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Biden Can’t Let Republican Court Packers Intimidate Him Into Pledging Not to Unpack the Courts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/16/biden-cant-let-republican-court-packers-intimidate-him-pledging-not-unpack-courts

Ummm… It’s not just the republicans who have oligarchic funders.

What we have here is the classic “good cop” “bad cop” scenario.

Biden will do what he’s told by his oligarchic funders.

Unpack that.

Like I posted earlier today on another story about this topic, the dems don’t have to pack the court. All they have to do is use the available evidence to remove Barrett and Kavanaugh. It’s the same for the many other unqualified judges McConnell installed in the last 4 years. That action would, I suspect, piss off turtle boy even more than packing the courts.

Excellent idea. We should kicked Kavanaugh off the court on Day One.

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We HAVE TO add judges to the Supreme Court AND make DC & Puerto Rico states & end the filibuster. We are so far from democratic these days it’s ridiculous. It was founded not to be democratic with the Electoral College & other things. Calif. has a population of millions, Wyo. has a population of ten or maybe eleven. Both states have 2 Senators. Not democratic. The last few decades have seen the Repubs. end any pretense about democracy. Now they come right out & say it like Mike Lee ® said “the goal isn’t democracy.” This is about POWER. Nothing more. Repubs will do anything to retain white, minority rule. ANYTHING. We have to use every weapon at our disposal, which is what they’ve been doing for quite a while now. We have Dems who have voted for Trump’s judges, a lot of them.(See Demand Justice) How is that possible? We have to stop bringing spitballs to a gun fight and get out there fight them anyway we can…or any attempt at Democracy in this country will be gone.

Biden is a tool of the oligarchy that produced our current situation and he will do what his minders tell him to do-expecting something else from him is foolish