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Biden Invokes Dead Family Members Against Medicare for All and Corporate Media Plays Along

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/09/biden-invokes-dead-family-members-against-medicare-all-and-corporate-media-plays

If you think " BidenMediaMania " regarding his whining and sniveling b.s. about M4A is bad now; just you wait, the paid liars in The Establishment have yet begun to fight ( dirty ). Joe is their guy, here.
If you wrestle in the hogwash with an ol’ pro like Uncle Joe Biden, just expect to be covered head to foot by his famous poop-spin manuever. On the campaign trail he may not remember exactly what state he’s in but he knows exactly what state he wants to put the voters in. A bad state of affairs awaits only for Uncle Joe’ s fearmongering and fabricating.
It’s what you do when you have no good policies.


Is it too cynical to say that if Biden hadn’t suffered these tragic losses

He would have had to invent them?


To me his convoluted misleading AD appears to be the work of a Drooling Old Man determined to keep the Million$ of Dollars in campaign Contributions/Bribes he is getting from the For Profit Health Care Insurance Companies.



Liar, liar, pants on fire. But then we knew that–both about Biden and about the MSM


My mom and dad lived into their early 90s and late 80s respectively. They both had health coverage from my dad’s job, as well as Medicare–with one exception. Dental care. Mom had ten pregnancies and seven living children. Dental problems often start when women are pregnant. My mom’s teeth were fine until she had kids. In her 70s, 80s, and 90s, Mom spent hundreds of dollars just in basic dental care. Nothing will change the fact that dental decay happens to women because of child-bearing (at least for now ) but Medicare for All will cover necessary dental care that women need. Medicare for All is a women’s issue!


Joe Biden is proving himself to be the douche bag we always knew he was.

Step off the stage, Joe. You blow.


Joe, we’re sorry for your loss. Don’t be ours.


Not Cho or anyone in Cho land can guarantee that a Medicare for All bill will come out unscathed or pristine after Congress gets done with it. I’ll stick with Biden’s position, which is to gradually move into what most registered voters all want. This is the real world here folks. Realistically, you’re not going to get all of what you want right off the bat, no matter what Sanders or Warren tells you.

Anybody not locked in a closet for the past half century should realize that words like “gradual” and “incremental” in DC speak means NEVER.

During the 1965 Medicare launch LBJ admonished Congress to expand Medicare to include all Americans the way FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ intended it to. Unfortunately, right wing Congresscritters limited Medicare to covering Americans age 65 and older.

Contrary to LBJ’s wishes, subsequent POTUS and Congresses have reduced Medicare coverage with each passing year. ACA author Liz Fowler made sure that Obama’s ACA reduced coverage for many Medicare recipients and stifled any future efforts to prevent cuts to Medicare or expand Medicare.


"…he couldn’t ‘fathom’ what would’ve happened if the insurance companies had said for the last six months of his son’s life, ‘You’re on your own.’” Hey Joe, just ask some of the 500,000 medical bankruptcies if you want to understand what happens. The fact that you can’t fathom what would have happened shows how out of touch you are.


Or ask the tens millions of Americans whose insurance companies treat them just like that -and worse, what they did or how they felt.

Not that he cares.


Biden says, “It would be an insult to my dead son.”

Former VP Biden is an insult to the living and the dead.


I have pretty good teeth overall. Get to the dentist twice a year for cleaning and checkups. At my last appointment I mentioned some sensitivity in one tooth. After more than $200 of x-rays The dentist said I needed a root canal and referred me to a dentist who specializes in them. I was told it would cost $1210 for that prcedure and my regular dentist said I would need to have a crown put on after that which would cost $1400. Luckily for me, the pain subsided, at least temporarily. Insured dental care is a major health issue for everyone.


I thought ObamaRomneyCare was the transitional program?

Meanwhile, how many voters are going to stay home when you tell them that incrementalism is the best you got? Don’t know? Ask Hillary.

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Thanks you. I had been trying with little success to construct an adequate response to the comment from outer space.


You can still have a MFA type system EVEN if you have to compromise (seems a “dirty” word for everybody). But, you start off asking for the whole enchilada and see what comes out of both Houses of Congress. LBJ pretty much got all he orig asked for in Medicare, but we have to remember that he had a zillion Dems in the House and like 67 Dems in the Senate. Still, he had a somewhat hard time getting it through with the southern Dems wanting all kind of racial “exceptions”.

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…Which is why M4A should be a compelling and strong issue for all voters.

Actually, more are likely to avoid voting for Biden than avoided voting for Hillary. Biden is Hillary on quaaludes.


I fail to see how Biden’s bragging about having “insurance” at his beck 'n call while millions of Americans have none helps Biden’s case at all. What Biden is essentially saying is, “I didn’t have to worry one whit about medical bills or going bankrupt paying 'em.”

Anyone with any sense knows that Biden can afford and/or is afforded, as a member of Congress, the best health care American taxpayers can buy him as millions of Americans cannot afford to pay for their own. Run on that Joe.