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Biden Must Become the Climate-Commander-in-Chief

Late in her campaign we heard some radio ads locally in which KH was actually trying to speak in her own weird version of an uptown accent – stretching out the laaaand in Oakland. I couldn’t believe it. Just before she checked out, it was. Painful and somehow deeply embarrassing to listen to, it was.

Remember the 2020 primary debates? That seems like 100 years ago. Is ByeDone even still alive? I don’t think he could be the best champion of the downtrodden if he’s already dead.


Agreed, primaries can be painful, I’m left with “oust Trump” as a recourse.

Seriously, Biden can win all he needs is a pulse.


keep… hope… alive…


Have to agree with you. After voting green in 2016, and believing Stein received way more than 1.5%, I went along with Bernie, thinking if he received enough votes to make the machine rigging obvious, he’d have a chance. I was wrong.


The author appears naive as she pleads with progressives to put pressure on Biden to become a representative of the 99%, but anyone who has followed this political circus at anytime, knows quite well that corporate America has chosen the only two horses in the race and both of them have nothing but disdain for the 99%. Therefore the author must be holding out hope that maybe Biden is not a corporate sociopath, but in light of his recent sexual assault revelations, his career of lying and plagiarism, his acceptance of millions and millions of dollars for ending net neutrality, expanding endless war, increasing prison populations, cutting medicare funding and of course his declining mental health, should be enough proof to anyone who is paying attention that Biden is a loyal apparatchik of the establishment.
The only question now that remains for voters is which candidate will get us to the sixth mass extinction quicker? Some may feel that Trumps acceleration of the climate crisis will give him the early lead, but Biden could easily trump ‘Trump’ if elected by launching a nuclear strike against Russia. Vegas odd makers would call this a ‘toss up’.
In my humble opinion, the rest of the planet has to join forces to buttress themselves against the U.S. global corporate assault on the environment and human rights. The death toll will be much higher than any previous war and there is no lack of poor people in the U.S. willing to die for Wall Street. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a roller coaster ride to Hell.


This author is living in a fantasy land. She must make a living from politics. No rational person expects Biden to do anything. He can barely form sentences. He is just another war pig, like all of the Democratic candidates, including Sanders. What a joke show American politics is. In the meantime, governance is done behind closed doors, and people like the author profit from the circus. You can do better than to publish trash like this Common Dreams, and give a voice to the continuation of this failed system.


You Would first have to find Biden to even imply climate change to him.
Finding Joe during this election cycle is going to be like playing Where’s Waldo.


stein should’ve received more votes, since she was polling nearly 7 percent as close as 12 days before the election.

but the post-op review of things indicated a ton of green voters did what they’ve been known to do for a lot of years and go LOTE at the last second. It’s why I only dallied with them for a year after I left the Democrats: I realized they had too many Democrats in their ranks!

What could’ve been had just 75% of those knuckleheads held the course. Matching funds, the holy grail of all third parties. right there in their grasp. And they pissed it away on a wildebeest like Hillary.


The Superstructure is on the verge of collapse and this author is without a clue.
Seriously, what is her point? Is she lecturing Biden on the consequences of his
watered down environmental plans or previous record? Is she extending a policy
initiative void of any bite or consequences if Biden does not meet the standards
she lays out? The trouble with policy wonks and apparatchiks is that they only
offer proposals void of any significant infrastructure that is willing to punish
politicians who are owned by Wall Street. Biden is a Wall Street flunky, toady,
and sycophant. I would rather see someone with the guts to write about the end game
we are currently in.


I don’t understand why people even bother to write such, uh, rubbish. (Another, more appropriate word comes to mind, but I’ll keep it clean.) It actually almost angers me that such a preposterous idea was spun into what is supposed to be a serious opinion piece.

I guess this was written for MSNBC, CNN or any number of other MSM outlets, so I’m clearly not the target audience.


I am always amazed when people ignore a politicians lifelong history. Since when has Joe Biden done one single progressive, decent thing? Never. Saying Biden needs to be a “climate commander in chief” is like saying that Trump needs to be and honest, concerned president. It is pure fantasy. Joe Biden will do what the corporations, especially banks, tell him to do.


Biden must lose or nothing changes for the better long-term. Tara Reade just filed a criminal complaint against him in the last 48 hours, but it’s not getting any media traction. Refuse to play their “our corrupt, senile old pervert is better than their corrupt, senile old pervert” game and walk away from this sh*t show travesty of an election. #NeverBiden, #IBelieveTaraReade, and to the DNC: #GoF#$%Yourselves. We can eventually take over the Democratic Party, but only after those running it utterly fail in what they have been doing for the last 40 years sucking up to a different group of billionaires. We must rebuild it as a party for the rest of us after we make them crash and burn.


BULLSHIT!   Biden is a useless, senile has-been.

The DamnocRats have a few months left during which they MUST find a candidate and running-mate actually QUALIFIED to be Presidunce & V.P., or Tweetle-Dumb and his cronies & henchmen will get another four years to finish their job of finishing off what little is left of “our” democracy!


Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, he hasn’t ended it, and everyone who cares about climate disaster should apply for absentee ballots and vote for Bernie in the upcoming primaries. Not to “influence” the Dem Party platform, which is nonbinding and meaningless, but to prevent the corrupt DNC from selecting someone other than Bernie when Biden drops out.

Voting for Biden, like voting for Trump, is just putting us on a slightly different route to irreversible cataclysmic climate change, because neither will take the steps that must be taken in the next eight years to prevent it. If Bernie is not the nominee, our grandchildren will see hell on earth when they grow up.


Oh yeah, that’ll be among his first orders of business.


One problem is that you are preaching to the Choir here. All excellent points made but this type of article is targeted towards those people that keep voting the LOTE nonsense because maybe just maybe this time it will work.


Hard to disagree. We see how Dr. Ford’s charge against Kavanaww went.
Probably a true test of Dem pols is not only did they keep Biden in the party after he greased the skids for Clarence Thomas, they approve of him as a potential “president.” That includes Biden endorser Kamala Harris. Members of Congress have far more in common than they don’t.


There a whole lot of that going on in Common dreams and especially as elections near. I make a habit of reading those BIOS and then researching the person in question and or the organization they work for. As example you will find many that work for Think Tanks that are funded by Billionaires and Corporations having their articles posted here where they pretend to be “progressives”. Just like suggesting writers at “the Washington Post” claiming they not influenced by what Jeff Bezos thinks, these people suggesting the donors have no influence on their articles is a load of crap.


This must be attuned to another planet somewhere.

Biden is not governing now. There is no reason to believe what he says. There is, therefore, no way for Joe Biden to earn the support of Sanders voters or of anybody else, even were he to have some change of heart or forget his policies in his dotage.

Some will vote for him because of Donald Trump. Some will not, because of Joe Biden. But whatever he does nor does not become, it will not be a climate commander-in-chief, and there’s a disservice involved in presenting the matter otherwise, however the intentions may be otherwise.


This woman thinks Biden is going to win. Interesting.

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