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Biden Delivered Draft Executive Order to Declare Climate Emergency and Put Out 'Fire Fanned by Trump'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/16/biden-delivered-draft-executive-order-declare-climate-emergency-and-put-out-fire

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50% of natural gas use is for heating buildings. All buildings should store solar heat. We need a roadmap to roll out near-100% solar heat. Go!

Much of the rest of natural gas use is for filling in when solar and wind aren’t generating electricity. All utilities should have ways of storing power to cover peak demand hours. We need a roadmap. I have four different novel designs now for storing power for electricity. Batteries are for specialty uses only.

We need to pay anybody who can improve our fuel displacement by 10%, or by 1%. No pay, no good candidates. Doesn’t that make some economic sense? The Helsinki Energy Challenge put up one million euros and they report that they hit the jackpot in terms of innovation. Now, every government that doesn’t want good jobs, raise your hand.

I want a road map for putting a cap on the Arctic meltdown before 1.4 teratons of greenhouse gases are released game over.

Transit needs to be above grade, automated and amazingly economical. Any billionaire can design an uneconomical system for us, although it might be pretty economical for him alone.

That’s a start. I’m still a serious cynic about a government abandoning the natural gas industry.


Biden already said he’s not going to use executive orders to advance major progressive issues. He hates us. Period. All his people do. In his dotage he spilled the beans with the progressive folks last week (cf Intercept audio). He needs to be confronted with mass action.


The people who may be distressed most by trump’s election loss are the people he regularly are tasked to play golf with him.

Let Biden govern for a few minutes before we trash him.


“Only 37 More Days to Go”
Sung to the tune of :
“They Can’t Take That Away From Me”

The way his mouth goes splat.
The way he broke our souls.
The memory of all that -
Yes but - they can take that away from me.

The way he combs his hair.
The way he tweets till three.
The way he pretends to care.
Yes but - they can take that away from me.

We may never, never meet again
On that deadly road of hate
Still I’ll always
Always keep the memory of…

The way he grabs our wives (do-do-do-do do-do).
The way he cheats at golf.
The way he’s ruined our lives.
Yes, but - they can take that away from me.
Yes, they can take that away from me.


Great that these groups drafted the Executive Order for him.
The most important element is missing, however.
If we fail to care for soil, there will; be, in sixty years none left in which to grow food.
It is washing away that fast.
Soil is amended, improved, conserved and preserved by REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE practices. Without Regen. Ag. we will continue to destroy the soil and, at the same time destroy human health.
Regen. Ag. sequesters carbon dioxide.


Hi bayviking:
Oh perfect—that is so Trump! Thank you. : )

Petitioning the paid-off is a wast of time. The only two sane things remaining is general strikes, and abandoning the parties corrupted by corporate cash in favor of new representation in government.


“The EPA administrator should enact standards under the Clean Air Act to limit greenhouse gases and set regulations to achieve the maximum possible pollution reductions. Automotive standards must be renewed so that all new cars are zero emission no later than 2030.”

These two sentences are diametrically opposed. “Maximum pollution reduction” is only possible with a significant number of “non zero emission” plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. By my calculation, PHEV tech should serve 60% of EV demand and need. BEV tech would serve the remainder, mostly in lightweight vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cell tech may only serve a niche market of ‘stationary’ power purposes rather than EVs. Combustible hydrogen utilized in PHEV drivetrains store at much lower pressure and meter more reliably into an ICEngine of a PHEV.

The first reason to defend PHEV tech is based on “equitable” battery resource distribution.
Here follows a rough chart to demonstrate that point:
“1” BEV freight truck 550kwh battery pack.
“30” BEV Tesla ‘S’ sedan 85kwh battery packs.
“170” PHEV Chevy Volt 18kwh battery packs.
“500” PHEV Prius 5kwh battery packs.

The freight truck will burn out a battery pack in less than 2 years
The equivalent battery resource in passenger cars will last 10 years,
plus up to 5 years as stationary ‘low-power’ supply for household use.

The Chevy Volt is rated an effective 150mpg, an 80% reduction of CO2 derived from various biofuels including hydrogen. The Prius is rated an effective 110mpg, a 65% reduction of these “renewable” biofuels. PHEV tech achieves this terrific mileage only by driving less.

