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Biden Needs to Spend Big—And Fast. Here Are 4 Immediate Priorities.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/20/biden-needs-spend-big-and-fast-here-are-4-immediate-priorities

Sad we all know that biden will not do any of the above. He has said nothing is going to change and will not use potus orders either. He doesn’t care about Main Street any more than the repugs and corp. demodogs.

Yes that is what needs to be done.

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What Does the Left Owe Party Politics?
One of the political disputes dividing not-Republicans in the U.S. that doesn’t seem to be going away is over the history and ongoing role of the Democratic Party in American politics. For every person who sees the world divided into Red and Blue traffic circles, a domestic Cold War if you will, there are many more who see the entire Party enterprise as a power-grift that stands between we humans and functioning democracy. That ‘not Trump’ was just elected, but that Joe Biden will be assuming the role of president, promises to reorganize a few thought processes around what ‘not Trump’ really means. Of course, there was full disclosure regarding what Uncle Joe spent the prior half-century doing, wasn’t there?


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Another for the “Good Ideas Not Biden’s” bin.

Look at his history. Biden has less dissonance with the MIC than did John McCain, who had at least some qualms about torture.

Can we start a “What Do We Do Because the Good Ideas Are Not Biden’s” bin? It seems like a more direct and practical approach.


So true ,no government in the history of the World has ever cut their way to prosperity .


Biden’s highest priority (as in January 21) needs to be heeding Rep. Bill Pascrell’s admonition to indict Trump, his appointees, and other enablers. Unless the Democrats stop allowing the GOP’s half century crime spree to continue unpunished, the GOP will become more powerful, obstructive and destructive than ever, thereby bogging down Biden’s entire agenda, and ultimately consigning the Democratic Party and democracy itself to the dust bin of history.

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Anybody have any ideas of how to begin a real third Party? You know, one with basic core values like the abolition of nuclear weapons, all hands on deck for the fight against climate change and universal healthcare. The problem with all Party’s is that none of them are willing to stick to a core set of principles that any representative must pledge they will fight tooth and nail to achieve. Instead we’re left with two, Wall Street Party’s that are almost indistinguishable.
Can’t the people here at CD at least suggest a place or a time that Progressives could meet to rally around a new movement? Wouldn’t all the Bernie supporters at least be a good start to finally create the movement we need to move away from the destructive path of corporate dominated politics?
I think CD should have a contest to have all of its readers contribute their ideas of what a movement against Wall Street could look like. I would publish those ideas with a promise that CD would promote the desires of most Americans to create a Party that will upset the Establishment. If CD did this, it would be a huge financial boost to their struggling fortunes.
The idea would be to create a Progressive movement with a central Progressive Convention to debate and hammer out what Progressives will need to represent our interests; a new Constitution to reflect the ‘here and now’. Once we have a clear and defined objective, it would be hard to ignore because at least social media and internet sites would elevate the concepts beyond the simple minded, repetitive misinformation that our corporate media spews out ad nauseam. Naturally the MSM (including the NYT!) would ignore, marginalize and demonize such a movement before we even got off of the ground, but as Trump’s success has shown, people no longer trust our mainstream media regardless of how someone feels that the media manipulates public perception.
Just an idea.

In the USA the time to form a true progressive party was thirty years ago after Clinton took over and decided he would make the Democratic party the new republican party.

That said you do have someplace but this last election just shows how hard this going to be. A number of people deemed on the left and promoting progressive values did in fact join the Peoples party and submit a platform. However when it came to election time they suggested that the people vote for Biden as the situation too dire to split the vote.

Trump is already suggesting he will run in 2024 , or they might be someone even worse then him so are they going to do the same thing?

It requires courage and commitment to the values one claims to support. You just can not turn that off and on which far too many who claimed to be progressives and “on the left” have been doing election after election. If a person not willing to vote for the party they formed and if they counsel others to vote for someone else, what is the point?

There is to be more then 1 or 2 percent of the US population that are on the left, deem themselves progressives and or wanting to see a Government that works to address Climate change and environmental destruction. If they keep voting for someone else then they are not accomplishing anything.

There are always lefties who insist that the solution to corrupt government is more government.

1: Biden is allowed to do whatever he wants as long as it does not substitute for commercial services or reduce their profits for example foreclosures by banks.

2.Biden must pay attention to procurement rules and set an example, by following the kinds of behaviors we’re trying to get other countries to follow. This means that when we engage in procurement we have to tender the work through whatever our official channels are so that a tender can be bid on. If US companies bid they need to be given every opportunity just like all the other countries. Least Developed Countries get a small edge. That is unless something is national security related.

