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Biden Cabinet Picks Blinken and Yellen Each Made Over $1 Million From Corporate Clients and Speeches

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/01/biden-cabinet-picks-blinken-and-yellen-each-made-over-1-million-corporate-clients


Now, tell me again the difference between Biden & Trump?
The One Party Rule:… the faces will change, and the rhetoric too.
Oh ye Biden supporters of good faith…this is what you got…


It’s the Clinton syndrome
Quite infectious


Those millions are bribes pure and simple, and these people are obligated to pay back. How then can they serve two masters is beyond me. They have made themselves filthy rich at public’s expense using high public offices to enrich themselves and therefore totally unqualified to be trusted to do good by the people.


We need Progressive lawmakers or other leaders to step up RIGHT NOW and say they will be primarying the Dem incumbent in 2024. Who has the courage to take that step?


We need Justice and Law, for we have neither now. Politicians must have the balls and the courage to serve the public and not the uncommon good. This country is rapidly collapsing into a Hunger Games State. For all who have voted Dems & Repubs and scoffed at 3rd party candidates, this is what you get. This country is collapsing as did Rome and the USSR…politicians are marked.


Right on cue, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi — one of the richest members in Congress — smears reporters as misogynists for the crime of reporting on the obscene enrichment of Biden’s Treasury Secretary by Wall St right before she took that position.

This is the Democratic Party



It’s the Party with Two Names


Thanks for running this piece CD.


Unfortunately for the little people, this has long been “business as usual” for both parties.
If we are driven enough to become politicians or functionaries, then these are some of the rewards.
Lots of people like money and power, even if they don’t possess much (or any) of either.


Indeed. Also known - and received - as the Party with Two Right Wings.


100% working and voting for the movement for a peoples party or green party from now on.

I will be leaving dem and rep names blank henceforth until I’m 6 feet under.

That is my “affirmative” new years resolution. I feel more hopeful already.


Gender, race, and sexual orientation are used as shields to deflect criticisms directed at corporate class privilege.

Does it look like billionaires are using government to steal from the People and enrich themselves? “-No problem,” say the spinmeisters. “Just put a black face in front of the corporate robbery… or a female face… or a gay face… or a transgender face… Golly, everyone knows that black folks and gay folks and womenfolks and trans folks are ALWAYS on the side of fairness and justice and equality. Let’s ignore the criminal behavior of the corporate class! Let’s celebrate America’s diversity!”


It’s obscene being able to amass fortunes with financial consulting and especially giving speeches. Then to come into government through the revolving door to advise on policy. Who obviously wins there? It may not be illegal but it reeks of corruption. Is it any wonder why Treasury and State Department decisions are so corporate friendly and top heavy. The bipartisan machine trundles on.


Clintons made over a hundred million on the rubber chicken wall street blues circuit. These people are scum, time for a third party Bernie.


That and a 3rd party.

Only one question remains.

How many will go into '21 with eyes wide open, understanding that it’s absolutely impossible to “hold their feet to the fire”, and resisting the DNC’s wing of the War Party as hard as they did Trump’s?

And how many will go back to sleep, comforted that The Adults are back in charge?


Sanders was our best last chance. The world is fricking collapsing on so many fronts and now we have Biden and his crew that will work so hard to maintain the Present System to the lethal, bitter end…We are fricking destroying the planet and the people and we have this crew coming on board… the Empire, Authoritarians will do whatever it takes to enforce this current system…these next 4 yrs are so crucial and we have Biden … granted Trump would have been far worse, YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN are in grave danger with the Biden administration in play.
You must take action to survive!.. for this government is not here to protect you-for you do not count to them…


That we as a human race allow these types of individuals to pollute the minds of others and pay them handsomely to do so, is why this nation is careening towards authoritarianism.

The masses see the inequities that elevate the elites and depress the disenfranchised.

How long will it take for a full blown revolt against an uncaring few at the top of the fool chain?