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Biden Needs to Go Big to Rebuild America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/08/biden-needs-go-big-rebuild-america

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to quote:
"Federal lawmakers propose reviving a national CCC. When Biden is inaugurated he should follow their lead. Sen. Dick Durbin introduced the RENEW Conservation Corps Act to propose putting millions of unemployed US Americans to work on conservation and recreation projects for the NEXT ‘5’ Years. The bill improvements over the original CCC are important: All citizens and permanent residents over 16 are eligible to enroll; projects involve conservation of natural areas and mitigation of climate change; projects benefit rural, suburban, urban communities. In exchange for ‘1’ year of service, enrollees get credits towards post-secondary education.

A “renewed” CCC could function safely during future coronavirus pandemics by housing enrollees (as the original corps did) in camps isolated from high-density neighborhood, village, towns. This improved and “renewed” CCC program generates jobs, revives the economy undertaking necessary work fighting (horrific) effects of climate change. Similar benefits for all involved; provide a paycheck, credit for education and skills for jobs with a sense of personal accomplishment, community involvement, and shared civic purpose after four long years of debilitating political divisiveness."

You’re welcome.

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He could send workers to California and Colorado to sweep the forests. Smoky the Bear says, only sweepers can prevent forest fires.
As far as going big, politicians will all of a sudden wake up and declare, Hell, We Are Spending Too Much Money.
As though Biden could come close to the trillions spent by trump. If he does, at least we may see something good for the people come of it.

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Sounds a bit like some previous ideas that start with mandatory national service. An offshoot of the option for military service and/or community service. The rewards can be debated.
At the very least we get something for our tax dollars instead of watching trump steal them with little or no return.

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I’m practicing a new acronym - HWNNM - pronounced ‘hinm’
(He Whose Name Not Mentioned) when writing the word Tr-U-mP
is for some too nauseating to hear in polite company.
The acronym DJT#45 works as well,
but ‘hinm’ voices like an insult.
Be well in your new year gandolf.

I wish people actually read the contemporary evidence rather than accepting the revisionist history of FDR.

I wrote this summary of FDR’s New Deal failure

But as the CCC (which correctly should be Capitalism’s Conservation Corps), an organization very similar to what was happening in Hitler’s German was specifically cited we can begin at the beginning

on Nov. 7, 1934, 250 C.C.C. workers (an entire camp) being sent South from their Maine camp to Virginia and Maryland camps, rebelled against this arbitrary wholesale transfer. They rose in a mass, badly beat up their officers and then locked them in baggage cars…150 policemen were called to the yards and savagely beat up the boys. Had the police failed, the government stood ready to call upon regular troops.

How about this?

We can get an idea of the real meaning of the CCC camps from the proposition of General MacArthur, Chief of Staff, who was advocating a 400,000,000 dollar plan for “modernizing” the national defense. His plan includes a reserve force of 100,000 young men drawn from those who have passed through the CCC Camps. “These men are all processed”, he said before a hearing on the War Department Bill. “They are ready and fit for military training…… I think nothing would be finer than to take these CCC men who have had six months in camp and give them perhaps two months more in which they would receive the nucleus of military training. We could then enroll them in the unlisted reserve…… If we had 300,000 unlisted reserves who could be called to the color’s immediately, our conditions of preparation for defense would be immeasurably bettered.”…The whole system of the CCC, one of forced labor, of tearing the youths away from their families and from normal living conditions, of forcing them to live in barracks under semi-military discipline, of preparing them for military training and for drafting into reserve corps of the army

By 1943, we can read

Step by step, the superstructure of administrative agencies created from 1933 to 1937 was adapted to suit the needs of the war program. The concessions to the masses (CCC, WPA, FSA, NYA) were curtailed or abolished, while the departments ministering to Big Business (RFC, Export-Import Bank, etc.), were enormously expanded. Thus the main agencies of capitalist recovery in the first phase of Rooseveltism were revamped into means of mobilizing the national resources for the impending war.

Then came the budget cuts to the programs. Work relief expenditures for 1939 are lower than the 1938 figure by almost a third of a billion dollars, and expenditures for the CCC are reduced by more than one-fourth.

The CWA temporary work-relief program was little better and i could go on but the purpose of this comment is to dislodge the rose-tinted glasses some hold of that period of government intervention.