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Biden Must Secure a 'Resounding' Victory to Ensure Trump Leaves the White House, President's Niece Says

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/17/biden-must-secure-resounding-victory-ensure-trump-leaves-white-house-presidents


In other words…2000 Election Redux. Same conditions-entitled scion of dynastic family, SCOTUS composed of their buds, governor of cliff-hanger state a brother of the candidate. Because Gore and We The People did NOT protest this corrupt outcome, because Gore didn’t stand up with the rest of his party and refuse to accept the election results, here we are.
Going back even further, we allowed Nixon to be pardoned by a non-elected President. The reasons I heard from GOP cultists was the country needed healing. Nothing about their favorite meme-Law and Order.
I volunteer to remove Trump from the White House if he loses but refuses to leave. I have a posse of elderly disabled folks who will surround him with their scooters and whack him with their canes, herding him out the door. His stuff? Sorry, dude, just like our family and friends did to us when we were forced to leave our homes, we’re keeping it.


make it all the more likely that her uncle, President Donald Trump, refuses to leave the White House.

Yeah Mary I agree, you know Trump better than most. Mary,you are a very brave woman and I am sure your Uncle is going insanely, ballistic since he could not stop your book from being published!!


If it were possible to rig an election, Trump would be the first one to do it. This is the message to pass.

That this idea is even a consideration shows how flawed our electoral system is. The Repugnants have and will be suppressing voter’s registrations, based on ethnicity and race; like children gobbling up candy. See Greg Palast’s work, his latest book has the ominous title of , “How Trump Stole the 2020 election”.

Naturally he and they will toss the results, unless he is clobbered and maybe even then, into our flawed judicial system. Remember he has now appointed 20 percent of sitting Federal judges.

True or not. many claim Trump rigged the election in 2016 since HRC had several million more votes, so this could and will be in my opinion, maybe the second rigged election.

Stephan: WELCOME TO COMMON DREAMS! Please help CD financially…thank you.Shanti

Now that SCOTUS legitimated a new poll tax for Florida felons who just won back their right to vote, consider the election rigged. Oh, and just in case people wise up quick and demand to vote by mail, disable the postal service. It also helps to “test market” your brownshirts (a.k.a. your mukhābarāt; your secret police), as in Portland, just to practice kidnapping citizens off the streets.

Without incisive monitoring by a neutral agency, the U.S. election can only be regarded as suspect. Just go down the list: Voter suppression? Check. Voter disenfranchisement? Check. Faulty voting hardware and software? Check. Pandemic? Check. Dark money? Check. Secret police? Check. Cyber-interference? Check. Meme-stream news? Check.

Oh, yeah. What could go wrong?


This trump family, minus Mary Trump but including Jared, makes the folks in Deliverence look good.


Thank you for bringing our CD community’s attention to the vital work of Mr. Palast! Over the last twenty years, at least, this BBC journalist has done more to expose voter disenfranchisement in the U.S. than any other reporter I can think of.

And what’s best is that he is a man of principle, rather than a partisan. Unlike most partisans, he actually cares about institutionalized, massive disenfranchisement of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, students, Asian Americans, and poor people.

He exposes the GOP’s and the Democrats’ voter suppression efforts, both aimed, primarily, at poor people of color: ~https://www.gregpalast.com/the-clintons-and-a-crime-far-worse-than-missing-emails-or-votes/

Also, his interview with Jordan Chariton is well worth a listen: ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3miskt9ssQk&t=78s

From that interview (Palast):

“The immediate issue here is a million black and brown and Asian-Americans losing their votes… In my book, ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,’ I also go after the Democrats. The difference is (and what’s sad is) it doesn’t matter whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, it’s always the same people – poor people, students, and others – who lose their vote, because almost all Democratic vote theft is not to steal elections from the Republicans, but to steal primaries…

“And as you saw, some of the worst cases of vote suppression, as they call it, I’ve ever seen was in California during the (2016) primary – California, it’s not Mississippi! But it was California, where I’ve actually never seen that many votes thrown away in any election in any state in America. The Democratic Party literally refused to count over one million ballots cast in that primary. And that’s why I question the victory of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.”


It’s totally possible, and it’s been done before: Bush in 2000, Clinton in 2016 (in the primary), as BBC journalist Greg Palast has reported: ~https://www.gregpalast.com/the-clintons-and-a-crime-far-worse-than-missing-emails-or-votes/

(And those are just two of the most egregious cases. I can think of a few more, at least: Brian Kemp’s “win” over Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s “win” over Tim Canova in Florida – one Republican, one Democrat – and, of course, there’s George W. Bush’s “win” over John Kerry, thanks to Diebold machines, in Ohio in 2004.)

A Harvard/University of Sydney study from 2016 found that U.S. elections are the most corrupt in the Western world – and much of the rest of the world: ~https://www.electoralintegrityproject.com/eip-blogs/2017/1/7/its-even-worse-than-the-news-about-north-carolina-american-elections-rank-last-among-all-western-democracies

And the Carter Center, which has done international election monitoring, has stated that they couldn’t possibly do an audit of most U.S. elections, as our systems are opaque and unverifiable.

Personally, I don’t think our country has been anything like a democracy since Dulles and the deep state butchered Kennedy. We’ve been on the downward slide into neo-fascism ever since – dramatically accelerated by our post-9/11 presidents.


I hope everyone didn’t hold back because it would be too messy. Cause guess what, it’s really messy right now. I want to see if any politician is going to stand.

We must also be prepared for an uprising of Trump supporters if Biden wins by any margin. If anybody reads comments posted on other sites by Trump supporters, they are filled with hate and anger for those who do not support their hero. They are irrational and dangerous.

I don’t think he rigged the election, at least outside of any way that has been already set up by the country, i.e. the Electoral College. They gave Trump the election and yet we have heard nary a peep of complaint from the Democrats. Because they know they use the very same system to screw over any potential progressive.

If you are not convinced we live in a neo-fascist state, just look at what is happening in Portland, Oregon, right now.


Maybe not because the super corrupt DNC chose the Wall Street Stooge in 2016 over Bernie who ran such a horrible campaign that Trump did not need to rig the election because Hillary did it for him!

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