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Biden Must Follow Through With Promise to Restore Asylum

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/12/biden-must-follow-through-promise-restore-asylum

As if that is going to happen. Does anyone really believe that MAGA and all that shit was a one time, isolated thing? There is a method to that madness. Don’t expect major policy changes from the Biden administration. Joe said it himself…

Immigration should be for refugees and people fleeing dictatorships, not as a tool for importing a new kind of near slaves so temporary staffing companies can make huge profits by outsourcing once public jobs.

But that’s a real danger. One nobody is talking about because of the huge profits involved.

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A BIG policy change is coming. You can basically bet on it. We’re being set up.


Also, I think we should realize that we have a whole nation of people who are soon going to be internal refugees. Because of evictions.

They are the people we owe help to the most. Instead, people in Washington are doing everything EXCEPT deal with the immediate problem, poverty. It would be great if they cared about immigrants. But they don’t, they care about the wealthy who they can get to invest here, and they want to torpedo rising wages. They want to weaponize the movement of disempowered natural persons in order to make the world’s economy more M or U shaped distribution. More unequal. Hollowing out the middle class.

The bottom line we are an enormous country which could and should hold more people, especially those who really need a place to come to. but they are trying to weaponize temporary migration, a scheme that has a very real risk of undermining all recent immigrants as well as all Americans economically, on a massive scale. Basically the reason they want to keep out the traditional immigrants is they want every body that comes here to be somebody willing to work for a fraction of what they are likely worth, in order to make them richer. In an exploitative relationship. Its called “movement of natural persons” or mode four.

This system is being manipulated by Silicon Valley tech firms and their counterparts at huge “body shop firms” who want to make temping over international borders the dominant kind of work. They basically want to give up on investing in our own country and for us instead to switch to temporary high skill labor which a radical neoliberal sect and the oligarchs who run international- especially Indian firms have convinced them is cheaper and better. They also want to vastly increase the amount of work that is done remotely, over the internet by people working in firms that literally run on US time on the other side of the world. (This is unhealthy and has been shown to disrupt the immune system. It also leaves children virtually without parents if their parents must work at night)

We’re like children being kept in the dark and manipulated by politicians who are making enormous misrepresentations. Huge lobbies are pulling at peoples heartstrings, trying to draw us into decisions based on our generally positive opinions on immigrants and refugees, that are actually intended to help this scheme to basically bring in or bring back a form of indentured servitude, with a modern face.

Big think tanks - with global agendas, like the Council on Foreign Relations, are involved. The thing that people don’t realize is this isnt a proposal for the future, our politicians have already agreed to trade potentially millions of jobs away without asking us first.

Common Dreams writers: give immigration a rest. Unless you are willing to talk about the whole complex of systemic factors that are driving millions of people out of their homes – US agribusiness dumping corn and rice in Global South markets, US-supported vicious dictatorships in Central and South America, US-enabled arms flows to Mexico and elsewhere, US-enabled climate change, the absence of a Green jobs-oriented economy here in the US, GETTING RID OF OUR CORPORATE DICTATOSHIP – all of which should be the very top priorities of the Biden administration, please DON’T write more fluff pieces about asylum.

Then there is approximately 3,2 million people that would need asylum services that we currently don’t have, not even enough immigration judges to process applicants. They are using lawyers as judges that have little experience in asylum cases. They are years behind in processing claims. So, I believe Biden will make it a priority, but he is not a magician.

Isn’t there some way we could set up a living situation here in the US for families fleeing threats to their lives? It would not have to be expensive. Just a functional way we could give people awaiting a decision a temporary home, not a place where they are treated like criminals, kids could go to school and families could stay together and get basic food. They could have access to computers and legal help. Not a prison. Not a concentration camp.