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Biden Must Listen to the Demands of the Left

I’m not telling anyone what’s good for them, there are no “good” answers, only the ‘lesser of two evils’ as always. I deal with reality and let others do the dreaming.

"But Pelosi is his enabler, which is just as bad. "

Bullshit. If I as a parent raise a monster, I may be a bad parent but the monster’s threat to society is real and imminent. Dealing with the monster is the immediate crisis to be dealt with. You can deal with the bad parent afterwards. This ain’t rocket science folks.

Not working/voting to rid the country of the monster at hand and whining about the lack of a functiional opposition party(which you’ve had decades to create) is no less “enabling” than those you are railing against. This is a failure of we the citizenry as much as anything.

I’m not going to spend any more time debating what should IMO be obvious to anyone paying attention. And I don’t waste my time blaming people(doesn’t change anything) for their choices, it is what it is, and you live with the results that come.

“There are no good choices here.”

No shit, I think I’ve said that. Unless you “stay home”, then you’ve made the “good choice”. And every election cycle you get to trot out the same fine whine.

"A NO vote for Biden is just that, a NO vote for Biden… "

There isn’t a YES/NO option voting for presidential candidates, you check the box for your selection, write one it or leave it blank. Unless of course your living in an alternative universe. LOL

“…living in some fantasy world…”

Now THAT I understood! The rest meh, mostly a lot of pablum.

Enjoy your world, or perhaps more accurately “alternate universe”.

Flogger out.

We should arrest them all for committing such a serious crime against humanity. Because they clearly are a criminal conspiracy just like the ones detailed at Nizkor dot org.

(A million poor Americans have been killed by our rigged health care system, which not even bernie will admit was rigged, with the result that his advice now would trigger a total disaster, as would biden simply expanding Medicare to b just two years longer than Social Security, even if it was just one second longer we would lose it because thats forbidden. because Bernie didnt win and he wasnt honest at the beginning, he neglected to tell us about GATS and hoping against hope people didnt call him out on his neglect of this all important fact that they had traded the right to control our own healthcare away to the WTO, hoping to globalize it turning the jobs into bargaining chips in the great global game cough

Lets face the truth, there are no lesser of two evils in the candidates are all part of the same gang. This is like the old shell game, where people have to keep their eyes on the bean but by sleight of hand they steal your money again and again. the biggest mistake you can make is to fall for the lie and bet your money, when the game is totally rigged.

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Nominating Biden will kill the Democratic Party and likely Democracy as well, We must dump him for proposeing something making Medicare violate the WTO rules that allows itto exist, its a dirty trick to play on a countty thats deliberately been kept in the dark, in an artificially ignorant infantile state, by the most complicated and visious con game in history.

By smiling and doing this, he is guilty of such an extreme dishonesty he should be disqualified from running.

Ask any expert on the WTO financial services who isnt a crook, or even just read the Annex on Financial Services and Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services and whats been written about it.

the biggest lie is not telling the country they traded it away for 25 years while a million poor people died and literally hundreds of thousands of us trued to pass single payer going up countless dead ends while the chilling effects of this back room deal rendered all that effort not only totally ineffectual, literally a million, possibly even two million poor people died before their time.

Biden is trying to have us lose medicare by deliberately breaking Medicare and Social Security’s exemption from rules requiring they be monetized and privatized.

This is some background, some legal context:





Here is what Maine found out, in 2006. this is research done for them by experts at Georgetown University.


