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Biden, Buttigieg, and Corporate Media Are Eager for Sanders and Warren 'Trash Talk' Narrative to Take Hold

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/13/biden-buttigieg-and-corporate-media-are-eager-sanders-and-warren-trash-talk

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Warren and Sanders shouldn’t get in that fight. There’s already enough Sanders supporters who go nuts when I say Warren is my 2nd choice. Talk about “purists”. I hope Bernie wins the primary and the presidency. But if Warren beats him I will support her. You gotta remember that Dem primary voters have been nominating centrists, well, forever. Until 2016 there was no viable progressive candidate for president. If the Hillary debacle has taught them nothing then they may well nominate Biden or Boot-egg-edge. We sure as hell don’t need that. And if that happens, God save us all. Because I personally will not vote for them. I’ve had more than my fill of corporate Dems. Let T Rump (that’s his rap name) have another 4 years. Might as well burn this mutha down.


at some point they’re going to have to distinguish between themselves as the field narrows.

so far it’s largely a proxy war, which is best for both at this time. But if one surges ahead and the other fades–if that happens–then the fading candidate will have no choice but to attack. It’s political reality.

I just hope Sanders takes Warren out, because she’s utterly unreliable on the “progressive” side.


It’s hard to see how either campaign would see it in their interest to go after the other, even indirectly. Were Warren’s people to look hostile to Sanders, it could further delegitimize her progressive credentials. And Sanders’ people don’t need to say a thing about Warren to send her votes his way. Warren’s already doing that, every time she (quite reliably) shoots herself in the foot by looking like another Obama-esque corporate minion. (I’m not with the Sanders campaign, so I can say that.)




It’s true - Sanders’ has a dif. demographic, making him more electable; too bad Warren takes umbrage at this, because it needs to be said

“[S]ome Sanders volunteers were using a script saying that Warren supporters ‘are highly educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what’ and that 'she’s bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.”

(1) The more professional/educated part vs. less income/more diverse part is factually true, and has long been noted by polls and media coverage in both the progressive and mainstream press.

Politico itself - which now hopefully points to conflict over this claim - has noted their “surprisingly different bases of support”:

“In poll after poll, Sanders appeals to lower-income and less-educated people; Warren beats Sanders among those with postgraduate degrees. Sanders performs better with men, Warren with women. Younger people who vote less frequently…more often [support Sanders]…[He] also has won over more African Americans than Warren.”

(2) The “script” claim that Warren supporters will “vote Democrat anyway” is likewise a strong and persuasive claim on the face of it: a) it is true - indeed, to the extent that it is a truism - that higher income professionals vote more than the young (as Politico notes) and poor; and b) it is particularly likely that progressive Democrats who support Warren will get out and vote for the Democratic candidate - though far more enthusiastically for their ideological cousin than for a corporate candidate.

Remember - the Warren supporters are essentially a different part of the same ‘progressive Democratic flank’ that rallied for Sanders in 2016.

(3) To the extent that the above is true, it is likewise true - certainly arguable - that Sanders - who is activating more of what are normally more marginal, estranged constituencies - is activating New Democratic bases that Warren does not…

…i.e. - that a Sanders ticket - gaining Warren voters - will be broad and more electable than a Warren ticket, which will a) leave more low income Sanders supporters unenthusiastic and staying at home, or b) lead some conservative Dem’s who respond to Sanders’ economic populism to stay at home or go - again - for Trump.

(On conservative Dem Sanders supporters who flipped to Trump once S. was out:


This whole party unity thing is the d-party’s Achilles heel.

Considering the incoherence of the d-party policy on offer year-to-year, that’s no surprise.

Personally, I don’t trust Liz Warren. In fact, I’d suggest she’s more likely to support Biden than Bernie.

