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Biden Further Solidifies Victory With Arizona as Election Officials Counter Trump's Fraud Lies in Joint Declaration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/13/biden-further-solidifies-victory-arizona-election-officials-counter-trumps-fraud


“We have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too.”

Should we also have confidence in the security and integrity of the Corporate Media/Corporate GOP-DNC selection process that offers the People nothing but sleaze bag candidates year after year after year?

Should we have confidence in the giant closed propaganda system that masquerades as “news” in the U.S.? Should we have confidence that the Repub & Democratic Parties are public organizations working on behalf of the People? Should we just deny the fact that the entire electoral process is bought and paid for by profoundly anti-democratic forces? Should we ignore reality and have confidence that the government in DC is not a parasite bleeding the people dry?

Okay. But no thank you. It is more reasonable to maintain a total lack of confidence in U.S. elections. It is more reasonable to accept that the U.S. is not a democracy in not a democracy in any sense, and that the federal government is an alien entity cannibalizing its host.


the TRUTH hurts … godamn OUCH!


Trump’s own government says the election was legit. BUY IT AND STAND DOWN.


One wonders if Trump will allow reality to prevail over his bruised and damaged ego by finally acknowledging that he has lost the election. Or perhaps he thinks that conceding defeat will make people think of him as, to use one of his words, a loser. But that puts Trump in a moral dilemma because he can never put himself in what he views to be a loathsome category.

In other news The Raw Story reports that Biden is thinking about appointing Hillary Clinton ambassador to the United Nations which is not exactly the message that progressives were hoping to hear from Biden.

Say goodbye to Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump tRump.


Goodbye hair hitler, the flaming orange satan, chump tRump dump.

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Even fox news:


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And law firms:



Great news… if Trump supporters actually decide to believe it over the word of their leader. Don’t hold your breath. Read On Tyranny instead.


Call a Lie out with the Truth

What’s Interesting to see is that both sides of the spectrum,
ultra daffy lefties or super stupid drumpies,
spew the same super fraudulent election process LIE
to sustain completely opposite Fantasy Delusions

If Biden won Arizona, the trump supporters in my rural Arizona town still don’t have a clue. There are several dozen morons standing on the corner of the main street waving their silly flags and “stop the steal” signs. I want to talk to them, but in today’s world, I think it’s impossible. Common sense and rational debates flew out the window years ago.


I wonder if we live in the same town…? The whole place is a hellhole of raving Trump cultists. I would never put a bumper sticker on my car for anyone but Trump in this town for fear of having it set on fire. I go about my business without mentioning politics even though I would really like to know just how they think he made their lives better.


Thank heavens! Now, eerything’s fundamentally back to NORMAL, so the top 9.9% liberals can begin to nudge…

Oh, it’s not TIME, yet? 3rd Way/Lincoln Project/CAP lost the Senate, House, Judiciary & simply handed virtually ALL the States to ALEC to select electors, when Ivanka runs? Just this ONCE, maybe we could realize: M4A, GND, BLM, $15 /hr were ESSENTIAL to those we’d ALL fed to a frigging virus?

~https://www.dailyposter.com/p/the-real-story-about-never-trump (funny how CommonDreams & trolls ignore THIS?)

~https://mronline.org/2020/11/13/when-centrists-lose-corporate-media-blame-the-left/ (crush us, BLAME us)


~https://www.propublica.org/article/the-enraging-deja-vu-of-a-third-coronavirus-wave (Newark’s @ unreported 19%)



Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

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Just tell them that Joe Biden stole the election fair and square.
That’s the American way.
: - )


Arizona here too, Verde Valley. Damn, is there anyone on this thread that is not from Arizona? lol

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By telling them that they have others to blame for their lot in life.


in the past Republicans got a lot of votes from evoting machines and tabulators with proprietary software.
In 2005 I was a Poll Watcher at my polling place. I signed up, got the instruction pamphlet and read it. One of the instructions (rules?) was that the the Judges and Poll watchers were to gather at the polling place before opening and observe the machines (we had 2) being “ZEROED OUT”. Seemed like an important step to me. I got to the polling place before opening, checked in and asked when we would be zeroing out the machines. One of the knuckle drager Judges (Big guy) told me "It’s done, we zeroed them last night at the warehouse". This is a fairly right wing district. Some years later this district sent Joe Walsh to congress. However, this time (2005) Melissa Bean (Blue Dog Dem) won and I was given the task of taking a copy of the tabulation printout to the Bean victory party in Gurnee IL. I raised the red flag about it. Sent emails to every official I could think of, even posted something about it here, as I recall. I haven’t bothered to Poll Watch since.


That Trump has lost FOXY NEWS, tells me that is the final nail in Trump’s coffin!

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