I switched seats with a male member of my group who’d already had his growth spurt most of the way to 6 ft. But the one who’d been fingering my thigh was long gone.


You know I just wasn’t thinking that deeply when I posted. That video I watched popped in my head so that is what I wrote. Upon reflection I do not dispute your correction.


This is why I hope Elizabeth Warren runs for president and becomes the first female president in US history. Biden is a Democratic Party insider. The Democratic Party supporting Biden for the 2020 presidential election makes as much since as running another party insider, Hillary Clinton in 2016. This evolved into the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. It would have been different if the Democrats had run Bernie Sanders. At least that is what the polls demonstrated back then, that Bernie would have won over Trump in the general election. But the Democratic Party went with Hillary, a party insider.

CNN poll: Trump trails Sanders, Biden, Oprah in 2020 matchups


No! Not because you are a woman! Because you want to create a them and us team mentality BETWEEN men and women!!!


Joe Biden as the the white knight, saving nearly 25-30 women from a sexual predator black knight in Trump, is the magic stuff of Hollywood and TV screendom. Since it could only happen in the movies; did you see the size of Trump’s bodyguards, it’s perfect for contemporary political theatre, too. These two could go all fake WWF on an electorate yearning for distractions and, base their entire campaigns on The Big Throwdown Showdown in November. Vegas like and Pay-per-View only on that Cha-Ching Tuesday would make Floyd Meriwether jealous, without a doubt.
Only women could attend the pre-premier screenings ( debates ) and act as judges. Handing the Oscar, and Presidency, over to the mythical Best Male In A Fight Fantasy For Wooing A Patty Pure-Heart. Since hanky panky wouldn’t be allowed, bling and hankies, anyone?
Though, Joe " Glass Jaw " Biden would no doubt be the sentimental favorite, let’s not forget that 52-53% of white good christiany women went for the dark knight, in the first made-for-TV flick. Maybe Clint Eastwood was the uncredited Executive Producer on that one? Oh, sweet and charming chivalry is not dead, after all. But this silliness and all these distractions and stunts, certainly kill most everything they touch, real or not.
Just keep saying to yourself, " It’s only a movie, it’s only a movie ".


Hate to say this, but old men and their old frameworks (read–“throwbacks to medieval attitudes”) have got to go-- and be replaced by individuals who are actually functioning in the 21st century. So over these old farts. Blech.


Clueless bozos, both.


Will someone please tell both of these prehistoric politicians to Retire, before somebody does it for them.


If it’s Biden v. Trump in 2020, then I question the validity of bothering with future elections.


It’s toxic masculinity that does that.


You are still doing it! I, as a male, am NOT YOUR ENEMY but posts like yours do much to push males like me away! Women have made great strides over the years and probably with the help of some male counterparts supporting them–LIKE ME!
By drawing a line between us as creating an Us/Them TEAM MENTALITY, you are creating barriers between the sexes instead of opening pathways! Why don’t you see that???

By the way, do you think “toxic femininity” helps unite us?! Generalizing is NEVER a good idea in ANY circumstances…PERIOD!

Anyway, I’m done. Tried to make it through the veil of women vs. men AGAIN. I hope you heard what I was trying to say…


I just wish you’d read the article, or even the headline. That’s where “toxic masculinity” came from. And silly me, I’d guessed that Jon Queally might be male himself.

You again are trying to argue that djt and Biden are bad boys, and it’s nothing to do with their being men and talking about how they would like to protect women, who are presumed incapable of protecting ourselves. My “them” are the men who think we are prey who, if the speaker isn’t a predator himself, need protection from predators. My “us” is women who claim our own agency and need neither protection nor pity.


If it’s Biden versus Trump in 2020, I am moving to Holland.


O.K. It’s a little clearer where you are coming from now. Sounds like we are basically on the same page. By “toxic femininity” I meant general man-haters with no basis in reason. I apologize.


You might want to order new luggage. MSM is already pushing Biden.