The thing I’m trying to explain is that they dont have the power to do anything we want, (Domestic regulation by either party) the result is it will look like the GOP is always winning as long as the GOP always wants deregulation, which is effectively corporations always win the outcome thats best for them. Well kind of like that. In emergencies there might be a temporary improvement like the ACA that is limited to a minimal scope and a minimal period of time, But generally the real power has been taken away, moved elsewhere, in what is sometimes called a golden straitjacket in that its done to make corporations richer, in a competive environment where money might go elsewhere unless it gets what it wants which is always less regulation.

its rigged to be a one way ratchet, kind of like a noose that only gets tighter never looser the more we struggle, the more we’ll lose because its rigged to make things worse and worse. We should realize this, if we dont well lose what little we have including jobs, homes, money, really everything people have of value can be taken to make business more profitable, even rights or expectaions people didnt realize were on the table. When I talked about totalitaranism what I am describing is this systam that now is basically two governments the fake one we still think is in charge and the real one as far as economic things which is rooted in so called eonomic governance organizations, like the WTO. They might have the power to change the things we need changed, but it should e clear that neither Trump nor Biden nor bernie has them - they just are pretending they can fix these things without leaving the GATS) to get our votes and string us along forever. they arent going to say, sorry, we no longer can do that vote getting thing like making healthcare affordable, because we gave it as an entitlement to businessess to sell and to other countries to take your jobs. People wouldnt vote for them if we didnt think they could or would help, but the truth is they can and will only make things worse at this point, unless they tell us the truth and do it and I think the chance is literally zero any will.

The “not more burdensome than necessary” rationale is described at 5:55 here ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY2tUTA4mzM

The video description is very well done and crams a LOT of generally useful information into 7 minuties, its all applicable to most of the issues we care about, including health insurance with the caveat that being a financial service a bunch of even more stringent rules apply, like the infamous standstill, etc.
The US is pushing even more extreme trade agreements than the WTO has, they basically operate in total silence to click in and lock down policy without anything needing to be done at all, a country is trapped… This is discussed in this Democracy Now segment
See ~https://www.democracynow.org/2014/6/20/a_plan_only_banksters_will_love

(remember health insurance, Social Security and Medicare are all slso FS’s so they are subject to all this, quite rigidly, including the looking back to very old dates for the “ceiling” on regulation, a thing thats is proving to be very toxic to politician honesty this political season because of the fact that because of standstill, there almost certainly is a literal time limit on the ACA, and we are bound by our own official state ideology/religion to roll back health insurance regulation to its state in 1998, because it was more profitable then and the changes that were added in the ACA were all costly to business, and also held back the planned globalization of multiple sectors, keeping millions of jobs to be done, profitably by US businesses and workers. this is why we’re being accused of protectionism, because we promised to open all these service sectors to foreign competition.

All of this is something I dont expect any of them to be willing to discuss honestly, ever because its the oposite of what people think.
But we have to to prevent the biggest train crsh imaginable, if Biden tries to expand Medicare without leaving GATS first he’ll basically give countries like India a hook to demand it be privatized, which of course wall street and our crooked Wall Street and drug and insurance industry owned legislators would be overjoyed to see, taking a lot of responsibility off their shoulders and handing it back to people who at the same time are losing their jobs their homes, etc.

Which reminds me… see ~https://therealnews.com/stories/who-is-fighting-war-against-cash-visa-mastercard-bill-gates

Does Health Insurance Impede Trade In Healthcare Services

Arrest by whom? Some ‘peoples army’ to be tried in a mythical ‘peoples court’!? Why not just call for aliens( the outer space type) to come save us? Magical thinking really does work…not.

“Lets face the truth…”

Sure, start talking some and I’ll listen.

You really should read up on fascism/authoritarianism. Or just read some Chomsky(he sees Trump for the mortal threat he is), Arentd et al, they inform on it vastly better then I ever could. Now if afterwards you still don’t think Trump embodies those scourges then there’s really no hope for you(unless those aliens show up).


First let me respond to what you said…

Read Arendt on duplication of offices and the onion skinned nature of totalitarianism, it precisely describes the relation of our national government (old) to WTO (new and having been entrusted with the actual power in key areas, while we’re kept unaware of the shift

OUR POLITICIANS ARE STILL DANGEOUS BECAUSE THEY CAN ONLY ALIENATE OUR RIGHTS, and unless they leave the GATS they should promise to do nothing until they do. Because its a trap…

I think the description of this particular trait of totalitarian governments is on approximately page 413, near the top,

This is what totalitarian really looks like my friend. A million Americans have died because of this big lie, at least. We’re having our lives wasted and its going to get much worse, not better we need to wise up now.

lets pretend this is an intelligence test.


