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Biden Plan Triumphs Over Trump's Climate Lies in Debate, But Green Groups Demand Greater Urgency to Fight Global Emergency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/biden-plan-triumphs-over-trumps-climate-lies-debate-green-groups-demand-greater

Biden doesnt have a plan on healthcare because its globalizing healthcare for the poor.

Nobody wants to hear that they are going to have to go overseas and still its likely have to pay out of pocket costs.

Climate, Bidens hands are also tied by trade agreements.

Can corporations then sell access to the world, based on how safe it is, with the poor people getting the most polluted areas or having to leave?

Thats what they (the corporations) want.

Like coronavirus they see it as a once in a lifetime business opportunity.

Also they see it as a way to break the backs of the unions, a way of globalizing dozens of trades, because procurement has to go to thelowest bidding firms which will more likely than not be overseas.

Of course it will work out that way anyway.

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Nice thoughts Green Groups, but everything in American government is urgent today. We have to wait in line to do the things trump won’t because of his other interests.

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Of course, it’s super important but nothing will happen unless Biden wins and even then, who knows? But, at least, the climate has a chance with Biden and no chance with Trump. It was nice to see climate change in the debate but I almost fell off my chair when Trump tried to say he is improving the environment. Right, and I’m the Easter bunny.