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Biden Must Listen to the Demands of the Left

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/14/biden-must-listen-demands-left

I’d think that if the Berniecrats had any power, they’d at least have gotten a progressive Democratic Party platform, since it’s routinely honored in the breach. But the platform is pretty much as backward-looking and inspiration-free as always.

No Medicare for All. A $15/hour minimum wage but zero mention of a living wage or a guaranteed minimum income.

They say “Democrats will reform the tax code to be more progressive and equitable…” Currently, taxes are no longer progressive at all, so I’m thinking making them “more progressive” may mean making them less, but still, regressive. They do say “We will make sure the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.” But what does that mean, exactly? The word “billionaire” was conspicuously absent as was the term “wealth tax.”

For the rest of the world, “Democrats believe our military is—and must be—the most effective fighting force in the world.” Although “peace” is mentioned a few times, “world peace” isn’t. “Peace” is always in the context of our allies vs. our permanent enemies. They don’t propose to reduce military spending, rather “…we need to…rationalize our defense budget, invest in the forces and technologies of the future,” whatever that means – cyberwarfare maybe. Political sabotage a la Cambridge Analytica? Smarter hell-fire drones? Targeted biotoxins? No new nukes, but “Democrats believe that the sole purpose of our nuclear arsenal should be to deter—and, if necessary, retaliate against—a nuclear attack, and we will work to put that belief into practice, in consultation with our allies and military. We will work to maintain a strong, credible deterrent while reducing our overreliance and excessive expenditure on nuclear weapons.”

Re Israel: “Our commitment to Israel’s security, its qualitative military edge, its right to defend itself, and the 2016 Memorandum of Understanding is ironclad.” Then the platform says “Democrats recognize the worth of every Israeli and every Palestinian.” Worth, what, 10 to 1? And it even accepts that “Jerusalem … should remain the capital of Israel,” backing Trump’s reversal of decades of US policy. And the usual palaver about bringing “an end to the conflict” and backing a “two-state solution” that is totally unviable thanks to the bipartisan accedence to Israel’s illegal West Bank land grabs. And, apparently, a return to the status quo ante for foreign aid, i.e., keeping Israel the #1 recipient whatever it does. No hint that we could use the power of our $3 billion/year in aid to pressure Israel to shape up.

I’m happy that The Squad has prevailed and has added some new members. But I’m afraid they’re still outgunned by The Establishment (“moderate” corporate pro-empire Democrats), and The Crazies (most Republican representatives).


Democrats do need to bring back many voters who had been life long dependable supporters.
Ohio is an example.There are two counties north of Dayton that are Catholic and usually evenly
divided dem/rep. In 2016, dems pushed abortion, trans and deplorable which led to their disdain and even loathing for Hillary.

The platform sucks, as always. Look at the stalwart writers and supporters = Chris Dodd, Summers, Emanuel, etc. Are these hacks coming back in Biden’s administration ??

NOTE: democrat perogi progressives (progs) are being moved into NYC as I write. I do fear they will be laid off in October and stranded with high rent payments and little income. This also diminishes their contact ability to swing the pendulum toward the left. Suggest it will be a miracle to get to center point if Biden wins.

The polls at RealClearPolitics, state by state, are not strong enough for Biden to go pinko commie (like me). Independent voters and our young people becoming interested and active is the key to victory. The daily MSNBC song about lady black voters carrying the party to total victory is questionable. The southeast states belong to trump. The midwest including Pennsylvania. is too close.

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I empathize with Hardy’s cause here, but from Biden’s point of view, Hardy is just dead wrong. and those of us on the left need to know this. Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders both listened to the left, Gabbard was blocked from debate after tearing up all opposition in the first. Sanders was barred from nomination by electronic miscount and media collusion with DNC-coordinated opposition.

None of this was accidental; all of the people and institutions involved are still in place. Most or all of them will remain involved through November, most likely. But it might not be equally easy to manipulate a national election so extremely, and Biden is surely likely to lose.

