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Biden Attempts to Revive 'Doomed' Campaign in South Carolina After Fifth Place Finish in New Hampshire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/biden-attempts-revive-doomed-campaign-south-carolina-after-fifth-place-finish-new

Anita Hill, thou art avenged.

Let’s see –

Corporate Democrats backed Biden – pervert – betrayer - DINO -
who announced he wanted a Republican Vice President –

Corporate Democrats backed a REPUBLICAN/BILLIONAIRE Bloomberg –
Racist Mayor of NYC – to try to stop Bernie Sanders –

What next?
Kerry who continues to present himself as a liberal, but behaves like an Elite?


Kerry is a Boston Brahmin. He’s got no campaign up and running, either. Kerry is blowing smoke at this point.
In 2004 it was Kerry who conceded to Bush and the election results of Ohio. Remember Ken Blackwell and all the long lines, etc. etc. etc. It was John Edwards of " the two Americas " that wanted to investigate and litigate the official results of the Oho Secratary of State, and all the shenanigans of that corrupt joint.
Edwards was foolish in his personal relationships but was more progressive than Kerry, Clinton or Obama. The PTB took care of his aspirations and dream of the POTUS’ Office in 2008. OhBummer and Clinton cynically took up his battle cry and then drowned it, in subterfuge and wordsmithing.
So it goes…


Are South Carolina Democrats the majority party in the state legislature?

Hi Mrs -

Not saying that KERRY is self-propelled –
Looked like corporate Dems/Elites were looking to push him in at one point – ???
Also remember when Kerry was the much adored POET of Vietnam who threw away
his medals? Should I have put “alleged” in there somewhere? Since those times, the story
seems to be under strong challenge. Maybe there was a ghost writer helping Kerry’s image?

I certainly remember OHIO –

Didn’t that end with Conyers being the only one looking into OHIO …
holding hearings for testimony in Capitol basement … ?

Yes, Edwards was foolish – and as I recall it his wife would have made the better candidate.

I have a long standing personal theory on Obama and Hill/Bill that they were part of CIA
childhood programs – think Obama may have survived it better.

But each did their best to move the nation to the right –

At this time, our TV Anchors reminding us of Watergate should also be reminding us of
not only of the amazing Martha Mitchell* – but JOHN MITCHELL, Nixon Attorney General –
and his quotable vision of the our futures …

**1970, John Mitchell , Nixon’s leading henchman, said, **

“This country is going so far to the right, you are not even going to recognize it.” With zeal and an eye for …

In all the years, we’ve watched John Dean/Watergate Whistleblower have you ever heard
him remind us of that comment as the nation fell into the filthy hands of Nazism here?


If you or anyone here is interested – I’m just noticing in a search re Watergate that
’SLOW BURN" – SEASON 1, EPISODE 1 – TRANSCRIPT – is available on line.

Pretty sure John Dean knows a lot about that time he hasn’t told us.

This should connect you –

Was trying to trace what was happening with Laura DERN and her Mother’s connection to
Martha Mitchell/Watergate story – Her Mother is actress DIANE LADD – her Dad, Bruce Dern.
And whether anything ever got made or not? Still checking.

Her Mother, DIANE LADD had a surprise spiritual connection to Martha Mitchell – who seems to
have at the moment of her death elected her to try to get her story out. Both she and John
Mitchell seemed to understand they were dealing with Nazis, but only Martha was talking about it.
And John Mitchell may have joined them for a time?

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That’s very good. As to John & Martha Mitchell, John Dean- I think they’re all delusional, true believers in the Nixon Doctrine.
Kissinger was the one with the real shady past.

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I wonder how much damage Trump’s calling attention to Hunter Biden’s antics did to his father. Granted, Biden looks about a hundred and makes no sense but I can’t help but think Trump ultimately got his way in knocking him out of contention, Next up, Mike Bloomberg. I have met Bloomberg and he is honest but also absolutely without any charm. You read about his policies and you like him. You meet him and you can’t stand him. Actually, Bernie Sanders has some of that same magic but he ain’t a billionaire so he has that going for him.

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Joe Biden is damaged by the Hunter $50,000 / month contract in Ukraine. What I do not yet know is if this money went to him alone or to his law firm in Chicago.

If to the whole firm, then the amount is normal for business and international business law advice, lobbying, attending meetings, evaluating contracts.

