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Biden Must Become the Climate-Commander-in-Chief

So far the only thing positive I can say about Biden is he is better than Trump. So once again I will go to the polls hold my nose and vote lessor of two evils, Biden, why? Because he is better than Trump…We get to eat another shit samich served up by the DNC because he is better than Trump. What a fuked up campaign slogan. Can we get a big blue hat thats says " Better than the Other One"? Or “Could Be Worse”? Status Quo Joe is better dan dat udder-un. OR Our Dipshit is much better than your Dipshit.


The only thing Biden will be the Commander in Chief of is the remote control in a nursing home. The last presidential perk he will enjoy.

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Thank you, that sums it up pretty succinctly! Moderators, editors, whomever; could you PLEASE desist in promoting these cliché, tropes and memes… hollow, bullshit platitudes and obvious lies, better consigned to Kos, MoJo, HuffPo… the mouthpieces of the NeoConfederate Kleptocracy, that’s currently killing scores-of-thousands by their smug, dead eyed sneering complicity in the parting-out of America.




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Really? Lead on the most complex problem humans have faced? A man so far mentally gone he can hardly speak? Talk about totally deluded.


Makes sense to me.

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Yuppers! And it must be by 2025 that GHG emissions are STOPPED! Or adiós to one and all! Prof. Will Steffen teaches in Australia. Check him out on utube for the real skinny on #ClimateEmergency!

Americans’ backs are dead against the wall with this insane two party system. Neither one serves common people, only obscenely wealthy corporations and individuals. We desperately needed a responsive third/fourth/fifth party yesterday. Back when we still had a chance to stop climate change. When plastic wasn’t suffocating the Earth. When CEOs only made 200 times more than their workers. But I’m still probably voting against Trump by voting for Biden. He’s hideous, infirm, and corporate, but four more years of Trump probably seals the deal on the world (not only with climate death but with an even more complete stranglehold on the Supreme Court), whereas 4 years of the DNC, though dismal, can buy us time. We should all be working in between elections for run off voting, end of the electoral college, and a third party that can actually win, as well as taking to the streets, boycotting Walmart, Amazon, Monsanto, Facebook, and fossil fuel companies.

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Wellan posts so relentlessly on this one subject s/he must work for a hybrid (and ICEV?) corporation or industry astroturf organization.

Then he piles on with an offensive (and awkward and completely unfunny) joke about someone dying. What is this person doing here?

Since you’ve done the research, will you name names please?

We must not give up yet on forcing the other right wing party to ditch Biden and admit the only candidate–out of the 87 who started running–who can lead this country away from fascism and climate cataclysm is Bernie Sanders. If that fails, for me it may come down to voting for the one most likely to die or be completely and undeniably mentally incapacitated first, and I mean that completely seriously. The main question is Can we either trust them enough (hahahahahahahaha ) or do we have enough power to force them to remove the dead and/or brain dead president from office once it happens? Pence certainly wouldn’t be my choice either but Biden is likely to anoint some assassination insurance as his running mate so we’ll see. Maybe we can get the VP to resign so Pelosi gets it. Except…she’ll never get it.

J4Z, I am not influenced by any corporate interest; just the opposite as many of my posts clearly demonstrate. Once in a while, I write opposing some posters who regularly employ the ‘duopoly’ argument that both party leaders are sellouts to corporate power. Equating the major parties as the same is a republican tactic to discourage voting.

My perspective on EV tech is central to my career advocacy for reform of mass transit systems, fuel/energy production and land-use planning to reduce car dependency, strengthen local/regional economies and shrink the global economy. As I see it, many seemingly indirect issues are related to these core problems. If we couldn’t drive so much…the falling domino effect…

You deceitfully misquote me about “someone dying.” Here’s what I actually wrote: Joke to tell: Someone says “Have a good day” like yeah whatever. So you say “My good day starts with Donald Trump has a heart attack. That would be a good day.” I’m just setting the record straight. Instead of attacking my credible perspective on EVs, how about you make your own case more convincing with fewer words?

“mass transit systems”, Except you prefer private cars.

