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Biden Has Ousted a Lying and Corrupt Trump—But That Doesn't Mean Democrats Had a Great Election Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/07/biden-has-ousted-lying-and-corrupt-trump-doesnt-mean-democrats-had-great-election


You have to pretty pathetic as a Party to lose once (maybe twice) to a guy like Trump. But no surprise to people who are paying attention.

One would hope this would finally wake people up to devote their efforts to support a 3rd party.

But I won’t hold my breath.


Anyone familiar with Joe Biden’s history knows he is as every bit the liar as Trump; he is a plagiarist to boot. He also refuses to support progressive measures, because he is bought off by the industries who oppose them - the very definition of corruption. Yes, Trump is a monster, and good riddance, but let’s not delude ourselves about Biden’s character.


Common sense Ralph…Yay!


Well stated and concise. Democrats are as vile a problem as the GOP but more dishonest, pushing rhetoric they will never support. I find them to be as truly toxic, nasty, ugly and hateful and any repug. Now they want to blame Blacks and progressives for not their not doing better when in fact they offered worse than nothing, crushing outright things like universal healthcare and environmental sanity. I’'m glad they beat Trump but now we must defeat them, issue by issue, as we build a truly progressive alternative.

It is also imperative that we do not drive the wedge of cultivated disempowerng division deeper. Nazis aside, we must reach out to our neighbors and to those who are not politicized and even “conservative” on common ground issues like safe food and water, medical access, economic security and climate.


I’m afraid it’s worse than just ‘the Democrats don’t push back.’ They are complicit in all that Mr. Nader so clearly lays out here. And, until we evolve to this way of thinking, we will continue to excuse and define their lack of action as reactionary weakness and not the purposefully designed fraud that it is.

Democrats deserve no quarter for their part in driving the country to near-total corporate rule and ruin. And the time to push back against the them is right now. Force them to explain and take accountability for their near-total losses. They are right now trying to blame the very progressives who won for them what little power they will cling to for their terrible showing - this after openly punching us in the face for two consecutive election cycles. It is way past time to start punching back.


We love you Ralph.


True, Biden only seems “reasonable” when compared to Trump. When compared to progressive candidates or public opinion polls on issues he is a jaded and corrupt corporate whore.


Fossilized brains are fearful brains. It is cold comfort that the likes of Schumer, Pelosi. Biden and the megalomanic Trump and his henchman in the Senate, McConell are old the twin existential crisis cannot wait for them to perish, cannot wait for the hateful system of inequality and exploitation that is capitalism to be dismantled–we must insist on it and organize to make it so.

Check out Nurses United and sign up for the virtual Nov. 17 organizing strategy.


Comparing our purple rural Pacific Northwest County general election voting results with nationwide results, one common thread I noticed is that in most cases the candidates who spent the most money LOST.

Locally the candidates who had the most campaign signs posted LOST. This may be largely due to barely any signs for Democrats posted this year seeing how land owners have been unwilling to post signs for Democrats, fearing harm from fascist vigilantes.

The primary election was a different story, mostly because the DNC pumped boatloads of money into local races to make sure their corporate candidates trounced progressive Democrats.


I mean Ralph, you are a nice guy, but come on. Democrats know damn well what to do to win elections, the thing is their part in this two party con is to stop those things while convincing people they are for them. In fact they have done such a great job that people keep voting for them believing they are on their side when they openly are telling them they are not. Just to not get boring I will only mention Universal taxpayer paid health care for all. The list though is endless.

The GOP on the other hand are at a totally different level. They are masters. They have convinced people that what is good for them is actually not good for them and they should vote against it. And they do.

I suspect that the 1/3 of eligible voters that do not participate don’t do so because they see what a scam this is. The genius of the bipartisan coalition is they have convinced this group that it is pointless to even try to form a party that will actually pose a serious threat to their political monopoly.


When I graduated high school a half century ago I wondered why SO FEW Americans voted.

By the time Bill Clinton took the prize for New Deal dismantling at the turn of the 21st century I wondered why SO MANY Americans voted.


Elected representatives (and nominees for the job) should listen to the people – what a concept.

Wait… wasn’t that what some of the earliest proponents of the nation said – like “No taxation without representation”???

LONG past time for the Democrats to take heed. Thanks, Ralph.


Unfortunately some “earliest proponents” put popular “representation” out to pasture post haste. Recall George Washington’s Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton convincing him to enable the central bank/ big corporation model to prevail, much to the consternation of Thomas Jefferson and other founders who favored a more decentralized economic model that would keep banks and corporations from having too much power ?


Take a tally of the percentage of votes a given Candidate won by in their respective district. I did this for the big three of AOC, Tlaib and Omar of the Democrats who are considered the strongest progressive voices. These peoples focused on things like Medicare for all and the like.

Contrast that with those that ran while avoiding these issues.

I did this for a small handful of Democrats including that ex CIA agent who indicated the Democrats should stop using the words Medicare for all and Socialism.

The three progressives won their seats by around 65 percent of votes cast to 25 percent for their Republican competitor.

The EX CIA agent won by 1 percent.

Do this across the board.


Yep, don’t hold your breath.
Your concerns are easily verified by going to the comment sections of most of the other “Left” websites: Raw Sewage, AlterNutz, HuffPo, DU, NCRM, etc. The willfully ignorant and sycophants on the Left are as prevalent as the MAGAt’s on the Reich


Thanks for listing websites that we need to make sure we don’t waste our valuable time accessing, Phred !


I guess once more the left gets the consolation prize of rubbing what is to come in their faces as Biden drops bombs, starts wars, ratchets austerity up and generally rules like a deranged version of trump with better table manners and a more competent cabinet of evil.

All I know is once more my people lost. And we’ll be paying the price for the celebration of our middle class comrades here.

That said, I can’t lie, I do hope the precedent is set with Trump’s fat a&& thrown in prison. Because maybe that’s what it’ll take to throw the rest of the cretins in to the neighboring cells later.


I’ve been kicked off 4 of those sites for posting the kind of comments (some exactly the same) I have posted here regularly. If you’re not all in for Wall Street 3rd Way stooges - you are gone


Trump has a malignant personality but is far from the worst of the worst. Figures like Cruz and Cotton are far worse and will cause far more damage to the nation if and when they when the White House. And with the dismal dollar Dems leading the opposition, it is a virtual guarantee.