Read the top of this important document,

(The Annex on Financial Services ~https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/serv_e/10-anfin_e.htm ) it will tell you this in black and white, can you please acknowledge that you read it?

  1. Scope and Definition

(a) This Annex applies to measures affecting the supply of financial services. Reference to the supply of a financial service in this Annex shall mean the supply of a service as defined in paragraph 2 of Article I of the Agreement.

(b) For the purposes of subparagraph 3(b) of Article I of the Agreement, “services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority” means the following:

(i) activities conducted by a central bank or monetary authority or by any other public entity in pursuit of monetary or exchange rate policies;

(ii) activities forming part of a statutory system of social security or public retirement plans; and


(iii) other activities conducted by a public entity for the account or with the guarantee or using the financial resources of the Government.

"(c ) For the purposes of subparagraph 3(b) of Article I of the Agreement, if a Member allows any of the activities referred to in subparagraphs (b) (ii) or (b) (iii) of this paragraph to be conducted by its financial service suppliers in competition with a public entity or a financial service supplier, “services” shall include such activities.

(d) Subparagraph 3© of Article I of the Agreement shall not apply to services covered by this Annex."

----- You have to understand what they are referring to here. You should refer to the links on this web page… That explain the sections above. I cant hyperlink references so this is a good alternative, a web page which contains a great deal on the two sections cited in that cryptic passage in the Annex.


If GATS applies to a service, it must be privatized bit by bit as GATS is an agreement to privatize all committed services irreversibly unless we buy our way out first, the longer we wait the more expensive it gets. its designed to become impossible to leave. We have created a new trade agreement, TISA, during the Administration where Biden was Vice president, so I dont think he can plead ignorance, nor can Ro Khanna or Bernie Sanders.

There it is, proof that Biden is trying to destroy Medicare by stealth. And he WILL succeed, unless we get out of GATS which will take an huge effort, we are walking ito a trap; We must not nominate Biden or any of the people who are concealing this.

There is more proof here, on Page 11



BY THE WAY, they are both the same gang of crooks, the two party thing is a part of the deception now. it should be clear from the fact that Biden is doing what the WTO the real authority with the power, explicitly says will destroy Medicares ability to be good, by destroying its narrow exclusion from GATS which is very easy, all it has to do is cover people who are not retured yet, because its defined as only covering people who are in the statutory system of social security…


Dont be pets or meat

they cant do what they tell us they can, for reasons explained very well by Ellen Gould - in this video…

(Watch it all but I am specifically referring to the part on Ulysses having himself tied to the mast)

All they can do is alienate our rights, not recover the ones they signed away, that is unless we leave it first. So for Biden to expand Medicare just a little bit more than Social Security, he’s deliberately destroying it by doing that and he knows it.

The Weimar government fell because of the Treaty of Versailles, you know. The worst deal imaginable forced on germany by the Allies in their attempt to take advantage of their victory and extract the most punitive terms…

Gats is kind of like that too because it is the victory document (or reprivatization agreement, in the spirit of the early 90s agreements which Eastern Eurpean countries were pushed int, many of them were really bad, you can learn about them by searching on IntraEUBITS

They were conned, badly…

GATS is quite similar, in its authors eyes it was intended to block all the things the oligarchs feared would be legislated eventually limiting their greediness, after all that is their entitlement being the ones with the capital.

To them good jobs and work life balance is anathema, a theft of their entitlement, their bread and butter…

This was being hidden in a low key way for a long time but the oligarchs made deals and they are under pressure to keep them, to stop dragging their feet in particular on the globalization of labor, after all the developing countries work so much cheaper they gain a legal entitlement to our jobs. If we have committed service sectors, and we have committed a lot of them.

