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Biden Needs to Make Good on Environmental Justice Promises

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/28/biden-needs-make-good-environmental-justice-promises

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Dear Joe Biden:
Don’t F*** this up!
Earth will either prosper and continue---- or it will bleed the bodies of the starving, the diseased, the landless, the waterless and the poisoned air shared by all. And not to forget all the creatures , the natural resources of the Earth— plus the trees---- and the plant life that make a Heaven of Earth, for We the Humans! ALL the Humans—so ending all that war crap is an immediate necessity.
The best words of wisdom I have ever heard from come an imaginary creature, and in a movie too. YODA; " Do or do not, there is no TRY! "


Dear stardustIBID:
Come on man, I beat the socialist, you can’t expect me to get everything right, or hold me to my campaign promises.
Your Friend,
Joe Biden

If and when the people of this country wake up to the pacification language of political rhetoric, like ‘hope’ and ‘its not time yet’, ‘be patient’, keep in mind that these were preceded in strategy by centuries of chains. You think you’re not wearing those chains today? check again, and demand that if there is going to be “externalization of costs” they be borne by the wealthiest. They need to stop ravaging the planet anyway… two birds with one stone needs to be the motto of perspective to chop off the clawing overreach of financial rapists.

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Is that said while drawers drop and he bends over? the politicops will will grab the waistband and attempt to heft to hide the fact, but only WE THE PEOPLE can kick his butt into action.

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In my forty years of working on and observing many environmental justice problems, primarily involving land and water (not air) issues, I have come to the conclusion that it is often more effective to move the people than to remediate the soils and geologic strata that have been contaminated with unspeakable chemicals that bind to them. That would mean the loss of neighborhoods, traditions, and access to traditions means of work. It has been a corporate crime on humanity–especially those disenfranchised from the starts of their lives. I do not have the universal answer, but each site must be considered from the side of creative compassion and corporate-funded reparations. There is no one-size-fits all approach. True expertise is needed. I fought some of these battles all the way to federal court, successfully I am happy to say, but they are battles that require firepower such as Earthjustice to win. Most of this work will be done outside of any federal government, because the federal government made quite of the the few messes in the first place. That is just the reality of life. Good luck to us all. Good luck to Nature.

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Hi ReconFire:
LOL-------“Your Friend…” it should read, Your FIEND---- the corporate sell out-----I only voted for you because you aren’t Trump! ; 0

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The actual nuts and bolts solutions aren’t impossible. Neither are they simplistic.

If you need a simplified message to reach the voters, go for it. However, we need not-so-simple legislation and we need it with all due speed.

  1. Fire is a part of nature, but if a wall of flame is coming straight for your particular town then you’re going to send firefighters to try and stop it before your neighborhood burns down. Yes we need to preserve local ecologies as best as we can, but we have to stop the anthropocene positive feedback loops. Specifically, we need a goal of restoring the Arctic’s pre-anthropocene albedo and we need funding for this goal, or else the tundra releases 1.4 trillion tons of greenhouse gases. Can you live with that? Actually, no, you physically won’t be able to live with that, not for long.

  2. We must also artificially restore lower temperatures and higher humidity in most local biomes. It helps the local plants in sequestering carbon.

  3. We need a goal of agriculturally sequestering carbon.

  4. We need to set a goal of decreasing the amounts of secondary greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. NO2 and CH4 will naturally decay into N2, O2, CO2 and H2O if we help the process along.

  5. Yes we need to displace about 100% of all fossil fuel use, usually with solar but there’s room for wind power too. The emphasis needs to be on finding good and environmentally sensitive partial solutions at a reasonable cost, heading toward 100% solutions. Climate is a research race just as every aspect of covid-19 was a research and development race, from N-95 masks to HVAC engineering. Deal with it as a research race or else - there is no planet B and, exactly as with the covid virus, we’re low on time. I notice that nobody is dealing with climate as a research race. Well, research and product development was your last option so go back to it in some form, because you’re going to have to put up a struggle one way or another.

  6. Research doesn’t have to equal corporate corruption. If it does, we’re in trouble. So solve the corporate corruption problem but leave the product research and development somehow.