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Biden Must Retire the Illogical Great Power Competition Paradig

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/biden-must-retire-illogical-great-power-competition-paradig

At the moment Common Dreams is flooded with articles like this one. Biden must do this, Biden should do that, Biden ought to do this, that and the other. Biden doesn’t care what the people who write these articles think, any more than his corporate Democratic colleagues in his cabinet or Congress think of them. They will continue to serve the people who have paid them for their services in advance.

Want a progressive agenda? Find a better and more effective approach than these polite, well reasoned, righteous homilies that no one with the power to change things will listen to, especially the man to whom they are addressed.


This rhetorical must has acquired a tinny tone over the years, since pretty nearly none of these pols ever do what they “must” do.

No, the “great power competition paradigm,” or cold-war thinking, or great chessboard or whatever, along with the poverty and hierarchy to fuel it, have been Biden’s action throughout his career.These are points he sells to funders. He cannot back out of this, and he gives no sign at all that it would ever occur to him. When Libya becomes a smoking ruin, he is standing with the “We came, we saw, he died” crowd.

Well meaning authors wishing to avoid carnage should start working on other people, working over what we are to do when Biden invades the next country.

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First, I am ‘with’ Slugman’ and ‘bardamu’, with their comments. The article is good for a bit of ‘consciousness-raising’ about the rhetoric of “great power competition” (that means mostly military competition, for the U.S.). However, I am also in a small minority in this country (and world?) who deplores the whole concept of ‘competition’ between countries, in any way, shape, or form. ‘International competition’ is the construct and mind-set of anti-social personalities (who have managed to brainwash the rest of us with the ‘competition’ dogma), and … it is NUTS! We need ‘cooperation’ in all matters, in order to survive in the next few years (much less ‘thrive’).