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Biden and Trump on Venezuela: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/09/biden-and-trump-venezuela-two-sides-same-coin

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“Dime’s worth of differences” now trading at 4 cents on the bullshit exchange.


Doesn’t matter which party sits in the WH, the Empire rolls on!


The only argument over imperialism between the two major parties is how to most effectively maintain it


See an interview with Maduro at Grayzone, August 6, 2019, interviewed by Max Blumenthal. Maduro explains the drone attack that almost killed him and claims U.S. complicity in the attack, he mentions John Bolton. He explains that in 20 years in Venezuela his party has won 23 of 25 national elections. It is a tragedy what has happened, and it began under Obama, oddly enough. In July 2019 120 non-aligned nations of the world held a conference in Caracas and endorsed the Maduro government. See Venezuela Analysis. Ask what do they know? More than the U.S. and Biden, unfortunately.


Nothing odd about it, given Obama’s warmongering Secretary of State who Kissinger hoped would become President! HC proudly brought massive suffering to Venezuela, Central America, Libya and the VP then will continue business as usual.


You are right. VZ’s history of OIL being its main source of revenue made U.S. imperialists cozy up to the country, and they had a lot of influence across the Caribbean pond as they partied in Caracas over the twentieth century. VZans then wanted to be just like USans. The better off VZans wanted to hoard their wealth, just like they do here in the U.S. The thought of sharing wealth with the poor was anathema to those in the middle & upper classes, just like here in the U.S. So someone like Chavez comes along to impose some moral perspectives on the populace, and the well-off go crazy! Commies, socialists, etc., etc. Just like here in the U.S.


This is where progressives have really dropped the ball and need to band together on a coherent and truly moral, anti-imperialist perspective when it comes to Latin America; i.e. Latin America and our horrific history of foreign policy supporting fascist, murderous and torturing regimes ousted by truly democratic elections putting socialists into power.

I give Bernie a lot of credit for his position during the primaries - but - I think he could have done a lot better if he had more vocal, informed support from progressives challenging the usual regime change jargon.

  1. Maduro is NOT a dictator. He was democratically elected in an election system that is one of most highly ranked, world-wide; in short, runs far better and more democratically than our own. He won by what we would consider a landslide in popular votes, and under a full national audit. He is more legitimately president than Trump is president, and more than Clinton was ever the DP nominee, and this time around, Biden.

  2. Where are the voices of the so-called Green New Deal movement in all of this? The only reason we want to be there is OIL, mining interests (for Canada, mostly). I thought this was about getting away from fossil fuels - so why are these so-called environmentalists so silent on this issue? They basically want to turn Venezuela into another Iraq or Iran - to steal the oil, and via a military industrial complex that, in and of itself, and its own involvement in fossil fuels, is a major obstacle towards a cleaner and safer planet.

  3. Where are the human rights voices? HRW is a farce for the establishment elite. They have their select and “fashionable” HRs issues - but they have totally ignored our interference in VZ, including, as just one example, the deaths of literally 40k VZns in one year alone, because of these brutal and immoral sanctions.

I’m rather skeptical of the “democratic socialists” and “progessive populists” for their wimpy-arse positions here - including AOC who should know far better - if she wasn’t trying to play up to her conservative LAmerican camp.

Take a position, progressives.

This is why I, for one, may be voting for Gloria La Riva and leaving Bernie and “Our Revolution” in the dust. I say, “Right on” to the Bolivarian Revolution and the Cuba Revolution and more.

Stop being such half-arsed apologists for murderous American imperialism - the same vicious right wing that wants to throw you all, as well, out of helicopters. WTFU - start calling the corporate Democratic Party wing on its verbal rubbish.

In fact, I don’t know why any progressive worth their salt is still supporting former Prez candidate Julian Castro after his ridiculous grandstanding on the corporate media debate stage about “Maduro is a dictator” - and at Bernie’s expense. He so outted himself there as so FOS.

But Bernie himself needs to get a lot stronger. While others need to start backing him on this issue when he does so. The progessive cowardice here is appalling.

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Agree - well said. Appalling the attitude about Venezuela by most Americans and American politicians. Read the history of American interference in Iran and you will see a dejavu of Venezuela. Personally, Madero is no Chavez in my humble opinion but he was democratically elected and the U.S. is only in it for the oil reserves which are the richest in the world.


Venezuelan origin Democrats will characterize and try to shape Biden’s policies in accordance with their own views. The same happened among Cuban origin Democrats in the Obama campaign. A campaign will take support from wherever it comes.

Progressives should not use ideological assumptions to rationalize disengagement or to deny that life will be substantially worse for the people we care for in Cuba and Venezuela if Trump is reelected. Biden is the only alternative.