The tra­di­tion­al sort of invest­ment in ​“infra­struc­ture” — roads, bridges, school build­ings, air­ports and rail sys­temsve. This means that areas like infrastructure, environment -

I’m not sure what the profile of goods and services at this point but I suspect that all spending over a shrinking threshold in some but not all jurisdictions is required to follow procurement deals like the new revised GPA or the GATS agreement. TTIP which I think is likely to be revived by Joe Biden immediately after he takes office, and TISA are basically deals to put thatkind of work up for bidding to whomever is cheapest.

So that means they might be outsourced or offshored unless our firms can do them cheaper. Since we’re nearby we have an advantage in some costs but labor is a big factor in making it much less likely we could hope to win these tenders, IMHO. One area I am pretty certain we have made or are likely in the process of making commitments are environmental goods and services. Biden would know that because we brought India before the WTO and won when they instituted a “Green Jobs” program that favored their own manufacturers a few years ago. Establishing a WTO precedent. Similarly, India has brought a case against us for issues related to job outsourcing, which is likely to be decided next year. Biden seems highly unlikely to do anything that might violate anything even remotely related to the case or make any new commitments that might attract a ding from the WTO in their trade policy reviews, etc. Given that we are well known to be against any kind of local content requirements trying to pass new FTAS that are even more gung ho on liberalization than the WTO, it seems unthinkable to me that Biden would do anything besides what our trade ideology demands. And at this point I think Trump wont either, having been chastened by the loss and Electoral College victory of his hugely different opponent who is 100% a neoliberal .

" infra­struc­ture of care : work­ers and facil­i­ties devot­ed to hous­ing and car­ing for those unable to do so for them­selves, includ­ing the per­sis­tent­ly unem­ployed, the indi­gent elder­ly, the dif­fer­ent­ly abled, those in fail­ing men­tal health, those with­out hous­ing, the incar­cer­at­ed, and belea­guered immigrants."

There I think that the Biden Administration may play it safe also because the care of many of these groups is likely to (if it isnt already) become a committed service under agreements like the ones I mentioned previously, particularly the Trade in Services Agreement,

As they seem like the kinds of jobs and services a number of so called “labor exporting countries” increasingly specialize in. (Note, I dont keep up on who specializes in what beyond the obvious nor am I a lawyer or trade lawyer I just read upon this because I was just amazed at the disconnect between trade policy and what Americans think we were doing, which is beyond belief)

They probably already have worked out many of them because the GATS negotiations goes back to the 1980s and TISA negotiations actually began in 2006, not 2013 as they claim. And medical tourism is reputed to be a big part)

The point I am trying to get across here (this is exhausting, BTW) is that we need to face reality and that reality is that our rights to make the kinds of policy we need and want have all been signed away and its IMHO, more and more likely to become a huge disaster the more they ignore what we need and try to max out on their global grab, but thats the way they are, and hiding this has already has been a huge fount of dishonesty for everybody who is involved in political decision-making in the US for decades, because its so ugly people would go nuts if they realized how little of what people want is ever going to happen without getting out of these FTAS.

I would be surprised if any of the kinds of changes people really need to happen do, and if some do they will likely be, like I strongly suspect Obamacare has been a WTO temporary emergency measure that’s limited to ten years at the most. Can people see how trade deals like GATS (and soon TISA, which is going to be even worse because of its “negative list” so much so that its likely to demand /spawn so much lying to cover its capture of policy up) - are literally a dishonesty machine.

A huge redistribution of wealth upward has been planned for some time. Middle class Americans are the big losers of this redistribution, which goes to the wealthy both here and in other countries. Millions here will lose jobs, they decided to do that because its more efficient to do it differently. So whatever the USG can spend is likely already constrained by international procurement rules (or soon will be) that will channel it wherever it buys the most value with a small preference for Least Developed Countries.

This setup would seem to intentionally not have any flexibility in it to do anything differently.

People cannot exactly undertake a poor peoples march to Geneva.

What can be done?