That said, the biggest liar in this race is turning out to be Uncle Joe. He’s lying about his past full-throated support for the Iraq War and cutting Social Security. He’ll be a target tomorrow night, let’s see how much Liz piles on:


To briefly add to my above post - saying that the dif. Sanders/Warren demographics in fact do make Sanders more electable - I’d simply add three points:

(1) The progressive Sanders supporters would likely ‘vote Democrat anyway’ too; it’s the new, low income activated bases that become less certain with either a Warren or Biden candidacy;

(2) There are many things that would make either Warren or Biden weak and likely to lose; whereas - taking establishment Democrats “electability” argument on its own terms -

(3) it is arguable that Sanders is far and away the most electable candidate.

Biden’s weakness as a candidate:


Warren’s weakness as a candidate:


See also: https://jacobinmag.com/2020/01/2020-democratic-primary-sanders-warren-campaign


Bernie was never going to be able to stay above the fray, as it were.

As the Clinton emails re-confirmed in 2016, there is always plenty of eagerness to drag campaigning into the mud. But they’re playing pattie cake so far. Tomorrow night’s lines of fire will be semi-interesting.


The distinction that the Status Quo Junkies cannot make is Bernie and Lizzy are not into “giving the farm away,” they’re for "giving the American People everything they deserve."

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This is the just the next evolution of the MSM ( Corporate s & DNC apparatchiks ) spin doctors: replacing the fable of the sweaty and unclean nails of the Blue Collar Bernie Bros ( Dr. Jekyll or Sen. Jackal ) and Mrs. Hyde ( Professional Women for Sen. Warren ). Two complete fabrications since there’s no emnity between these progressive factions, but an honest airing out of views or methods.
A different way to view this would be the difference between a gritty mayor of a small town, with progressive values and 40 years of successful bootstrapping, sharing his political vision. And, a successful professional women with 40+ years of private amd public service success, sharing her political vision.
While there are a few clear differences, there are a lot more agreements about a better future, and the way to get to the same place.
Bonnie Raitt’s " let’s give them something to talk about " is a dance song and a courtship. So is a political hookup in many ways. It’s always more nuanced, though, when it involves two seasoned, powerful and successful people. Or, two old friends in this case.
The vision of progressives is still knowing what real progress looks like, and who’s really a block, an impediment to that.


Many thanks for the link to the excellent article in Jacobin!

Is anyone else wondering why Warren didn’t bother to pick up the phone and call Sanders to check out the claim that his campaign was “trashing” her? Instead, she jumped in with both feet, attacking Bernie and demonstrating once again her abysmal political instincts. If #WhinyWarren flips out because someone mentioned that she appeals to rich, well-educated voters, and doesn’t draw new groups into the Dem Party (both are true statements), then she shouldn’t be in public office. She needs to drop out.


Agreed. There is very little difference between tRump and ByeDone. If “Status Quo Joe” gets the nomination, tRump will crush him like a bug. Forty years of lying and screwing the people. That’s ByeDone’s record. Besides, he told me to vote for Bernie anyway. As well as telling other people to vote for tRump. I can already hear those campaign ads…


As Harry Truman supposedly said to someone who yelled, “Give 'em Hell Harry!” during a fire-y whistle-stop speech in 1948: “I just tell the truth and they think it’s Hell”.


There is very little difference between tRump and ByeDone.

Not true in one way: with Trump, the US goes over the cliff edge faster; with Biden, a little more slowly.

Not being ironic; not telling any voter what to do on the basis of that dif.


Agreed. AND she is actually using this bogus smear, non-story to RAISE DONATIONS! Who is the asshole in this then?


The billionaires claim they would not like to see a Warren win, and would like to see some dirt brought up on her, but the only dirt brought up was on Bernie against Warren which has since proved to be false. I suspect it is the corporations who made up the false CNN accusations against Bernie, in order to prop up Warren who is in line with their agenda, though they make it sound like she is not.


I will only bother to go and vote for Bernie. Anyone else, I’ll stay home. I voted Green last time and they have 0% chance of ever being elected. I’m disabled and getting out to vote is a real challenge these days.