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Biden Is Being Biden. That’s a Risk.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/21/biden-being-biden-thats-risk

Biden is “…a mainstream Democrat…”

Yeah, that’s the f*ckin problem right there.


"“There’s not a racist bone in my body"

Of course not. But then again, it isn’t bones that advocate for legislation to keep black people in shitty homes, shitty school districts and shitty-or-otherwise prisons, and it isn’t bones that sell out black people because those bones feel so comfortable in their pro-corporate white-boy’s club.


Eugene Robinson is such a tool for the Establishment that it is difficult to comprehend how CD publishes his garbage! He pushed for Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders, while spewing CTR talking points against Bernie. Please CD, stop giving him a platform. Joe Biden should drop out of the primary, and the polls showing him to be the frontrunner are based on landline surveys of people over 50!


There are no racist vertebrae, at least, because there’s no spine in Biden’s body. [Can I get a rimshot?]


If they [Black Democrats] were to look elsewhere, he could easily fall back into the pack.

I sure hope so - and as soon as possible. I was happy to hear this story as the sooner the gaffes start piling up, the sooner I hope to be rid of this terrible excuse for a politician.

As he launched his campaign, Biden had to make clear he understood that his tactile style of personal interaction was inappropriate in the #MeToo era.

Does Robinson believe that this is Biden’s style of personal interaction period or personal interaction with women or girls? Because contrary to Biden’s assertions, I have yet to see a video of a bunch of cringe-worthy moments of Biden touching men or boys inappropriately. It wouldn’t absolve him if he did, but why not call out what he has done (and still does) more accurately?

The danger is that primary voters will come to question his ability to give Trump the electoral drubbing he deserves.

I hope voters give Biden the primary drubbing he deserves. I firmly believe the danger that Robinson mentions will then be reduced (i.e., though I back Gabbard or Sanders, I think almost anybody but Biden has a better chance of beating Trump and almost anybody else would be a better President too).


Here’s a quote from a letter that Joe Biden wrote to Senator James O. Eastland in 1977:

“I want you to know that I very much appreciate your help during this week’s Committee meeting in attempting to bring my anti-busing legislation to a vote.”

And here’s James O. Eastland from a 1956 speech to the White Citizens Council:

“In every stage of the [Montgomery] bus boycott we have been oppressed and degraded because of black, slimy, juicy, unbearably stinking niggers…African flesh-eaters. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to abolish the Negro race, proper methods should be used. Among these are guns, bows and arrows, slingshots and knives…All whites are created equal with certain rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of dead niggers.”

Yet Uncle Joe is polling extremely well with black voters over 50. I sure hope younger black voters start talking some sense into older black voters. Cuz, damn.


[Good Ole Joe](https://sputniknews.com/cartoons/201906211075995972-joe-biden-defends-segregationist-comments/?fbclid=IwAR1JvexVKFLtHc4yjK9-SrFGnT3CU1cbL-Tz714rADuqnnuOHBfPUJMzLQg

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Robinson sez:
“The danger (for Biden) is that primary voters will come to question his ability to give Trump the electoral drubbing he deserves.”

Soooo … no danger in primary voters questioning what he might offer them in the way of policy? To date, I’ve yet to hear what wonderful platform has elevated Frontrunner Joe™ to the front of the pack.


Wow. Just wow.

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You are so right. I used to watch him stumble and mumble over what he was trying to say but not say on MSNBC. He was so pathetic. And then the other panelists would treat him with such contempt and/or talk over or thru him and he’d look all hurt and indignant. It was awful. Unfortunately, he deserves it b cause he’s such a suck.

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LUL Biden is being biden…WTF is that. Uncel joe is being who he has always been. DO NOT KID URSELF!> This dude has never been any good for the black ,brown or native or Asian people. Oh sure he plays like he likes everyone and everything. Let me ask all of you. How many of you have actually looked at uncle joe’s long history of voting?. I mean take a good long and deep look at his life of votes. The DEVIL has many faces and Uncel joe biden is one of them. This dude needs to go away and STFU!.

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Give the man credit — without him Bush might very well have been unable to get us into the Iraq war,


Biden is “Thor’s hammer”? Excuse me? Biden hasn’t distinguished himself in any way to deserve that description. He is machine Democrat and he represents the prospect of being another suck up to Business As Usual like Obama was but probably worse. He stated that himself the other day that as president everything will basically stay the same. Corporations and oligarchs have nothing to worry about if the DNC’s fave candidate becomes the president.
I just received an email from the Biden campaign and it stated that Joe Biden wants to “restore the soul of the country”. What bullshit. He is one of those on the Demo side that has helped us lose it.
I will never vote for Biden. The current “soulnessness” of the Democratic Party is more evidence of why I gave up being a registered Demo 20 years ago. Of course, I will still tend to vote for a Demo but only if they are the best candidate. This lesser of two evils shit is running our country into the ground. The DNC and DCCC have been the ruin of the party that I once believed in.


The problem with the Democrats is they’re confused about slicing and dicing the electorate based on identity politics…holding together a coalition of righties, lefties, and centrists…claiming to represent average workers while cozying up to corporate money…and having to operate within the “tax and spend,’” “soft on terrorism and crime” framing dictated by the Republicans.

As such, they have very little cohesive policy, and the policy they do offer is middle-of-the-road pablum that doesn’t solve any actual problems. Exhibit A: RomneyCare. Their number one advantage is a large base of voters and elected officials who are too cowardly and unimaginative to battle the status quo.

In terms of that last sentence, trust this: The d-party establishment would prefer to lose to Trump than win with Sanders.

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Tulsi Gabbard Now!

Mr. Robinson is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Biden collaborated with Eastland to prevent busing and integration of our schools.

He held nealy weakly hearing berating black crime because it was politicall expedient.

He collaborated with the prominent democratic racist to create the drug bill which filled the prisons indstrial complex which he supported.

Was one of a majority of democrats that strongly supported NAFTA

He strongle supported the IRAQ War, holding hearing in the senate for witnesses who supported the war and refused to allow any witnesses who didn’t

He aided the appointment of Calrence Thomas to the Supreme Court by trashing Anita Hill and refusing to allow witnesses who would collaborate her claims.

He supported the student loan which have condemmed so many to decades of debt and then tightened the bankruptcy laws to make sure there was no relief for the debtors and publically derided studentsas rip off artists.

He is the biggest supporter and friend of the credit card companies.

I’ll never vote for him. He’s a bastard…


He tends to be that guy tasked with polishing up the Turds. “Yes it IS a turd but if you ignore that for a moment , it not all bad. compared to the Republican turds which not polished at all.”

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How possible is it that these ‘polls’ putting no-joe first are total BS simply put out there by the centrist democrap wing in the hope that if enough of the peons think he’s going to win they’ll choke down their doubts and vote for him? As many people have said, any poll this early in the current silly season is not to be believed, or are they hoping we are all so brainwashed that all we care about is voting for a ‘winner’?

Risk? Perhaps, but a low risk. He’s been in politics for 50 years for chrissakes! He’s got to have something on the ball.