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Biden Campaign Condemns Trump False Victory Claim as 'Naked Effort to Take Away the Democratic Rights of American Citizens'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/biden-campaign-condemns-trump-false-victory-claim-naked-effort-take-away-democratic


Trump isn’t going to have to cheat. It looks now like he’ll win this outright.


Where are the dem lawyers in Michigan?
Over 70,000 votes declared ‘spoiled’.


This is an ironic complaint from a party that has to cheat in the primaries in order to ram through a candidate who has the approval of Mike Bloomberg.


2016 all over again so far.

Let’s face it: the Dems already won the only election that they get paid to win anyway–the primaries. Anything else is just a bonus.

After all that apocalypse-mongering, just another 4 years like the last 40.


General Strike. Now!


Yep-- Looks like Trump wins this one…
Victory b/c:

  1. Weak Democratic Opponent.
  2. DNC/Authoritarian system wants Trump.
  3. Wall St/Money Investors prefer Trump/Money/ “their” investments over Biden…
  4. DNC took out Bernie the past 2 elections…
  5. False Flag Donnie Conman tells people what they want to hear…
  6. Biden or Trump… Clinton or Trump… really?
  7. The upside with a Trump Victory, maybe real change will manifest & be
    catalyzed …maybe a strong 3rd party will emerge…maybe people will realize that we have a one-party system…Maybe people will wake up to what the Democratic & Republican parties are really about…certainly both parties are not working towards the security, the common good of the planet or the people…
    8… Real change does not happen until people are forced to change…
    … A collapsing biosphere and collapsing economic system will bring about real change…

This premise: “our” DNC elite, Lincoln Project, CAP, AIPAC, Atlantic Council & slumlord superdeligates keep stomping down BernieBros™ for their ACTUAL 0.01% constituents; to dump any nascent REAL Democrats: working poor, Blacks, indentured students, uninsured, my fellow eco-terrorists, WOMEN, immigrants… so they’re basically splitting their own vote and electing ever scarier, more racist, right wing neoConfederate nazi clowns to SCARE us into delusional subservience (so, fewer of us vote for GOOD local, down-ticket candidates that hinder ALEC? so on and so forth & Bernie campaigning for O’Biden… Katie, Aaron, Brie, Dore, Matt, Thomas NEVER actually said this (worth a watch?)




“Everything under the heavens is in utter chaos; conditions are excellent.”

im done bein’ nice


Yeah, MILLIONS of us are supposed to walk off scary 1099 “shared economy” sharecropper gigs THEY forced us into (devoid of any Social Security, Medicare, Overtime, Sick pay, Unemployment, Workers’ Comp, OSHA, bargaining…) to get gassed, tazed, beaten with PR-24, shot with “rubber bullets,” imprisoned because their 2nd Amendment trumps our 1st. We’re supposed to do this, because a handful of sneering blatantly corrupt criminals keep choosing hateful, SENILE, unelectable, stereotypes of everything most DESPICABLE about wealthy, pontificating, hypocritical LearJet Liberals to intentionally LOSE to ever crazier nazis? Yeah, U RIGHT! We’ ALL Spartacus, Palestinian TERRORIST BernieBros™ now?

It’s a fucking COOKBOOK? We got TOOK, for WAY over 40 years by the exact same tag-team protection scheme, DOH!

Scary, to see all the boomers, desperately trying to delude themselves; that this isn’t intentional, that they have a say? We obsequiously, played their game by THEIR rules, over and over again; ratcheting their party ever rightwards (guess they must’ve made out WELL, at first & blamed us poors?)


A country votes itself into expanding a pandemic.
Wow, just wow.


it is amazing to me that the Democrats have managed to put what should have been a blowout into a situation that might even allow the Republicans to steal another election–in the game of political hardball the Democrats are playing wiffle ball and just might have thrown this country to the fascists–just how pathetic is that??


