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Biden Health Adviser Has a Plan to Get Pandemic Under Control and Revive Economy: Pay People to Stay Home for 4-6 Weeks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/12/biden-health-adviser-has-plan-get-pandemic-under-control-and-revive-economy-pay


Yes, the plan would save thousands of lives alright. Not mentioned beyond shoring up present business and employees, it would prevent most of the further loss of businesses and further job losses.
I guess It’s to Mitch right now.


Brilliant! Employ them to fight the virus.


Unfortunately with the DNC’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory means that Moscow Mitch will nix this and never even let the Senate have a discussion.

There has to be consequences for willingly sacrificing 250k + lives for political reasons. What we’re being subjected to IS a crime against humanity.


A Republican controlled Senate will sooner burn the nation to the ground than allow this. Also, why didn’t House Dems demand this as a condition for passing the first stimulus (aka, the Great Giveaway to the richest people in the country) when they had all the leverage in the world to do so?


Good ol’ Murcan know-how. This is why they hire the best and the brightest: to use science and reason and compassion to devise policies that yield the greatest good for the greatest number for the longest period of time. Golly gee whiz, I wonder why science and reason and compassion are so rare in government. Oh yeah, now I remember. It’s because the goal of neoliberal government is maximum exploitation of the people, not maximum reason and compassion.


But it is the nature of the beast. Hitler sent the German army into Russia without any winter clothing. Hey, it’s fascism.


Well thanks to President Bloated Gas Bag, this lockdown will be tougher, but people better suck it up and quit whining. Don’t blame the governors (except DeSadist). Don’t blame the scientists. The responsibility for our current situation and the measures necessary to mitigate the spread rest solely on the shoulders of that festering pustule in the Whites Only House.


Right now they are trying to torpedo Biden’s economy. So, this program, or, even a stimulus package, is not in the cards, because it takes about six months for any fiscal or monetary changes to work their way to main street and the fascist is only interested in power, though, perhaps, a little too dependent on public ignorance.


This “plan” was promoted at the beginning of the pandemic. The rest of the world did it. But, here, Pelosi and crew shot it down.


It might work after Trump is gone in January. Could be a few Repub senators would vote for this. It’s only for 4-6 weeks. With Trump gone Mitch may not have such a choke hold on Repub senators.


Covid cases going to be much worse by Jan. Look north to where I am in Canada. With the cold weather, cases exploding.


Hope you’re right. I’m just looking at the 8 years of Obama’s presidency and the Republican Senates full on obstruction - especially weird since in terms of policy, if it had be a Republican in his place they would have been celebrated.

Covid is raging so bad down this way that Utah now has a mandatory statewide mask mandate. Let that sink in a moment. A deeply republican state has gone for mandatory mask wearing. It must be out of control. Again.


In 9 months, “The Task Force” couldn’t manage to even mandate mask-wearing. In less than a week, This guy, who isn’t even officially “on the clock”, comes up with a workable plan. How do these smarty-pants people do that? Probably trying to show off.

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Just masks? Spain is under curfew and a two week municipal lockdown.


The best Congress money can buy will tell us that we can’t afford to pay people to lock down when the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) and other corporate welfare recipients who are waiting for Congress to approve MIMIC’s annual bonus and 2012 COLA…you know, those “off budget expenditures”.


Just masks.

But only a few weeks ago, with masks having turned into “political statements” the idea of a republican state mandating mask wearing would have been scoffed at. This is a country where basically every job you can think of is “essential” so there’s the definition of opening safely in times of a pandemic.

A lock-down here? This is a country who still haven’t figured out that capitalism and democracy are philosophically incompatible. A country where many still believe we are the envy of the world because “freedom.”

The virus could kill 50% of the country and there would still be no real lock-down.

We need to make sacrifices for the economy. Would anyone offer up a thumb or toe to appease their shovel or lawnmower? How is it people still don’t see money and its Temple of thee Market “Economy” as a tool?

Stupid, proud, and belligerent R’Us.

What’s patently stupid is if we just stopped feeding this damned virus humans, it would fade away. Nope - going to count on (that holiest of hollies) Corporate Pharma to save the day. Genuflect and hand over your cash.


Still time to edit your post!

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Speaking of “corporate pharma”:



And there it is. Quarterly Reports that can be celebrated!

(Read that article you linked with my first cuppa joe of the day yesterday - what was I thinking?)


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