The larger problem is that loss in November is largely beside the point for Biden. Democratic leaders may or may not dislike Trump personally, but they do not have a lot of differences from him in terms of policy. Their more pressing concern is to maintain control of the Democratic Party within the neoconservative contingent–the corporatists, the hawks, the Clintons, the blue dogs, the “Reagan Democrats.” This remains pressing because the popular vote is forever left of the Democratic Party as well as the Republican, and this is even truer among Democratic voters.

For very extensive reasons personal and public, Biden or Harris would gladly lose the election to avoid losing control over the party. Anything approaching an honest administration would bring a rain of prosecutions, among other things. Neither party nor their funders will have it.


I am not at all sure the election is even going to be fair this year, or whether it’ll even happen. If it does happen and Trump loses, he will try to hold onto power. If he wins that power struggle, there won’t ever be another election. If he wins the election, there also won’t ever be another election. But do go on about how “Lesser of Two Evils” voting is the biggest concern right now. It sounds more canned even than Biden’s bullshit.

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Radio news today.
Indiana rejected mail in voting.

Veterans have their medicines delivered by mail.
They do arrive sometimes late many months.
There are not a few days extra provided for the delayed delivery.
We can add the expected veterans casualties to our unnecessary corona19 death march.

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Harris is a net negative for the already horrific ticket and platform.

Maybe AOC’s “gone in 60 seconds” tik-tok soliloquy will tip the balance for me.

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I agree with @Kaylie, this writer is deluded.

“The democratic nominee needs to embrace progressive policies, or risk losing to Trump in November.”

You must be kidding, if the dem party cared about winning in November, they wouldn’t have anointed DINO Biden in the first place. EIM4A, and the legalization of marijuana both poll as super majorities with the dem voters, and majorities across the entire political spectrum, meaning very safe policies that would draw droves of voters away from Trump and the gop in down ballot elections. But that’s a bridge to far for the dems. This could be the greatest landslide election in this countries history. No, they don’t want to win.


The Democratic Party evidently prefers Trump over Sanders or Warren.


For the last 40 yrs biden has been a corporate tool and will continue to be just that.

For a few months before Nov. elections he will say anything to get elected , then he will devolve back into a GOP corporate operative…

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Some of us talked about that months ago, but their (dem party) actions are proving it right before our eyes. The two issues brought up in the above post are so easy and safe politically, it’s ridiculous for them not to adopt them, even for Biden/Harris.


Biden doesn’t need to do more than lip service. Both he and his pick obviously suck big time, but here is no rational alternative. The D’s grease the skids for fascism while Trump and what has become his personal party embody fascism. Pretending otherwise is simply fantasy. Which do YOU prefer? Would you have wanted Hitler’s Nazi party or a continuation of the Weimar Republic? Some lefties need to pull their heads out of their butts.

Just dang hard to disagree, Kaylie.



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Yeah, always go with the fascist, none of that cheap moderation and decorum to hide behind.
“Progressives for Trump!”

There’s a motto for your fantasy party.

Actually, the Democratic Party claims to be a private club that answers to nobody and which can do whatever it wants.

So Biden can do whatever he wants if its consistent to what this shadowy, unaccountable organization wants.

Thanks for reminding me - I plan to deregister from the party I have been in all my life. Ive had enough of this.

I will probably still vote for Democrats exclusively but I’m not going to vote for Biden, no more Molester in Chiefs for me.

Sanders would have been a threat had he actually told people the truth, that the platform they wanted to vote for had been captured by a trade agreement signed during the Clinton Administration so the entire idea of democracy and voting for a candidate which could change things was no longer possible unless we left this agreement and other similar agreements. America is trapped in what is called a Golden Straitjacket that precludes any actual democracy now.Sanders therefore has to be part of the cover up of this theft, not a genuine candidate.

If he actually had any intention of fixing this they would likely kill him. The same goes for all of them.

A genuine candidate really wouldnt be possible under the current system, this video explains why at approximately 5:55 .


Note what is said about the impossibility of government compromising over something, when everything has to be minimally trade restrictive.

