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Biden Needs to Deliver to the Working People Who Delivered for Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/08/biden-needs-deliver-working-people-who-delivered-him


It’s an oligarchy, now what?

The Progressive activists need to stop demanding things of people that ignore and work against them.

We need to talk about revolution. NOW! Neither party nor any of it’s “squads” are speaking to the reality of the situation. They ALL (yes, all) put their party over the people.

Either the “Squad & Bernie” start organizing massive general Strikes for the 99% and against the oligarchic state, or the 99% will finally wake up and realize NOT ONE SOUL in government stands for them at all, and it’s just one giant authoritarian puppet show.

And that’s when a far darker and much more organized Fascism takes hold. And again we will only have a ineffectual neoliberal centrists and the faux left to blame for just login through the motions and not addressing lives of the poor, working and middle class.


This title sounds like it was delivered by a toddler in a high chair. Get real. This is the Dems we’re talking about. They’re done with “socialism” for four more years.


Then they just need to drop the facade, and change their g.d. party affiliation to “Republican”.


Progressives should consider joining The People’s Party. Now is the time to build an alternative to Joe and Dem Party that at worst will force Dems to deliver for those who delivered for them. If Dems don’t want to deliver, then there will be an alternative - which could include many who clearly feel the Dem Party does not deliver them and unfortunately turned to the red.


Obama promised card check and didn’t do anything. Biden has also promised card check. Will it happen?

Enough of this democrats must and democrats should. We all know they won’t. Quit pretending otherwise.


Wow. There’s a bounteous bevy of more worldly-wise savants than Nina Turner around here…

This thread is circling the drain, folks. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned – I’m inclined to pay some attention when someone of Turner’s stature is speaking, to regard people with her experience as bringing a little something extra to the wisdom table, possibly. Wisdom is out the window and CD threads keep dessicating into sterile, dry leftist one-upsmanship. Listening is totally out of style. Half of the commenters in here don’t seem to have gotten past the freaking headline.

That’s how it looks to me.


Ever since the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation the Party’s top three priorities have been 1) keep corporate money flowing in, 2) keep corporate money flowing in, and 3) keep corporate money flowing in.

To date the Party has not enrolled in a twelve step program to shake corporate money addiction.


Nina Turner is spot on. Working Americans – the Progressive base of the Democratic Party – turned out strong to defeat Trump. Biden received 10 million more votes than Hillary did in 2016.

The razor-thin margins in the swing states make it clear: IF Trump hadn’t botched Covid-19 so badly, OR if Progressives hadn’t turned out & voted for Biden in record numbers, despite being repeatedly dismissed & ignored, we’d be making plans for how to cope with Trump’s 2nd term right now.

I think it’s time for us to take our Democratic Party back, and let John Kasich & the Lincoln Project grifters go back to their own damn party, and leave ours alone.


You are right. You should have been the VP, Bernie’s VP. There is so much chatter in the media about black lives matter and how a person of color was elected VP precisely to stop any help for the working class, especially the white working class whose parents fought WWII, ended the depression and elected FDR 4 times. The new democratic alliance is fool’s gold based on nebulous ideas like diversity and identity politics. But as we just saw as soon as blacks move up the ladder the Republican gene kicks in and they vote to lower their taxes. As the bottom 90% declines rapidly in living quality, the 90-98% who have good upper middle class lives want to believe they are good people who want all poor people to live like them. They want to see more fill in the blank in upper middle class jobs. The bottom 90% who are sinking, mostly white people dealing quickly in quality of life, are of no importance to them. As a friend of mine told me he doesn’t care about poor white people he wants racial justice. This center can not hold. In two years the Reds will take the senate and probably the house as well. Donald could run again in 4 years and might win with a smarter campaign more like the one he ran in '16.


Well said and spot on. Centrists are far right and are just as much the enemy as believing Republicans.


Your point bears an interesting symmetry with a basic thesis of Ibram X Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning, in which outright racism is contrasted with the softer bigotry of assimilationism. That latter persistent pathogen can also be found annoying the heck out of W.E.B. DuBois, in the person of Booker T. Washington. Why does DuBois reserve so much of his most passionate scorn for brother Washington? Because Washington’s beverage is just as wicked as the 200 proof moonshine. Twas ever thus, since black folks picked up pens to write with.

I can’t get enough of the great jazz organist, but the older Booker T, with his monopoly on do-gooding while transforming education into a means of oppression – that’s exactly what got DuBois’ goat. The two are opposite poles, historical exemplars of liberation versus oppression in the name of education.

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DNC™ LLC is simply a cartel of sneering kleptocrats, serving our Oligarchy. Watching smug, dead-eyed yuppies celebrate “back to NORMAL” in Capitalism’s literal ground zero, after yet another 35K excess deaths due to Cuomo, Trump & de Blazio telling us to, “just go on about your lives!” was pretty much status quo? Senator Turner’s real Democratic agenda HAD to be stomped out. Podesta, Debbie & Robby installed Trump to mau-mau their Creative Class & yuppie boomer constituents. We’d absolutely NO say! Our oppression is the normal our bosses, creditors & landlords were celebrating! I’m invested in those equities that did so well, due partially to AGW & COVID, it just took a while for our betters’ hedge fund & private equity professionals to follow their masters. DNC’s slumlord superdelegates became multi-millionaires while NYC went from 105 to 122 billionaires as WE died?






Nina- You need to reevaluate your delusions here. Biden is only beholden to his paymasters: Corporations and the Elite. Time will demonstrate this reality. Only the Democrats and the Republicans are beholden to these entities… You know who supports the Working People and the Earth, The Green Party… If people want real change, they will stop supporting the Dems and Repubs…that is the problem that maintains the status quo.

Dems that need to go: Pelosi, Chuck S,…


The reason that this article is the purest fantasy?

Joe Biden loathes the working people who delivered for him.


We know there’s zero chance of the Biden admin even trying to do anything for the poor and working classes. I wonder, though, if it’s possible to get them to at least acknowledge that as a consequence of them ignoring all but the 1%, the GOP will take commanding majorities in both congressional chambers in 2 years.


Another democrat selling garbage and preventing the rise of a real opposition party.


If she’s Bernie’s “replacement,” can you IMAGINE who DNC will choose as their “FAR worse, than Trump!” boogie-man; to crush our divisive free-stuff platform, yet again in 2024?





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Nina is the voice of truth as she points out who really elected Biden – not the wimpy status quo centrists, but a broad coalition of young, working poor and disenfranchised people. We donated time and money to move the vote, to talk to people.

This is the first mild reminder. The power is with the people. If the DNC doesn’t wise up (and listen and reform their ways), we throw them out next.