Solar PV arrays are arranged in two types: Decentralized rooftop arrays or vast arrays in fields located in rural settings, Centralized and dependent upon long-distance transmission lines and regional utility grids which are vulnerable to power outage. Rooftop and neighborhood mini-grids will keep the lights on, fridge, stove and communication devices working indefinitely in power grid failure. Rooftop solar ‘complements’ regional utility grids. Rooftop solar arrays are smaller when matched to the smaller battery pack of a household PHEV.

I’m willing to explain several additional benefits PHEVs offer, but if this post doesn’t quite prove my point to posters here, then you can just chant “Leave it in the ground” and watch with dismay as Amazon buys up all the battery and solar PV resources to waste on their fucking BEV trucks and delivery vans until these important resources are gone and Bezos retires to one of his exclusive estates while the world burns.


The Climate disaster is largely caused by our agricultural practices. To make healthy food and a healthy environment animals need to be cared for. CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) produce sick meat that sickens human consumers. Same goes for Chicken and Pork.
Look at the Dead Zone at the mouth of the Mississippi – about the area of Rhode Island. It’s caused by pesticide runoff.
Industrial agriculture is killing humans – it produces poisoned food.
Industrial agriculture is killing the planet – it destroys top-soil and all the nutrients in it.
If you grow food using poisons you grow poisoned food.

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What a terrible fate to inflict on the Brothers Gershwin!

Most of that is lies, and Wells has been corrected on them more than once. S/he refuses to learn or admit s/he’s spreading disinformation. Such relentless flogging of a product is spam.

I have “flagged” you post J4Z. Maybe Grist monitors will give you a fair warning about observing the terms of agreement on civil discourse. Call me a liar one more time and find out what they can do about your combative argument.

Maybe they’ll point out to you that I didn’t call you a liar. I said you were spreading lies, which you are, despite having been corrected, with logic, reasoning, and citations as evidence, numerous times.

I don’t know if you know they’re lies and are doing it deliberately, or you’re delusional and can’t help yourself; they both look the same in print. But your posts relentlessly flogging a product (that’s undeniably inferior, by the way) especially in the absence of posts commenting on anything else or discussing this or anything else honestly or with facts or evidence, are spam, and have been labelled so.

I started out merely pointing out false statements in your comments. You’ve repeatedly refused to discuss anything honestly or correct them, or stop making them; your idea of discussing them is to repeat your same debunked arguments word for word innumerable times, get nasty and start slinging insults because I was calling you on the lies.

The techniques you use are the same as climate denying delayalists, ARFs, PIPPs, (anti-renewable fanatics, Population-is-the-Problem-People) and religious fanatics and evolution deniers. Your problem is the same as all of them: you want to be able to say anything, no matter how untrue, irresponsible and destructive, and not be called on it, and I’m not letting you. Be more honest and responsible and we’ll have no problem. Or keep doing what you’re doing, and so will I. Your choice.

PS. For readers more able or willing to accept reality: I’ve repeatedly posted links to detailed comments on the subject on Grist, where hotlinks are allowed, making supporting evidence more available including videos, graphs, studies and articles. There are lots of things to like about the comment system here. This is a major failing.

Once again, J4Z has not disproven my ‘honest’ contention that PHEV tech is essential. I have stated support for BEV tech as specifically appropriate for ‘lightweight’ vehicles (to distribute battery resources equitably and effectively), therefore I am not ‘fanatically’ devoted to PHEV tech alone. There is more I could say to defend my viewpoint though it would certainly be met with more of the same insulting and inflammatory derision that J4Z employs like a schoolyard bully.

Regenerative agriculture is the key to moderating climate. Regen. Ag. sucks carbon into the soil, enables soil to become healthy and to produce healthy food.
The industrial system of agriculture, that pours poison on the soil, produces food that is making this country ill.
Please look at the experts ; Alan Savory (Zimbabwe,) Joel Salatin (Virginia,) Charles Massy (Australia,) Farmer’s Footprint (USA), Soil Health Academy (USA<) Dr Zack Bush (USA.)
Sequester carbon at the same time as we reduce emissions.