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Biden Must Become the Climate-Commander-in-Chief

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/11/biden-must-become-climate-commander-chief


Are you kidding me?


Well no. One would think that if the Climate changes are the number one concern with an electorate and are that important, one would vote for the party that has this central to their platform. It is not Joe Biden and his Democrats.

The Democrats will only take climate change seriously when they lose half of their supporters to a third party . Until then as Joe Biden said “nothing will really change”.

If you want to CHANGE the position of Joe Biden and the DNC change your vote to Green. It does not matter that this might lead to Trump winning as Biden will not do anything differently than Trump when it comes to acting on the Environment.

Now had Americans done this 30 years ago rather then continue to push this “Vote Democrats and hold their feet to the fire” nonsense , you might have a President much more willing to act.

This same thing applies to my fellow Canadians. If you feel the environment the most important issue do not vote for Parties that do not have that as their most important issue. You do not hold their feet to the fire by giving your vote to them.


All Biden has to do is beat Trump and have a non-demented choice for VP.

Sorry for my pessimism on this subject. Biden, if he is lucky enough to win in November, has a history of following his corporate masters wishes, so I have zero confidence he will buck them and seriously fight climate change as President. Despite what Sanders is thinking about having negotiating power at the convention, to push progressive values, I disagree, that leverage was lost when he suspended his campaign, and refused to fight the powers within the DNC.


Memo to Karyn Strickler:

Joe Biden hates you and everything you believe in. He will ignore you when he isn’t pissing on you. And he wouldn’t even piss on you if your clothes were on fire and there was no water available to douse you.

Please stop participating in ruling elite myth making. The ruling elites do not respond in any way to the needs of the citizenry. They have unilaterally opted out of the Social Contract.


C’mon…I’m sure Biden is meeting with his Wall Street backers to get his marching orders on climate and everything else.


This article illustrates both naïveté and and myopia.


It hard to understand how there so many people who believe that if they give the only leverage they have up to a political party , they can somehow influence a Political leader AFTER that leverage surrendered.

Politicians always want more money. The Corporations are always willing to hand over that money if the Politician does their bidding. Politicians all want a career after Politics. Corporations are more than willing to give ex-politicians high paying jobs after their career in Politics for services rendered and to use that Politicians connections for more goodies. If a Politician fails to act on the behalf of a given industry that industry will stop donating monies to that politicians campaign .

Politicians want your vote but they only need it once every 4 years and once they get your vote they do not need you for anything else.Once you surrender that vote as George Carlin suggested, they do not care about you.

If they are guaranteed that vote every 4 years because “If I do not vote for this guy the other guy is worse” then you have no leverage over them whatsoever. The reason the US and other Countries turn into Oligarchies is summed up above.


“Biden Must Become the Climate-Commander-in-Chief”

We might just as helpfully insist that “Biden Must Become a Winged Mythological Beast”.


Sanders did NOT blaze new trails of climate leadership, a statement I completely disagree. Sanders misled the environmentally conscientious into believing all-battery BEV tech - still waiting for “presumed” tech breakthrough - is state-of-the-art when it’s not. Plug-in Hybrid needed Sanders leadership but responded "What is it you don’t understand about “Leave it in the ground?”’
Sanders followed others in the same mistaken notion of high-tech EVs, AVs and AIs as if.

Joke to tell: Someone says “Have a good day” like yeah whatever. So you say “My good day starts with Donald Trump has heart attack. That would be a good day.” Tell that joke at a drinking party.

Dontcha all know, Democrats and Republicans will say anything and everything to get elected, but do nothing they said once in office?

Blind Faith.

It’s not just an old rock group.

It’s an American malady.


Yehaw. Dang them durn northurner knowitalls.
Got no good nuthin ta say most the time.
Thinks theys knows bettah, yeah right, as if.

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It appears to be equal to the other methods that don’t seem to work either.

Historians would make better politicians,at least most of them try and uncover the truth.


Biden must become the Climate-Commander in Chief.
April fools day was almost two weeks ago.
Biden will become the Climate-Commander in Chief right after he signs the Medicare for All Bill.


I’m not sure Kamala totally qualifies as “non-demented”… neither is she as six-flags wacko as the worst of them, I suppose. I’ve heard weighty rumors about KH (when Willie Brown breathes her name, I’ll take it seriously). Most probably, KH isn’t quite demented enough to take the helm, which this veep might (were there any chance of vanilla-face getting elected, that is), so she’s probably out of the question. Tokenism seems to be placing very heavy demands that the running-mate must be a black woman. Jeffrey asks “So which Rice is Biden more likely to pick for Veep, Susan or Condoleezza?”

Either of those two disciples of Kissinger would fully qualify as demented. Or else maybe, since the NY times did a double-endorsement, ByeDone could go one better and designate all three as co-running-mates. Then they could tour (virtually) as ByeDone and the Supremes.

Set me free, why don’t cha, baby
Get out my life, why don’t cha, baby
‘Cause you don’t really love me
You just keep me hangin’ on

Another great (albeit irrelevant) line from Jeffrey, for your contemplation:

Trump’s daily rants are streams in search of consciousness.


The title of the article alone is laughable. ByeDone (R-Visa) must do what his handlers tell him to do. Right now, his biggest concern is remaining in hiding.


Biden said during the campaign that he had a “moderate position on climate change.” With a candidate who takes money from the fossil fuel industry, I doubt that Bidden wil has also said he favors using natural gas from fracking as a “transition fuel” until renewable energy is ready. This is hardly “progressive” but more “middle of the road” “incremental change.” This is not bold leadership and standing up to profit addicted dirty fossil fuel industry who won’t stop until every cubit foot of natural gas, every barrel of oil and every ton of coal is extracted from the Earth no matter what the consequences.


Well yeah, Kamala Harris is seriously missing some uptown funk and sparkle quality, but I guess it is possible. Non-demented leaves a bit of wiggle room. For touring there is nothing like the original, that’s right, Diana Ross.

No wind, (no wind)
No rain, (no rain)
Nor winter’s cold
Can stop me, babe
(Oh, babe) baby (baby)
If you’re my goal


Or Congress Woman Barbara Lee