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Biden Must Become the Climate-Commander-in-Chief

It would be great if our electric utilities would invest in a lot of solar panels and wind turbines and water turbines and some big batteries so most of our electric power would be from renewable energy.

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We live in a country so captured that there is an almost 100% likelihood that these young people will live to see their movement captured also, I can already guess how that is likely to play out. “More Nukes” all sorts of corporate giveaways for questionable or downright bad ideas, that cost a lot of money. And of course more deregulation, never re-regulation. (I’ve got news for you, its not allowed!)

If these young people wanted to shake up the boat they would demand changes that had been taken off the table. Not promises which for some reason never come to fruition. I can see that they are way too trusting.

One thing I think they don’t understand. Trade commitments ideology basically doesnt allow governments signatory to certain agreements to just hire a country’s own people be they unemployed and needing jobs or not. So no jobs for US young people. The neoliberal ideology doesnt see them as worth educating or hiring because they have high expectations and a high cost of living. The rich around the world are trying to disengage with the middle class. They basically are waging war on the very idea of a well paid middle class.
And the US is in their target scope. The people of the US need to unite and realize that we’re under a stealth attack. Our own rich are llied with the tyrants of the world and they are going to get thise jobs to prop them up. Its already been decided, just like healthcare has already been decided 25 years ago. It will all mmake sense soo but that will be after we have triggered all the traps. I hate to say it but Bernie was lying to us. Yes, we need single payer but we need to get out of GATS to have it, the same applies to all the other much needed expsnions in social programs. Bill Clinton signed the rights to vote for all of them away, ensuring a dishonest crrupt politc forever, unless we get out. But dont we have to face the fact that we were deceived to get out? Yes. See the problem? Let me give you an example, the Marrekesh Agreement was the real healthcare plan in 1993, not Clintoncare. The former privatizes public services all around the world irreversibly. We never got the memo.

As long as young people believe the crap that is being dished out to them they wont get anywhere. they will just get bigger and bigger lies, i.e. bulshit. And a more tangled web.

Beleiving politicians leaves peoples minds so confused thety cant understand the truth when they encounter it. Which is of course what the neoliberals, who want a world ruled by corporations and money, where the ever growiing ranks of poor people have no rights at all, not even to occupy space , or live. We’re heading into a work free future. That could be paradise for everyone. Thats whats really going on. But it terrifies them so they are trying this huge power grab to steal the world. Its the second “inclosure” .

They want their planet cleared of tenants.

Yeah, just sit ths election out and wait for a 100% PURE CANDIDATE!! That’ll show 'em!!!

I’ve listened to guys like you ranting about how awful things are, for all the 50+ years I’ve been an Activist, then return to their beer and couch to watch sports and put ABSOLUTELY no energy into changing ANYTHING!! So, keep waiting for a 100% PURE CANDIDATE and don’t waste your vote on anything less.

Yeah apparently in settling for Clinton and Obama you made great leaps forwards! That’s how you got medicare for all and dismantled the war machine. That is how you finally addressed wealth inequality and and addressed Climate change. It how you emptied those prisons and brought peace to places like Libya and Yemen and Iraq. It how you ensured there justice for the Palestinians and no coups occurred in places like Haiti and the Hondura’s. It how you ensured millions of migrants not being deported and the citizens of the USA not spied upon by the State.

All of these issues are progressive issues but according to you in settling for the not so pure all of them were addressed.

If you want progress, vote for a progressive. It not that hard to understand. Biden is certainly not that. Nor was Clinton and Obama.

Biden is not a reformer. he is the system.
He’s a member of a cult that think nothing of dishonesty. he’s being nice but its an act. Both parties are actually in cahoots and they are stealing the world - with dergulation that locks in for good. Everything Trump deregulate stays that way, Biden wont reverse it. Nor does he want to. Nor can he because those are the rules baked into treaties - which are managed in Geneva.

In its acolytes eyes, nothing that the people want could ever happen. They wont let it happen.

God doesnt need to reform and neither does capitalism, in their eyes.

Deregulation is a one way street. Like death. Dead people dont come back to life, nor do dead regulations. That is the rule. Otherwise corporations could be regulated by voters. Something thats anathema to them.

they made our government powerless for a reason, and that is it.

Not possible since they stole democracy with FTAS. WHich they continue writing more and more of. What is it about stealing for good we dont understand?

To allow the reestablishment of a regulation at any time would be admitting defeat. Thats why Biden has no intention of touching anything unless he intends to fuck it up much worse, because thats all he’s allowed to do by the cult he follows. He is just a small servant of this cult, like the others, he cant violate it by taking the non-entities the people seriously.

So we should be terrified when he says he’ll anything to Medicare. What does it mean when narcissists do something they claim is nice to you. It always is a hurt in disguise, always.

People dont understand we’re in a noose. Go to Ciel dot org and read up on FTAs and the illogic system they embed. In the context of the environment. And realize everything Biden does is done for a purpose and thats to advance the huge global theft that is the cult of the big churn. The big theft… The global grab.

We are ruled by a cult. An extractionist cult. All the power and money and - everything that the middle class and poor think they own is up for grabs due to our loss of economic power.

Having lost the power- One way is in the form of the jobs which are already being traded away so will go the ability to hold on to any kind of property or right. Why should we continue living in this valuable country, when others have more money? Why should millions of families remain in cities when they are too poor to stay there except for a subsidy which was created so they continue to do jobs they wont be doing any more because of automation or outsourcing.

