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Biden Climate Policies So Uniquely Bad That 350 Action Launched a Petition Demanding 2020 Frontrunner 'Do Better'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/11/biden-climate-policies-so-uniquely-bad-350-action-launched-petition-demanding-2020

And THIS is the guy polling #1???!!!


I think at this point we need Warren, Tulsi and Yang to drop out and endorse Bernie if we are going to avoid Uncle Joe.

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If you want a strong Democratic caucus in Congress…
If you want four years of free public higher education…
If you want civilization to not starve in 20 years…

Vote for someone else.

And he remains the d-party frontrunner. Unreal.


Won’t happen, Hempest. Look up EGO in the dictionary. The one I’d REALLY like to see wake up and get the hell out of the way is Kloubachar!

Not a single primary has happened. Not a single vote has been cast. No one needs to drop out at this point


Beyond unreal and into NUTSOVILLE!


Yet 13 Dem candidates already have.
And so far, only seven have qualified for the December 19 debate stage.
Just sayin.’

Do you realize how much more time those “debates” would have talking to REAL contenders if the likes of Kloubachar dropped her ego and bailed? You can argue “democracy” all you want but sometimes there has to be a reality check.


Maybe she and Pete could merge their campaigns.


This is absurd treating Biden like he is the inevitable Nominee of the Democratic Party.

Instead of appealing to Biden to change his ways, we must abandon him as a candidate and put all our energy behind getting Bernie elected.

Environmentalists seem to be naive enough to believe that Warmonger, Wall Street Joe is going to change his idiotic Republican Ideals.

We must treat Biden as the Enemy of We The People and stop trying to appeal to his better angels, they do not exist.

We must fight hard to ensure that Warmonger Joe and his Billionaire Donors do not win the Nomination.

Otherwise America will sink into despair no matter if Biden or Trump wins the General Election.

Biden is totally unacceptable, it is Bernie or back to the age of the Robber Barron’s, which we are in the midst of now.

Trying to reason with Biden or Change his Philosophy is like trying to change the Spots on a Leopard, it cannot be done.



The problem with Biden is that it doesn’t matter at all what he says or words he says in a speech. We need radical changes and we need whoever gets power to push against large donors and corporate interests. Biden is taking their money and will obviously not do this. He has said as much. So, what would it matter if he said that he supported this or that policy? He just said that he fears a situation where Republicans lose too many seats, as he thinks one party having too much power is a bad thing. Biden, in this climate, with the Republicans as corrupt and far right, he doesn’t want too many of them to lose races. He even said to some voters to remain Republicans but to vote for him. Basically, don’t commit to supporting anyone else in my party, and don’t vote for my party so much that I am forced to actually do something of value. We want this mentally declining, corrupt fraud to say he supports this or that? Want to know what he supports? Ask his donors.


I dont’ believe he’s polling at #1. something really Smells


Slow Joe wants to find the ‘middle ground’ between the status quo profits of his donors and Planetary Ecological Collapse.
Pathetic creature


“We are in a fine mess” The republicans are marching trunk to tail on everything, and the corporate dems are Cow Tailing their donors. It’s really starting to stink around Washington.

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Yes sir, it is silly season after all.

can we just stop calling biden the frontrunner already? he’s down to 2nd and third in some polling averages…

he’s no more the “frontrunner” than mrs clinton was the “most electable”.


“kowtow” btw.

you must not have talked to many leftists if you believe that we believe government is the solution to everything…

maybe you should read up on anarchist political philosophy?

here’s a hint: no real leftist wants to take all your guns (seriously read marx on gun control), no real leftist wants open borders (within the context of today’s socio-economic system), and women having control of their own reproductive healthcare choices is not murder (unless you’re willing to accept pregnancy as a form of slavery).

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Probably his nose on someone’s hair.

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