Please, unemployed people, save every penny you have, don’t spend your money on anything but staples bought in bulk. Try to think like the billions of other human beings who are living on just a few dollars a day. You have to live communally, and pool your resources. The jobs may not return, ever. That’s whats been happening and its just beginning. The remaining domestic jobs will go to the people with much more education than almost all of us. The other jobs will be automated or outsourced/offshored. So people have to save money. The only way to do that is to stop immersing yourselves in the society that requires you spend money at every turn. You have to tune it out. There will likely be a big crash soon which is going to result in a lot more poor people, so do what you can now to get ready for that. Be nice to one another and others, but don’t get suckered in to their disinformation. This is not going to just end. The Democrats (nor GOP nor anybody else) is going to solve our problems. As long as we remain captured, all they can and will do is make things worse. That goes for all politicians. They have to realize that action=alienation by theft of what little rights what we have left, as long as we remain under the thumb of undemocratic FTAS like GATS. They are a one way street to a corporate takeover of everything, which will make everything more and more expensive. Because of this, everything they say is a lie.

We ALL have to decide to shake this trap. Together.

Money isn’t everything!

I recommend Xhttps://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/20/law-students-arrest-62-years-ago-helped-inspire-youth-led-movements-social-change, especially the comment by Aleph_Null.

The movements–plural–already exist, and so do AT LEAST three functioning parties in the US leaning left in varying degrees (Green, Working America, and DSA). Leftist politics makes herding cats seem like a dream job, but if those three could be persuaded to merge for the common good which they all profess to embrace it could form a pretty good base on which to grow.

But it is beginning to look like the best way forward is to ignore party politics except to vote for the LOTE of one’s choice, and work through the Worldwide Movement of Movements to subvert the duopoly, making it obsolete. Capitalism (the underlying problem) is not going away without a fight, so trying to fight it on its own grounds is probably a waste of energy.

A Movement of Movements, edited by Tom Mertes, answers in the affirmative the question posed by the book’s subtitle, “IS another world possible?” in the affirmative. (The slogan, “Another World is Possible,” originated in the World Social Forum that first met in Brazil in 2001, two years after the massive direct action of “The Battle in Seattle” at the World Economic Forum in 1999.)

These movements are on the march by the millions, and they are of many kinds. Examples include the divestment movement (away from fossil fuels), the movement toward “regenerative agriculture” in place of factory farming, the cooperative movement (quite below the radar but powerful). They are large and small, they may have one focus or many, and they are literally everywhere. I have never had any enthusiasm for electoral politics as it exists in this country. I’m too old and spread too thin to take on active roles in these movements, but I can and do seek to raise awareness of them every chance I get. The link in comment #10 might inspire you a lot more than most of the comments here on CD.

Another book I am recommending–more strongly than A Movement of Movements–is From What Is to What IF", by Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the global Transition Movement (sic) in Totnes England in 2006. His thesis is that modern popular culture in all respects has dulled our imagination, leaving only boredom and despair. He’s not talking about fairy tales, but about what makes us human. Sounds too simple, and in one respect it is, but it opens doors to a critically important world that many of us have forgotten or have never known.

And holy samoli!

“. . . wor­ries about deficits. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, some influ­en­tial Democ­rats may actu­al­ly believe such non­sense. They would be well-advised to read (a recent paper) by Jason Fur­man, Obama’s chief econ­o­mist, and Lar­ry Sum­mers, omnipresent Demo­c­ra­t­ic Par­ty econ­o­mist, where­in they basi­cal­ly admit every­thing they used to say about bud­get deficits was hog­wash. . . .”

If Furman and (of all people) Summers are now copping to what they should have learned 75 years ago from Keynes, the times really ARE a-changin’. Keynes was a very intelligent and perceptive man. He was a member of the British delegation to the Versailles Conference that officially ended World War I, and he saw the fallacy in the French demand for full reparations for the war from Germany. The obvious fact was that the German economy had been completely destroyed, leaving it with no cash and no means to earn any. But Keynes was a junior member of the delegation and not allowed to speak, so the demand stood, further impoverishing Germany and its people and setting the stage for Hitler and WW II.

(France had pulled that stunt before. Toussaint L’ouverture chased the French out of Haiti in 1802, but they sailed home and returned with reinforcements, killing Toussaint and imposing draconian reparations on the Haitians. The US supported France in return for its support for our War of Independence, and the Haitians are still paying them today.)

But Keynes was first and foremost a monetary economist, one who studies the nature of money and how it works. Because his work went contrary to the conventional wisdom and the interests of the banksters, the Summers and Friedmans of his time denied its validity, with the result that most of what most people “know” about his work is not what he said. Our current understanding (Modern Monetary Theory or MMT) is not just Keynes in new clothes, but rather an extension and expansion of his work that might not have happened had he not paved the way.
most of