Also, to save them from energy inefficient old housing. Of course.

We’re ruled by a cult, to whom nothing is sacred except the market and money.

We need to realize the world people visualize as right around the corner was invoked for the worst of reason unless we make it happen which wont happen as long as we are deceived by this scam. Why not call these crooks out and make them explain why they traded our rights away? Our jobs away, our ability to vote for policy away. Thats why they are lying to us to prevent our ever challenging them on these easy to establish facts. The stakes are to huigh to let lyiars continue to lie until the knock of the sherrif is at the door. You just tell your Bernie story to him.

Bernie hased his dream on truth but he pretended it was still 199o before the WTO- with the goal of letting that future he evoked from ever happening.
Thats the only possible explanation that exists now, since his pivot. Bernie Sanders was the Pied Piper candidate.

Neoliberalism is a cult.

It cannot see a world where anything is free, except in the sense of wealth for the taking by it. We are its property it thinks, a market- and everything about it or in it feels it has the right to sell. Biden wants people to think he cares so he can keep his eye on us. But the fact is, our future is being traded away to other oligarchs. They on paper now have what they consider to be legal title to that future.

face that reality. I have discussions of things like small medium size enterprises that make it clear that whatever promises made to large historically disadvantaged groups are now intended to be ended. Those kinds of preferences are now intended to go to Least Developed Countries. We’re too rich to be helped under WTO law. Ask our oligarchs and politicians in public, see what they say, they will evade the questions. We need to ake them deny it in public to show what a huge fraud they are participating in at our expensse. Silence means you are agreeing to be stolen from.
This is a huge struggle literally the entire lives of the younger generation is being traded away. Do we want them and ourselves to end our lives iving in a cardboard box? A wet and moldy one. Seriously.

How do you think other countries would see the US if it didnt follow its own rules for them.

It traded away young peoples futures because its uncomfortable with their expectations. Its rpudiating them. Silemce is acceptance.

Why do you think Trump and Biden are both so bad? This is collusion and its a trick. They have graphed everything out and simulated everything out. This is not real people here, real people with morals and compassion, no its a bisiness and we’re the tenants or indigenous people being pushed out and dumped in some dung heap somewhare. We are just too blind to see the truth. Its understandable, it should terrify us.

the system needs to make an example of usto show how it gives no slack to us just because we’re Americans. We absolutely cannot get any special treatment, then the system, which is managed by fear, would fall apart.

It like all such cults is centered around itself. It doesnt tolerate anything that stands in its way, it is the future, present and past, the beginning and the end, now and for ever.

The system that they insist doesnt merely not need reform, it is tthe only future possible. In the world there is only us, and the soon to be us. Thats how power often thinks.

Clearly, people don’t understand cults, especially not the one that rules this planet (or wishes it did) Even if it is in decline, (especially if it is) its nothing if not inflexible. the kind of future Bernie Sanders seemed to be promising appears to have been a trick to get us to let our guard down. And make people think they got a fair shake before they lost. Due process.

People need to be rooted on fact. Anything else is more disinformation. Talk is not cheap its EXTREMELY expensive when whats required is REAL democracy, something we have not had in a long time. All these deregulations lock in thats international law, we ignore that at our peril.

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As an old retiarded geezer with a bad heart and 30+ year history of chemo for lymphoma I must confess to not having as much energy as I did four years ago when I went door-to-door for Bernie, but I still donate a little of my meager fixed income to those candidates whom I trust — Adam and Jeff and Sherrod, et al.  And I’m working on a sarcastic ditty for every Mariachi band in the country to play as loud as possible, over and over and over – like El Degüello – to drown out El Pinché Moro during the 'Pooplikens convention and all subsequent campaign events.*  (Try a CD search for “Pinche Moro” using the magnifying glass (above, right).)   I am also working on a translation for friends in a German “Oompah” band, but all I’ve got so far is the first stanza of the first verse:

    Das Üngeziefer,  Das Üngeziefer, Es ist Ganz und Gar Verücht . . .

*  “Pinché Moro” is, per my good friend and neighbor Félix, a contemporary slang translation of Rex Tillerson’s com­mendably accurate description of Donald J. Trump of roughly three years previous.

Yes, and I must run the mile in under 3:49.9.

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If we and the Russians and the Chinese do not drastically decrease our militaries, you can kiss the planet goodbye.

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I doubt fossil fuel firms owners care whether fossil fuel is left in the ground or dug up and burned as long as they get paid generously for it. Maybe of the big green non-profit organizations could be persuaded to run a big campaign to buy lots of fossil fuel for the purpose of keeping it in the ground.

No, if we do not stop pandering to the colonizers and looters then we will continue on the road to oblivion. We need to stop them, not pay them off.

Those are great business opportunities. I’m sure Trump would be all over that if he wasn’t President. He’s probably cursing his bad luck (/sarcasm)

They can condemn all the flooded neighborhoods and give them to lsrge real estate developers like Trump through eminent domain. Whoever can increase the tax base the most.

Pay the survivors the worth of their sodden, moldy, flooded houses which is probably pennies on the dollar. “That would save them the expense of demolition”.

“To be rich is glorious”

Don’t waste your time enumerating anything, The one thing they all count on is the gullibility of the public. As far as they are concerned we’re trapped. And its true. Literally every movement politicians make draws the noose around the remaining policy space tigther.