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Biden Might Just Eek This Out, But Even the Best-Case Scenario Is Pretty Dismal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/biden-might-just-eek-out-even-best-case-scenario-pretty-dismal

Eek, it’s eke not eek.


The hopes for a “New New Deal” seem very dim.

The hopes for a new New Deal were crushed decades ago, when the Democratic Party misleadership sold their souls, and our futures, to the same wealthy parasites which control the Republicans.


Mr. Isaac: Former VP Biden has an almost 3.8 million vote lead in the popular vote, with about 90% of total cast votes, already counted and recorded. He could end up with 4.5 million more votes than POTUS Trump, in toto, at the unsatisfactory conclusion of this latest election cycle. Which has been called by some big-time thought leaders, " the most important election of our lifetime " with some real justification, too.
When you look at that depressing and glaring fact Mr. Isaac, still uncorrected after almost 6 or 7 decades of our first collective attempts at putting men on the moon, what does progressive policy-making mean in this country? What does it actually look and feel like in the United States of America?
A VP Biden as POTUS may be as good as it gets for us all here in this country, who knows?

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I’m very disappointed that CommonDreams is running stuff like this article, which is just more of the same centrist Dem hand-wringing over how terrible and stupid Trump voters are. The Dem Party elite rigged the nomination for Biden, a mediocre and uninspiring candidate who promised, during a pandemic, to veto Medicare for All. Biden, the author of the Crime Bill that resulted in the unjustified incarceration of millions of people of color; Biden, who then doubled down on his record of racism by selecting Kop Kamela, whose career was built on incarceration, as his VP choice.

The Dem elite preferred to risk losing again to Trump because they didn’t want Bernie Sanders to do what the huge majority of voters want–pass Medicare for All and legalization of marijuana. The problem is not the Trump voters, it’s the Dem Party cabal that has now rigged two presidential nominations in a row on behalf of their corporate sponsors.


The only light at the end of the tunnel I see is that, once Trump is gone, there appears to be no one that can take his place. You need some sort of charisma, and I don’t see anyone on the right that has that quality. Of course, Democrats suffer from the same problem…

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The GOP has never run out of progressively more fascists candidates to field at every level right up to POTUS and never will. Recall many Democrats believing that there was nobody worse than Dick Cheney and his puppet Dubya ? While you and I may not consider Rayguns, Newts, Dubyas and Trumps to be charismatic, their marks and base certainly do.

When you consider that the bipartisan dismantling of FDR’s New Deal has continued without pause for 42 years any talk of “a new New Deal” is perfidy until the dismantling stops and all New Deal regulations and programs that have been dismantled are restored. Once that happens is when it will be time to discuss a “new New Deal”.

Considering that nobody other than me and a few other CD posters have ever suggested restoring FDR’s New Deal regulations and programs, please cease discussing the “new New Deal”.


Welcome. As someone who makes these types of spelling errors all the time (valid spelling for a different word), I look forward to smarter and smarter spell and grammar checkers. Most of my now/know, their/there/they’re, its/it’s mistakes get caught these days, but others still get through. I just tried “eek out a living” in Microsoft Word, and it caught it.


Julio: Welcome to CD! From my progressive perspective, one of the best Progressive sites on the net.If you agree, please financially, support this site. Thanks, Shanti.


Professor Isaac, sir, this is why we mostly build curricula around examples that have already happened.

Your Trumpism is not dead while Biden lives; it will continue in Kamala Harris when Biden completes his aneurysm.

Those who want something different ought to try doing something different, no? We hold off a lot of things for lack of fellows, no? Why not agree to at least fail to support these people and perhaps–better, one hopes–to support something of value?


My savvy friends and many pundits, including the Lincoln Project

This shows that the author has absolutely no political insight or credibility.


After this election, don’t you feel like a mouse that just got stepped on?

What do hearts have to do with American Empire?


The Green New Deal, or anything like it was bought up, and tossed out by the very same interests who shoved Joe Biden down our throats and ignored the rest of the party.

Anyone still believe the Democratic Party is … democratic?? Or even yet exists?

Does any so-called “progressive” still believe they are going to “take over” the Democratic Party?


The leaders of the DemocraticTM Party have already begun blaming their poor performance on progressives and calling on the Party to move to rightward:

If “we are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we’re not going to win," House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) warned on the caucus call, according to three people listening.


Moderate House Democrats lashed out at their liberal colleagues Thursday, using a marathon caucus-wide conference call to bash progressives for advancing an agenda that, the centrists said, cost the party a number of seats in Tuesday’s elections.



“American democracy has been proven hopelessly archaic, dysfunctional, irrational, and corrupt.”

We have not HAD functional democracy here in decades.

People actively and effectively PARTICIPATING in self-government has not been SEEN in my lifetime, just a bit of well-financed bumper-sticker Mythology which has cost many people their lives.


“Does any so-called ‘progressive’ still believe they are going to ‘take over’ the democratic Party?”

They shouldn’t, with the amount of evidence we have, if any do, they are in denial. We have 4 years to put together a viable “peoples party”, let’s not screw it up following another dem sheep dog, and get this done.


You beat me to it.

You assume it is Trump rather than Trump-ISM. This is seriously dangerous movement in the hands of a skilled fascist, which Trump is not. Trump will be appointing an heir apparent, and he (almost certainly a he) will be a bona fide fascist. Watch his rallies which will continued. Watch to see if there is a favored one emerging at his side.


And hope its not Pence!