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Biden Needs To Report Trump’s Wreckage in Executive Branch as Markers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/28/biden-needs-report-trumps-wreckage-executive-branch-markers


Ralph, seldom will I call you out, but Joe Biden must not have his fingerprints on the exposure of Trump, Inc.'s crimes. The DOJ, yes. The press, yes. The POTUS, no. We have a political minefield to walk through and need to get it right. Joe was not my guy, but I am going to do my best to have his back. I stare at my dad’s flag (France, Germany, Austria) not five feet from me every day and know that I don’t get to make all of the rules. Let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


The criminality and other malfeasance goes well beyond Trump and his family. Nader is absolutely right about what’s been done to the people’s government and the need to fully educate the public about it. Appeasing those who would cover it up is not the right policy. The people will never appreciate the harm that’s been done to their country, the extent of the corruption and the destruction, unless it’s thoroughly assessed and reported out. And that simply cannot occur unless a thorough review and reporting to the people is effected. The DOJ and the press must be extensively involved but it’s simply not possible for such a review and reporting to be done without the deep commitment and involvement of the administrators charged with overseeing each agency. And without the committed oversight of the president himself, it simply won’t get done and it must be.


Ralph has to know that it will never happen, period, full-stop.

The “smoother-lying” neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party of this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire will never rat-out its twin “rougher-talking” neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party that are both fully wedded and welded together (under the ownership and control of the EMPIRE).

There isn’t even any Revolutionary Anti-EMPIRE movement to even form as an alternative party and vote for — yet.


We have but to look at the ease and silence of W’s cronies to presume that nothing will befall DT and his wrecking crews.


Absent intense and unrelenting pressure from the people, there’ll be no more accountability imposed or justice administered by the Biden administration than we got from the Obama administration and that was essentially none. Nader knows this. He well understands that Biden is even less likely to hold the malfeasors accountable, or just expose the true extent of the malfeasance, than did Obama. The article is addressed to those of the masses who might pay heed for, if accountability is to occur, it will be the masses who make it happen and most certainly not Joe Biden or his own corrupt party.


It’s not accurate to state “From Biden, there’ll be no more accountability imposed nor justice administered than from Obama, which was none.” Far from perfect, the Obama years were still a place of refuge while rebuilding the economy from the ashes of the Bush Jr era. I’ll be looking for progress from Biden mostly in Green New Deal proposals, some of which seem to me entirely pretentious technofix.


Biden has already said that he would not institute legal proceedings against the Trump admin.

He said that “it would be bad for democracy.”

As if calling a legitimate election “a fraud” is not
“bad for democracy.”


Ralph is as always correct but Joe Biden should only adminnister from behind the scenes. Let DOJ and Robert Mueller and an indepentent committee or committees do it.



I continue to feel much disappointment in Ralph Nader. It hasn’t been that long ago that

I voted for him, but over the last few years he seems to need to believe that the democrats

are capable of adopting his priorities.

They are not.

The Pelosified Obamatized dems are the same party which did absolutely nothing to reverse

agenda of wars based on lies and the corporately privatization of the planet. In fact, they have

accelerated the corruption and abusiveness along with their beloved republicans.

Biden is promising to push for MORE unity with the agenda which is primarily dictated

by Wall Street and their ever-growing, capitalizing “intelligence” secretiveness.

A paltry obfuscation is most likely going to be the best characteristic of the Biden/Harris

corporate ploy. The likelihood of increased warmongering is much greater.

I miss the Ralph Nader of the past and his ability to see accurately.


Yeah - but that’s really not going to happen, is it ?

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Then you’d better grab those servers and documents right now.

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Looking at your post, I’m assuming the inaccuracy you refer to has to do with my characterization of Obama’s record. The plain truth is that the Obama presidency was an utter disgrace. Clearly, the nation breathed a big sigh of relief, just from putting Bush in their rear view mirror, and we had very high hopes for Obama. And the man was a profound disappointment in just about every respect. His brand of austerity was an utter disaster, starting with his woefully inadequate economic stimulus policy and moving on to his absurd bargaining against himself and the American people in his budget dealings with the Republicans. He kissed off his promise to hold accountable the white collar criminals responsible for running the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people, holding exactly none of the crooks accountable for their massive crimes. He promptly blew off his promise for a public health care option, instead serving up a half-baked program offering more gravy for the healthcare insurance companies that left tens of millions without coverage and was anything but the affordable healthcare coverage it was claimed to be. His foreign policy was largely a disaster and his human rights and civil rights records ain’t so hot either. Obama dropped the just plain folks of us right in the dirt, reaching new heights in sucking up to big money and taking up the neo-liberal policies of the unDemocratic Party where Clinton left off. Not to mention that he gave us Joe Biden. Obama was a disaster and Biden is on the very same course. Joe’s one virtue is that he’s not Donald Trump and that’s a meaningful difference.


Clinton passed on traitors in the Bush and Reagan administrations. Obama passed on Bush 2. I see a pattern, continue the patterns and crimes of war criminals so you can make 160 million giving speeches to Wall Street. If Biden does not pursue crimes of the trumpsters he will be as bad as obama who personally destroyed the democratic party in most states. No Medicare for all, wall street bail outs. Thats the third way. Screw them.


See The People’s Party.

Nader is concerned with the harm to our political institutions, and we all agree this is terrible, but the Orange Guy very probably laundered Russian oligarch money, while lying to the IRS about his taxes…and this is not political. It’s illegal, and he is going to go to jail for it. “Lock him/her up” is no longer a charge against his opponents, it’s on target for Individual #1.

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This is also what was said about those Bankers that committed fraud in the Obama years. Holder in essence said it was not worth the time to prosecute as it would be bad for the USA.

He had no problems prosecuting people that revealed Government lies and coverups.


Sadly, we’re stuck for now with Biden and not Nader, who would still be a great president. I expect no justice and only a partial restoration of the brutal Bannonesque destruction of our federal government and public protections. In a capitalist system even maintaining such hard-won rights and protections is like paddling upstream to stay in place.


Agree completely. Ralph, if you’re reading this, please come up with a “list of conditions” that the incoming administration must meet (lets give them the customary 100 days) before you call out and condemn the two-sides-of-one-party collusion and corruption and publicly endorse the creation of a third party. I think you know as we do here on CD that Biden and his cronies will do nothing of the sort of things you spell out here. We need to get on with the Peoples Party ASAP and your voice will provide a HUGE kickoff.

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The New and Improved SheepHerding people’s party for Leftists disaffected by the Dimocrapic party and soured on their grandfather’s Green Party. I hope they prove me wrong on this I would love to actually have a real national party I could vote for, instead of having to choose between two parties I viscerally hate virtually every aspect of.