“fuel/energy production and land-use planning to reduce car dependency” Except you prefer private cars.

“strengthen local/regional economies” Except you prefer private cars. And cars that continue using and dependency on fossil fuels, that are wrecking civilization and wiping out millions of species.

the heart attack “joke” not about dying? How stupid do you think the readers here are?

You’re as persistent as any car salesman in the world, relentlessly flogging an inferior technology ostensibly for reasons that are grossly and bizarrely illogical and simply not true. If you’re not working for the corporations or the industry, what possible reason could you have for doing that?

No one in this conversation is equating or ever has equated the 2 halves of the corporate duopoly party. They’re different. They use different lies to capture different segments of the population while they collaborate to eliminate votes and voters. They compete for corporate money. The political plans of both halves of the party lead to fascism, though at different speeds, while the climate plans or lack thereof of both lead to inevitable collapse of civilization and the extinction of millions of species, also at different speeds but with so little difference it won’t matter in 50 years when either one will already have doomed humanity to either extinction or thousands of years of chaos, suffering, and physical and psychological impoverishment. One half is offering a mentally ill right wing racist rapist moron for president; the other a senile right wing racist rapist cynical aß. Completely different.

Maybe you aren’t using enough words, because nothing you’ve said has been convincing in any way and each comment you make only causes more confusion. In fact; I’ve never been more sure of my position or so sure the ones you’re taking are misguided. And mystifying. I’ve repeatedly asked for explanation, clarification, and evidence, and have gotten only repetition of the argument that wasn’t convincing the first 3 times.)

“Except you prefer private cars.” That’s not true. I haven’t owned a car in 24 years. An electric car can be a household backup power supply that would SAVE LIVES in an emergency grid failure. Plug-in Hybrids have a limited all-electric range: 25-miles for the Prius, 50 miles for the Chevy Volt. Should we direct scarce, expensive battery resources to “1” Tesla ‘S’ sedan, or “15” plug-in Prius, or “5” Chevy Volt hybrids. Hybrids can utilize ‘combustible’ hydrogen stored at lower pressure and metered into a hybrid ICEngine drivetrain more efficiently than in a hydrogen fuel cell EV. The environmental activist community is wrongfully influenced by corporate interests “lying” about all-battery BEVs to direct these resources to the upper class. Tesla ‘S’ sedans still go for $70,000 bucks. Follow the money.

So you’re waving around the same false dichotomy again.

Obviously, if we’re directing, we should direct resources to every place that reduces carbon emissions, especially those places that eliminate them. That’s high speed rail, mass transit, trucks and buses to haul from HSR to light rail or destination, etc. all publicly owned. But you prefer private cars. That’s obvious because it’s the main part of your argument in comment after comment after comment. More private cars!

“Hybrids could…” But hybrids don’t. If you’re touting that, why not just go all the way and say we should put resources into building solar panels efficient enough to run a full load from starlight? Let’s put them up!

You provide no evidence for any of it, again, including your accusation of the environmental community, and putting the word “lying” in quotes means even you know whatever you’re talking about isn’t lying.

The answers to the upper class thing: Multiple parallel Manhattan projects to develop various battery chemistries; rationing and subsidizing BEVs, which are better in every way, so everyone who needs one can afford it; rationing gasoline so people without BEVs take transit, and putting an end date on the production of ICEVs. Say 2025.

And of course, we have to both massively deploy and continue to improve current clean safe renewable generation and better-linked grids to power all this, as well as do a bunch of other stuff.

When pushed, you say you agree with what I’m saying, but over and over and over you say the opposite, get mad at me for calling you on it and the bad logic, and even when you do partly agree with some of it, the thought processes you use are so completely bolluxed you end up mainly muddying, confusing, and negating everything. Maybe you should stop digging.


See the flood in Michigan 5/20 which has breached a dam there –

Biden and the DP could do many worthwhile things, but NOT as long as
they continue on with corporate-fascism leading the way instead of an actual
“people’s” government which respects NATURE –

NATURE IS ALL – worldwide and in our communities - in our everyday lives –