Also the video is expert legal testimony to the California Legislature by Professor Stumberg who is the director of a trade program part of Georgetown University in the nation’s capital. Its a lot of information very well presented in a short time.


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Actually, thats not true at all, real fasicts are masters of deception. You wont even know who is really in charge because the government you think is in charge is actually afront, with no real power…

For example, the United States is like that, having set up an entirely new global governance organizations that handle all the things that involve money and leaving the political to figureheads who compete in elections but who are actually stripped of all real power.

All totalitarian governments do this, kts actually a diagnoistic sign of the situation.

You can read a good if old description of what I am talking about in Hannah Arendt’s “The Origis of Totalitarianism” in the chapter Totalitarianism in Power. (llok it up its available online in PDF form, its an incredible book, and much of it holds true for all totalitarian regimes, even modern ones) She describes it as being a tremendous waste of resources because multiple redundant governments are set up, with redundant offices. With the citizens often totally unaware that power is shifted they remain knocking on the wrong doors, to the old government. A promotion to the old government may even represent a demotion in the actual secret government, or similar.

Yeah, I’m sure the Jews in Germany felt a whole lot better knowing where they stood with Adolf vs the loathed Weimar govt. LOL Your “argument” is pure drivel. Your equating Pelosi et al with Trump is simply nonsense. If Trump is able to secure the power he craves in a second term, there will be little, if any, chance to “make this country a better place”. The Dem leadership may be a form of scum, but at least with them in power there’s a bit more time, and a chance, not so with Trump. But if as you say, the Dems across the board really are as bad as Trump & company, then there really is zero hope, stick a fork in it. They have the police, para-military and the military while you have… your keyboard. Good luck with that!

I know for a fact that many of these infotainment organizations are fake and in on the cover up, by the way. because they propagate the disinformation even when presented with proof its false they ignore it.

What has happened is its all fake, and leads nowhere. Even the allegedly good guys are giving us very bad advice. And wont correct it even when they are told and shown its wrong.

the only way to fix this is to call them all out, especially the fake good ones, and present people with the facts, and let the chips fall where they will. They wont allow the truth to be shared on blogs or in private conversations, obviously, or people would have contacted media so I have to face that further mischief is afoot. Whats happening is multiple layers of fakeness, like an onion with absolutely nothing now that isnt fake in some manner. Most people arent aware of the problems cause they might have a git feeling thats something is wrong. This situation was described by Hannah Arendt in her book Origins of Totalitarianism, and its a diagnostic sign of totalitarianism.

Blogs like this one that present the slightly truer but still very fake fake view on things if they actually cared about whats right and whats wrong and fixing things would after having been told would then start telling the truth, but as they dont seem to be, one can only come to a bad conclusion. a world where nobody will understand what has happened or why, where everybody has been set against everybody else by lie after endless lies, all in order to effectuate a huge theft of the entire world from uits people by corporations in order to prevent our coming with the coming world of automation.

And probably a genocide in the near future, because they wont need anywhere near as many people. Huge losses in lives inded were predicted by the Club of Rome.

The challenges presented to government and the need for a sane adaption have been discussed for a long time, see for example, ~http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=

However what we are getting is the opposite of what we need, its a huge global land grab and policy grab thats intended to strip away democracy so people cant vote to fix anything and democracy is nonexistent except in a parody form like we see today.

We’re literally being led into a mine field of traps that will strip us of everything people care about and leave millions homeless with no hope of ever getting jobs or homes or even a warm place to be again, a world where simply walking down streets or getting a drink of water from a prepay water fountain will involve micropayments debited from a phone. Because of the payment aspect every movement people make, including their heartbeats will be recorded, in the case of heartbeats, to price health insurance, but it will also record the location to around a two centimeter accuracy that is much more accurate in a relative measurement enough - to basically millimeter level precision to extract the heart rate. So anybody you are close to if you are outdoors will be recorded accurately enough to tell if you were within speaking distance or close enough to touch. inside of metal buildings or vehicles or especially subway tunnels however there wont be any data or the data will be extremely inaccurate.