For all the hysterics over "the world ending if Trump is re-elected, the most important election of all time" by the D-party elite, and record turnout, this is one helluva close race. And Trump may actually pull it off, again.

If Trump wins, and face it, the democrats lost either way. All Biden ran on is, “I’m not him (Trump).” Had he not been locked in his basement for the last year, he never could have withstood six months of campaigning.

For some really great and timely insight, Joe Rogan interviewing Glenn Greenwald here: ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0rcLsoIKgA&feature=emb_logo
Spoiler: yeah, Biden really is that bad.


Looks like the democrats may not gain the majority in the Senate. Bad for the left, good for Biden if he wins, means he won’t have to do anything. If Trump wins and republicans retain majority in the senate, it’s gonna be a long, miserable four years. But hey, Thanks DNC! Democrats should have put all their effort into gaining the majority in the senate, not on a loss leader-Biden.


I don’t for one minute trust computer-generated election results. We lost any semblance of a democracy when the powers that be turned vote counting over to corporate-owned, computer-generated voting tabulations. We are once again seeing the wisdom of whomever said, “It is not the people who vote that counts. It is the people who count the votes.”

Blue states, progressives and others who truly care about our constitutional democracy need to create a national alliance to counter the election thieves on the far right who will do anything to remain in power. When a political party resorts to posting armed militia with AK-47s at polling places to discourage voting, limits polling drop-off boxes in populated urban areas, places bogus ballot collecting stations elsewhere, disrupts the flow of mail service to impede mail-in ballots, creates self-serving deadlines for ballots to be rejected, etc., they have not “won” anything.

They have “cheated” their way to hold on to power while disfranchising the rest of us.


Absolutely agree. There is a very real chance that the Democrats will once again lose to Trump as they played it safe by going with a moderate to center-right candidate in Biden instead of going with Sanders while Sanders, the alleged radical, then backs the neo-liberal Biden. It was as if the Democrats did all they could to make sure that Trump remains in power for another four [eight, twelve?] years. What the Democrats have done here simply reinforces the notion that a genuine third party needs to come onto the scene [and quickly] in order to challenge both major corporate political parties. In no other industrialized country do two political parties have a stranglehold on the body politic as it does in the less than egalitarian United States.

One has to wonder who are more contemptible, the people who enthusiastically vote for Trump or those who vote for Biden. As the expression goes, you get the government that you deserve. As George Carlin once observed, this is the best that American has to offer and do not think that it is going to get any better because, if the owners have any say in the matter, it won’t.


Unless it is implied under #5, you left out the biggest one, white supremacy. Trump has courted the white supremacist vote for over 4 years now in an effort that is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Whether Trump ultimately wins after all the votes are counted or not, the fact that a president who presided over the deaths of a quarter of a million Americans, much of which could have been prevented, along with all of his other fiascos, that that guy can win the majority of white votes says it all. And I have predicted all along that he will win a majority of white votes and think that prediction is looking correct.

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Again as happened with Clinton when she was selected over Sanders.

Sanders polled stronger then Biden did in those Battleground States. I can see no state that went Biden that Sanders would have lost in his place. I do not see Sanders faring worse In any of the Battleground States and he would he would have done better in places like Ohio , Pennsylvania and Florida.

The DNC can not point fingers at Russia or the Greens should they lose this.

Win or lose , “trying to go after two Republican voters for everyone we lose on the left” only means the USA moves further right.


Wow doesn’t cover it:

“The number of coronavirus patients in US hospitals breached 50,000 on Tuesday, the highest level in nearly three months, as a surge in infections threatens to push the nation’s health care system to the edge of capacity, Reuters reports.”


As a former Green, I can attest to the fact that the Democrats most certainly have teams of lawyers standing by (kinda like the Proud Boys? creepy thought). They did a great job of keeping us off the ballot and keeping our votes from counting every single election.

So I guess you could say they’re fully qualified to know vote suppression when they see it.