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Biden Is Labor's Best Bet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/01/biden-labors-best-bet

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Did you folks HAVE to post this fine polemic, JUST as I had sipped a mouthful of scalding HOT coffee?!?

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biden isn’t labors friend and neither are corp. owned demodogs.


Here a more accurate assessment, not one trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.


What goes on here is much the same as goes on down in the USA when the Right Wing called Obama a “Socialist”. . It important for the working class that they do NOT accept this deceptive language as fact. Biden is not a best bet. Neither republicans or Democrats are friends to the working class. The best bet was Sanders which the DNC did not want.

There a flood of these “lets Polish up the turd” type articles.

From the link and do remember the legislation that did the most to wreck the working class and unions in the USA , that being NAFTA.

This is devastating for progressive politics — and a boon to people like Joe Biden, who have little to offer workers — black, white, Hispanic, Asian, indigenous — other than a blue-collar veneer. Peering through Biden’s record, as writer Branko Marcetic observes, it is clear the veteran Democrat has spent much of his political career advancing establishment interests instead of bucking them, from his votes the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, and Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform.” When given the chance, Biden has often sided with corporations and big banks, not the working class.


Biden Is Planet’s Best Hope! Biden Is Girl’s ONLY Hope! Biden Is Negroes Only Hope! Biden Is Homosexual’s Only Hope! Biden Is Egg-head Commie’s Best Hope! BIDEN IS LAZY OLD GEEZER’S ONLY HOPE! Biden Is Red Man’s Best Hope, Biden Is Mexican’s Best Hope!

It’s one thing to crush ~70% of victimized lifelong, Democratic voters’ critical NEEDS, but to drag us ALL back to 1963; when unions, media AND our party existed to keep us all OUT!

~https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/02/joe-biden-is-no-friend-of-unions (mind you, this was WAY back… when DNC™ LLC wanted Senator Harris!)


This simple graph shows Union membership in the USA from 1983 to 2015.

This was 16 years of Democrats in the White House with Biden part of Government all that time.

It was a decline that did not change at all when Clinton and Obama President.



Disney Studios’ Production Assistants With Pitchforks Are Lemmings Last, Best Hope! Every single blog, tweet, paper, magazine, TV, Radio blaring how swell Joe is (WSJ to Kos, Forbes to MoJo… BLATANT is a big part of große Lüge!)

PS: the reason “millions have lost their ACA healthcare” is; they lost their W4 employment and the DNC has repeatedly stomped ANYBODY daring to promote Universal Healthcare; LOCKING you into your boss, union and insurer. How many THOUSANDS will DIE, or infect loved ones, co-workers or transit workers simply we’ve no single payer healthcare, being SERFS, virtual sharecroppers or indentured peons?


He must be talking about someone else who is named Joe Biden. The Joe Biden that is running for president doesn’t resemble the person described in the least.


Eugene V Deb’s just turned over in his grave…


Why not title this: Labor doesn’t stand a chance with picking the lesser of 2 evils.
Now excuse me while I go wretch.


Slow applause–this is the first article that I have read in at least a few years making a claim for Biden that actually involves claiming that he will do or be something.

I’d like to see it grounded somehow, since it so flagrantly goes against at least almost everything and possibly every single thing that Joe Biden ever did in his career. But I understand that an editor cannot produce just any article out of the ether.

That remains for the author here, but applause for the editor anyway. I am relieved.

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