Here is the ringer, americans.
We were trying to sell compressed natural gas to the europeans. Our competition is russia.
I cannot provide day to day developments other than we did not make the sale. We also had a contract for CNG with China, which they cancelled last year and signed on with Russia to provide them natural gas delivered by a new pipeline from Siberia.

If Hunter was our american sales agent to help persuade Ukraine and others to buy our CNG, the monthly payment covers a lot of handouts of cash by Hunter to Ukrainian government officials, peoples in other countries in Europe, etc. The $50,000 is paltry.

In afghan, we had first Lts. handing out backpacks of $100 bills to village elders to turn over taliban to us. In Iraq, same: bribes to have village elders getting their foreign fighters to stop shooting American army soldiers.

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when you have no policy , bribes are all you have to offer.

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Biden supporters, if they persist in their folly, will become the new deplorables.

The Dems set their hearts on Ukraine and the unintended consequence was Hunter Biden. Personally, I think the $400,000,000 sent to Ukraine is the real crime in this story, and that waste of money is on both parties and their cold war B.S. Overall, am thankful that Joe and his ne’er do well son were exposed for all democrats to see, but continue to deny the importance of. In the words of the Puritans, “may god spread his mercy upon them all.”

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Think people with criminal tendencies just know where to find one another –
John Dean no doubt ended up in the White House because of his questionable background.

I think John Mitchell knew more, or suspected it – and was “experienced” …
Also think the relationship was first based in Mitchell improving Nixon’s finances,
but a long line between Rockefeller’s, Allen Dulles/CIA, Kissinger which also included Nixon -
perhaps even earlier in his connection to Dulles before his rise with HUAC investigations.
Perhaps going as far back as '45 while Nixon was still in service; possibly spying for CIA.

"This country is going so far to the right you won’t recognize it," he told a reporter.

Searching for that quote, other info which may be interesting – or not …

And imo you can also see Barr as Mitchell and Trump as Nixon.

Capitalism is connected historically with “Investor Wars” and “Investor Managed Crimes.”
Cute, huh?

New York government

Mitchell devised a type of revenue bond/Municipal Revenue Bond called a “moral obligation bond” while serving as bond counsel to New York’s governor Nelson Rockefeller in the 1960’s.
In an effort to get around the voter approval process for increasing state and municipal borrower limits, Mitchell attached language to the offerings that was able to communicate the state’s intent to meet the bond payments while not placing it under a legal obligation to do so.
Mitchell did not dispute when asked in an interview if the intent of such language was to create a “form of political elitism that bypasses the voter’s right to a referendum or an initiative.”

Law and order

Mitchell believed that the government’s need for "law and order " justified restrictions on civil liberties. He advocated the use of wiretaps in national security cases without obtaining a court order and the right of police to employ the preventive detention of criminal suspects. He brought conspiracy charges against critics of the Vietnam War likening them to brown shirts of the Nazi era in Germany.

Mitchell expressed a reluctance to involve the Justice Department in some civil rights issues.
“The Department of Justice is a law enforcement agency,” he told reporters. “It is not the place to carry on a program aimed at curing the ills of society.”
However, he also told activists, "You will be better advised to watch what we do, not what we say."

From the outset, Mitchell strove to suppress what many Americans saw as major threats to their safety: urban crime, black unrest, and war resistance. He called for the use of “no-knock” warrants for police to enter homes, frisking suspects without a warrant, wiretapping, preventive detention, the use of federal troops to repress crime in the capital, a restructured Supreme Court, and a slowdown in school desegregation. “This country is going so far to the right you won’t recognize it,” he told a reporter.

Mitchell and Michael Bloomberg are kindred spirits when it comes to " stop and frisk ". And the NYC/Alabama legal theory of " a pound of preventative detention is worth an ounce of cureall ". Probable cause and warrants not necessarily necessary, of course, when it comes to law and order. Anyway, hippies and people of color all look the same to a nightstick or a rubber bullet. Steel and copper bullets accepted, too.
Or, as they call it where I come from, " the bigger hammer legal theory " of law enforcement. Our hammer has a half-track with a .mounted .50 caliber machine gun, for good measure.
Barr could be channelling Mitchell and Trump is doing a bad impression of Nixon. Maybe they just think Pinochet and D’Aubisson were a couple of swell guys.
Thanks for the follow-up comment. As Artie Shaw would say, " Very interesting, but not too funny. " Not much is though in the New Dark Ages of America.

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