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'Biden Must Not Appoint a Single Corporate Lobbyist, Lawyer, or Executive' to Top Posts, Say Progressives. 'Not One.'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/biden-must-not-appoint-single-corporate-lobbyist-lawyer-or-executive-top-posts-say


has anyone around here seen his early picks and preferences? “not one”?

good lord, no wonder some of you people make rahm emmanuel laugh so hard

but yeah, keep doing that foot/fire thing. again…

Edit: Late breaking addition to the impending rogues gallery: Amy Klobocop appears headed for her payoff for the Great Primary Swindle as potential AG or Ag Sec.

Ferguson for treasury. There goes the keys to Wall St again.

Yeah, but “not one!” say the thoroughly pathetic eunuchs in the fake left.


You beat me to it. It’s truly shameful.


Well, people aren’t typing obvious things. They are letting Biden know what they expect, and if there is a leftist current challenging him on this, he will not be able to hide like Obama did. I fully expect him to name a total list of ghouls, corrupt hacks and frauds. He has already tapped Rahm Emanuel’s brother to head his COVID response team, a man that argued that people should die at 75. The point is to let him know about how delusional it is going to be to just accept appointing these same people.

More than anything, the left should do this to differentiate itself from Biden. If her governs as he promises and we think he will, he will be a disaster. That should have zero impact on the left. It may impact the Democrats broadly, but it shouldn’t impact the left.

He and people like Pelosi, however, have utterly disastrous impact on down ballot races.


Bu, bu, but the rich live in this reality:



The time for progressives to exact concessions from Biden was BEFORE the election. Now that they have no leverage they are making demands? Lol. Progressives in Congress are truly pathetic. One has to question whether they are truly as clueless as they seem or are part of the ruse to continue sheepdogging progressives into a party that is going to punch them in the face at every opportunity.


Biden does not require the support of the progressives. He has the Republicans to appeal to and at his Democratic nomination that priority was clearly seen with the number of Republican speakers and the time allotted to them.

But, yes, “We need a vision for the future” , however, to achieve it does mean a return to the past, to recall the demands of the Eugene Debs and Daniel De Leon, political thinkers that today’s DSA have forgotten all about.

Workers in the US require an independent workers’ movement.

In my own small way i have raised a speculative agenda for the way forward.



Obama promised not to do that, and that lasted about a week after he took office. I think Larry Summers was first, then Rahm Emmanuel, and downhill after that. I actually believe he fully intended to keep his idealistic promises but was met by hard reality in the form of powerful interests, the same that sidelined Bernie. Biden won’t even bother trying.


Progressive congresspeople represent a much larger voting bloc of the public and thus wield greater power than their numbers in Congress would otherwise suggest. Their unwillingness to galvanize this strength to achieve progressive political ends and exact concessions from the establishment has been one of their greatest failures thus far.


This is an interesting framing that I don’t see often. So if at all possible, when failures happen, we want voters to not think “ok, the Ds failed, time to swing the pendulum back to the Rs - maybe they’ll be better without Trump”, but instead to think, “the Ds failed, but look at these areas (geographically or in small subset of issues) where progressives had successes - let’s shift to more progressive Ds (or even to third parties in cases where we have ranked voting)”.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do that? Geographically, we could point to places but that gets difficult when many issues need to have a significant national solution component which is likely to be missing. On an issue by issue basis, is there any issue where we are likely to get some progressive direction that stands apart from what I’m sure is going to be the neoliberal hell we are about to start. We may be going out of the fire and into the frying pan, when I’d prefer the cooling rack.

As an aside, sometimes it really helps me to see or hear people I consider very reasonable, but appear to be politically neutral and able to immediately pushback on claims by some on the left that were (or appear to be) simply knee jerk. In this morning’s case it was science write Laurie Garrett on Democracy Now (~https://www.democracynow.org/2020/11/10/laurie_garrett_coronavirus_pfizer_vaccine_news) saying how anyone claiming vaccines aren’t being tested on a full range of people with different ethnic backgrounds simply isn’t looking at that data. Somehow if we can get more people like her to comment positively on progressive solutions like M4A, I feel like that would help in moving the opinion swell which we absolutely have to move and soon.


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They were petrified of being blamed for a Biden loss like Nader, Stein, Bernie, Sarandon, etc., in prior elections. Better to help Biden win and then be blamed for the blue wave being a fart in the wind. Was their demand in a strongly worded letter? Susan Rice, Meg Whitman, other republicans / corporatists already floated; its unlikely that Biden will cross them off his wish list due to the progressive demands. They have less power to make demands than McConnell, who will get Biden to appoint people he approves of.


What’s shameful?! Biden for telling all the Kool-Aid drinkers exactly what he was going to do, and
then doing it? Its probably one of the few times in his personal and political history that he has
ever actually told the truth. Give the Dem his due here. Biden lies - no problem - engages in disgusting personal conduct - no problem - swears at ‘rallies of GIs and their families - threatens to beat people who challenge his views at rallies - does nothing to campaign and cares not that he does nothing, as the result is’preordained’ shall we say. ALL NO PROBLEM.

But he tells us what he will do ‘if elected’ - and then he goes right ahead and
does it - and doesn’t give a plug nickel (whatever that is)what any ordinary citizen thinks of him. He’s not
a leader and he’s not a doer of helpful things. He’s a corporate hack and has only one Master, whose last name is Card.

No one knew that better than Obummer, the guy who advised never to underestimate how badly Biden
can fXXX things up. And who then deliberatelty wrecked Sanders’ cast of thousands rallies and candidacy, stole everything from the ordinary folk and got together with Uncle Slyburn to foist Biden on
the peasants.

So to the Kool-aid consumers who bought the lies and were so addled they didn’t even believe it when the words came directly from Biden - YOU BROKE IT - YOU OWN IT NOW - and whatever the corporate hack does to further harm this country - that is 100% ON YOUR PLATE.


Funny, I’ve seen both Summers and Emmanuel named recently as possible appointees. Same shit, different day. Apparently, when you look at these guys results, failure is not a disqualifier.


About 100 years ago there was an American workers movement. It was called: THE WOBBILIES, but it was demonized as a treasonous organization with ties to the communists. Even so I agree we need a new version of the Wobbilies, WORKERS OF AMERICA UNITE!


That the situation exists is what’s shameful.


They need to lean into it and embrace it rather than run from it, otherwise they guarantee their irrelevance.


Oh, no, don’t say that. Didn’t take long for the darkness to start creeping back in, it seems. I’m sure their failures were someone else’s gains.

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It’s Pelosi. It’s always been Pelosi. Enemy of the people. Spews more shit than a Christmas turkey. Never once called out trump for being the treasonous bastard he is. Preening Nancy front and center for the cameras. No bigger Dino on the planet. An utterly worthless self-serving zero.


He will not abide a room full of strangers.

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