GATS ina sense was an attempt to make the kind of social services created in thepostwar era in europe and the US nillegal and impossible to restoree once privatized, rolling back the clock to when being rish was literally being a god and being poor was being treated like property. Not that better than slavery, slaves being an investment who needed to be kept alive and healthy, under capitalism there has never been any such requirement, the market, supply and demand determines all prices. this is why neither trump of biden wants any kinds of what we think of as civilized behavior. Biden signals this in a coded manner, as shown by his proposing to expand medicare to just a few years more than Social Security, Oligarchs know that means kill it by stealth but nobody else seems to get this. (americans are known for being particularly unsppisticated financially making the country seemingly an ideal market for banks and financial services, but the rush expected of banks and insurers coming in to take advantage of the easy money as far as I can tell has not materialized… So our oligarchs feel they have to signify that they really meant it with the GATS, they ave toget going on all the things they promised their overseas pals. Like a pimp turning out some schoolage children, we are easy to fool, like taking candy from a baby…

GATS was a “reprivatization” or what is the term… Lustration" agreement, in a sense… let me leave you with that thought… Lustration agreement.

How could anybody suggest we needed any kind of reforms! They wuldnt think of it, Would Kim Jong Il be enthusiastic about proposals to reform his system? How about Stalin?

GATS is the law, much more so than anything we know of elsewhere. its in charge officially…

signifying the defat of communism and the carving of capitalism in stone forever as the only system in the world thats allowed by the international trading system in the future, any other kinds of approaches are barred by the GATS which prohibits any kind of favoritism preferring nonprofit. Or perferring ones own workers, if others are cheaper, or preferring your own corporations, that would be discrimination… Even laws against discrimination, pretty much all of them, have become forbidden disrimination!

So right there all the things we want the government to do or contine to do or especially go back to doing once they have stopped even for only a short time, are forbidden,

For a bunch of different reasons that eventually one realizes have a internal consistency thats the backward doppelganger or evil twin of the things that most people want.

the opposite of all thats good, basically.

So basically all compsssionate activities of government are barred, because none of them are based on profit exclusively, and we agreed that everything would be except under the narrowest possible conditions, certinly nothing like wahat people think politicians “might” do, THEY WONT.
Which made it absolutely impossible for people to survive because it left the people with nothing, people were eating other peoples pets, people were starving because of the backroom deal the oligarchs met to save their hierarchy.

Hiter originated from a particular combination of American pseudoscientific crap eugenics and US oligarchs FUNDING, they wanted germany to be their experiment. Were it not for America Hitler would never have happened.

now Theyre baack.

Recognize what totalitarianism is, for one thing it couldnt tell the truth if its life depended on it.

its lies have a particular quality, that of an extrinsic fraud.

Read nizkor dot org, there is a lot there about the Nazi (NASDP) criminal conspiracy (unfortunately not as much as there used to be) Also tons and tons or archived material still remains undigitized.

@Kaylie @CommonDreams

Or if you live in Maine which I believe is going through with RCV for president meaning you can vote Green 1, Libertarian 2, Democrat 3.

Thank you Maine for demonstrating sanity is possible.

First of all, it’s GATTS, not GATS unless your referring to something else entirely. Look dude, it’s obvious you’ve read a lot of stuff and I’m not going to debate you on the rather rambling laundry list you’ve compiled.

So here’s what I would say to all you ‘Bernie or Busters’ who can recite from memory the litany of Dem evils( and they are legion) but don’t seem to get that you can play the “we’ll hold our breaths till they give in to our demands” game till you pass out, but it will make marginal, if any, difference to the behavior of the party. It’s already a given that the party leadership will happily take losses in elections before loss of control(of the party). Why should they do otherwise? I mean their bankrolled by the corporatocracy and have all the perks and power anyone could want. It is a rigged game, but it really is the only game in town.
Now if you think Bernie was roughed up, try to picture what would happen to ANY third party that threatened the duopolies game. You would see comity between them like you’ve never seen as they fell with glee on that hapless upstart like stink on shit. Won’t happen. These guys write the rules and they control the mammon and the state’s power. They’re professionals at it, where the Greens and Libertarians are well-meaning amateurs, no contest. Why do you think Bernie rejected joining a third party? It wasn’t only because he wanted to keep his cushy job, which of course entered into his thinking ( duh ). It was also that he could readily see it would have been a quixotic quest that would have accomplished zip outside of giving Trump the WH again. Third parties(in this country anyway) are where movements go to die.They simply do. And to believe otherwise, is to practice magical thinking on a delusional scale.

