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Biden Attorney General Pick Merrick Garland Urged to Establish DOJ Task Force to Probe Trump Crimes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/biden-attorney-general-pick-merrick-garland-urged-establish-doj-task-force-probe

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The crimes committed by ICE under Drumpf’s and Miller’s orders should go high on this list. Crimes against humanity done at home (unlike those abroad) cannot simply be swept under the carpet.


Now can one suppose Garland might have reason to explore McConnell’s checkered activities?


In view of 35 years of Congressional Democrats defining “bipartisanship” as capitulating to the GOP agenda ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation, those of us who have Democrat Senator(s) and/or a Democrat US Representative need to email those electeds daily and remind them that they need to pressure Biden to forsake Obama’s failed “look forward” strategy (that ignored torture and fraud) and demand that Biden’s DOJ bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice post haste. Biden has been leaning toward “not bogging down my administration with investigations”, a strategy that will assure that he is the final Democratic Party POTUS in US history.

Also remind them that during the Garland confirmation process they need to ask Garland if he has any problem with undertaking Nuremberg scale trials that will be needed to keep the GOP from becoming more powerful than ever.


When Garland and Kavanaugh were seated on the same court, they voted in agreement 90% of the time so he’s not exactly a rock-the-boat type of guy. I’d be happy if he just tells the media to drop the “chief law enforcement officer” crap and state he is the head of “justice,” starting with putting a leash on the FBI. He won’t, but it would be nice. Looking into Barr’s conduct will definitely be out of the question.

His confirmation hearing should be interesting. Every Democrat should start their questioning with a scripted apology, the same one over and over again, for his treatment by the Senate for not at least giving him an SC vote. A dig at McConman while still maintaining their treasured “decorum”. Then again, they are Democrats, who get the vapors when given the opportunity for gaining some political capital.


As it stands now, Trump will need more defense attorneys than two cruise ships would hold. His legal bills will run into the multiple millions of $$. He’ll die broke and broken. Good riddance, guy. Garland should instead focus on Trump’s appointed people throughout the administrative/regulatory agencies of The Swamp, imo. Those louts will cause problems for Biden & Co. Democrats for the next 4 years if not rooted out. That’s not easy work either with the Congressional margins they’re currently working with.
Until Garland puts his chestwaders on, and really gets into the muck, much of the Trumpster’s dirty deals won’t get cleaned up.

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I remember a Massachusetts manslaughter case. Some young woman hectored her young boyfriend for months. She told him exactly how he should commit suicide, and she incessantly browbeat him about how he didn’t have the guts to do it. He finally committed suicide. The defense attorney said it was all about freedom of speech but the jury said no it was manslaughter, so I guess orange became the new black for her.

I want manslaughter and possibly sedition charges, also a class action lawsuit, brought against the media companies that turned thousands of citizens into culties through their constant wilful politics-driven lying and denunciation of facts. They’re the pox upon our nation. Speaking of pox, they should be held legally responsible for their proper share of covid deaths too.

Your Honorable Judge Merrick Garland,

Congratulations on your nomination. I ask that you investigate President Donald John Trump to the fullest extent of the law for the crimes that he and his administration have committed putting our nation at risk. While it is true that I do find the man most repulsive, my request is not based upon personality, but rather upon the security of our nation and the persons–all persons–within it. There are myriad evidences of malfeasance ranging from brutally treating innocent children of legitimate asylum seekers to no-bid contracts offered to favored firms willing to build a futile wall. The list of crimes also, as we all know also goes fully international. I implore you to bring him and his co-conspirators to justice not only for the purposes of seeking redress of his crimes but as a cautionary tale for those who may try to repeat or even expand upon his criminal behavior in the future. This issue, I believe to my core, is one of national security. Please put your best personnel on the matters, of which there should be many. Please help the nation dig out of the crisis in which it finds itself.

With all due respect,


This article is a waste of ink. When was a past President ever investigated for crimes? Hey, they are all war criminals. Bush was lucky to have Obama cover up his past atrocities. And then expanding them during his term.

“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

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I’ll sign on to that letter Owl.
Because of the false sense of exceptionalism that we Americans have engrained into us from the time we can walk, far too many of us believe the USA to be completely immune to such things as fascism. And since, as Howard Zinn so concisely wrote, we are taught an alternate history during our formal years, we don’t realize just how susceptible to fascism that we’ve always been.
It was said that there was a cancer on Nixon’s presidency. Well, there is a cancer in America right now. If it is not properly and forever excised it could grow out of control and we could indeed meet the same fate that did the fascists and their pliable “exceptional” populations did a century ago.


There will need to be a separate new department and staff to deal with all of it. IT will tie up a huge amount of resources for a long time (years) to unwind it all.

I recommend taking all monies required from the War budget. There is plenty there.

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