If you still don’t believe me, you make your own proof for that when you rather hamhandedly equate the level of evil of the Dems with the level of evil of Trump & company. Evil entities brook no rivals, it’s winner take all. Your only option is revolution and you’ll lose, massively. So, either you nibble at the margins that present themselves or you go home and wait for a collapse that may or may not come some day. That simple. Now if you think a truly fascist authoritarian govt is preferable(or even worth risking) to a quasi democratic government then there’s nothing more to say, we simply disagree.

If it survives the court challenge.

The headline in the Bethel Citizen says the judge threw out the latest challenge (but I’m not a subscriber so I can’t actually read the piece). I hope we get to see results. I’m very curious if there will be more votes with third party at the top of the ballot than compared to ballots in previous elections with third party as the only choice made.

Is this a joke?

Seriously, you have no clue. Everything you are assuming about the situation is wrong. You want some truth?

Read the text of the top portion of the Annex that I provided you earlier,


and look up what the words mean, if you spend a few quality hours, because it will take you at least that to figure out how it interacts, you’ll see that Biden’s core proposal actually DESTROYS Medicare.

Also, that after Bernie was no longer running, that his advice becamse very very bad advice. Which would also do the opposite of what people want, permanently.

If that isnt a very fucked up situation to you, I dont know what to say. I wont waste my time arguing with you.

What I am saying is if you are really a Democrat, you should want these dishonest creepy people out of the party immediately because they are committing treason. They are colluding between them to steal the entire country from we the people of both parties.

So what if what I have been telling you seems to be going completely over your head, or mif maybe you are a sock puppet, (one can always recognize them for this quality, of not being able to add 2+2 together to get 4, and always changing the subject )

One would almost think that these sock puppets owned the blogosphere now.

just saying.

The truth will come out.

General Agreement on Trade in Services is the services part of the World Trade Organization.

the new trade agreement which was pushed by the Obama Biden Administration, the one thats even worse was the Trade in Services Agreement.


just so we’re on the same page.

“f you spend a few quality hours, because it will take you at least that to figure out how it interacts, you’ll see that Biden’s core proposal actually DESTROYS Medicare.”

None of which contradicts anything I wrote.

"If that isnt a very fucked up situation to you, I dont know what to say. "

Exactly what I have said.

“The truth will come out.”

News flash, the truth has already been out for a long time. It hasn’t made much difference to this point. But keep blaring your trumpet I’m sure you’ll get lots of attention.

“What I am saying is if you are really a Democrat”

Not a Dem, unaffilitated.

“…you should want these dishonest creepy people out of the party immediately because they are committing treason.”

Why not just wave your magic wand to make them go away. Oh wait, maybe they be replaced by more dishonest, creepy people.

“I wont waste my time arguing with you.”

Probably best, I feel the same way regarding you.

Thanks for the clarification. We’re not on the same page, not even in the same book it appears but it’s nice to have a common reference as to acronyms anyway.

Well-put. Thanks.

Dani Rodrik wrote a few years ago about the inescapable political trilemma of the world economy.


It fully explains why democracy has been captured so rigidly.

Its not a new concept and indeed has been floating around for decades, (I remember discussing it in the early to mid 1990s) But it has become associated with Rodrik both because he articulates it very well and also because he seems to have been the first to write it up… (Hard to believe but as far as I can tell its true)

So mainstream economics frankly explains what is going on, not a conspiracy theory at all. In fact, there is even an explanation of it on the weforum (i.e Davos people) site. It doesnt get any more mainstream than that.