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Biden Provokes Frustration by Sidestepping Rep. Fudge for USDA, Treating HUD as 'Consolation Prize'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/biden-provokes-frustration-sidestepping-rep-fudge-usda-treating-hud-consolation


Common Dreams can stop with the vilification of Tom Vilsack, selected by President-elect Biden as Secretary of Agriculture. His selection will prove to be a surprisingly good move by Biden.

Vilsack and Washington Governor Jay Inslee have crafted an intelligent plan on how agriculture can take the lead in the climate battle, and renewable energy is at the core of Biden’s $2 trillion climate project. Perhaps some homework is in order.

How the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is viewed as a consolation prize is a puzzle to me, particularly for a Congresswoman from the Cleveland and Akron area.


Uncle Joe is behaving as predicted selecting a bunch of corporate cronies who are known to be anti people and anti environment for important positions. I think he has a disdain for AOC and the Green New Deal forgetting that the progressives put him where he is right now. It boggles my mind why he is reaching in to pick out the rejects and what can we do to sway him from the influence of the DNC and the neolibs


Exactly, every single member of Biden’s administration is sure to change his or her lifelong pattern of service to special interests and switch to the public good, just as Joe is aggressively changing himself. We mustn’t believe history, it’s fake. Reality is the lies they tell us now.


Biden is removing Fudge from a position where she is doing good, refusing to put her where she could do more good, and burying her in a position where she won’t be allowed to do anything.

She’ll have to spend time learning a new department, and people. By then, they will have cut her out of the power loop.

I hope she turns him down, and stays where she can help people.


Where’s Uncle Fester when we need him?

I don’t know that the selection process is “veering off course” — I suspect that it is going right where Biden promised his donors it would go.


Gomez Addams for Secretary of State. Cousin It for Secretary of Defense. Thing for White House chief of staff. Grandma Addams for Attorney General. Uncle Fester for Secretary of Energy. Morticia for Secretary of Education (beats De Vos!)

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picks get worse by the day. What did you all expect from this white old guy anyway, a new vision for this country - sos.

Renewable energy? Not ethanol, correct! Maybe you are thinking of the climate benefits of regenerative agriculture for soil carbon sequestration - Vilsack is a real leader here, correct?

Bad time to disappoint black voters in Georgia, Joe — with two (2, count 'em, 2) runoffs for the U.S. Senate coming up. But that is only if your puppet-masters, who pull the strings of BOTH the DNC and the RNC, really wanted the DimWit-Rats to win both Senate seats in Georgia.   If Mitch McConnell no longer has complete control of the Senate, how will the DimWit-Rats explain the (deliberate, IMHO) failure to accomplish anything meaningful for America’s working class when they have control of both houses of Congress AND the White House for the first time since 2009-2010 (when all they got done was funnel money to Big Insurance with the ACA, and to Big Banks with TARP, while letting Banksters and War Criminals go free).

You left out one extremely critical word, Bill, and made a big error with a second one.  That phrase should not be
just “agriculture can take the lead” but “Korporate agriculture can take the lead total kontrol” . . .


All the things they said they could do in this fake bait and switch deal are prohibited by our trade deal plans, and/or will cause mass homelessness… The chances are that AOC doesnt know. But Biden certainly does.


For heavens sake, already.
Heck, the new vice president identifies herself as black!!
Fudge is not a farm girl. She maybe drove by some Ohio farms as she drove down from Shaker Heights to THEE Ohio State University. And she did not attend their exalted ag or engineering schools. She is a political city girl.

She can provide progressive into housing regulations. we have already been doing that since the mid 1930’s. All the writers snide remarks about blacks shunted aside are false. The new sec’y of war is black. Ms. Rice is aboard. Joe is amply rewarding their votes in the primaries and general election.

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I value your input but when I’m trying to convince people here, I try to give some starter links that I thought were good articles advocating what I’m trying to argue. Don’t you want to do that? Yes people can search vilsack climate change or whatever but they won’t necessarily come across the points you are trying to make.

I am for all hands on deck for the climate battle for sure. Heck, I support looking into advanced nuclear power plant designs. So while I can appreciate moves in agriculture that could be better for climate as not necessarily being tied to moving to smaller family owned farms, I think there are reasons to prefer them over big ag. And I don’t think family farms are a hinderence to climate friendly changes either. So I am biased against Vilsack currently but I will try to keep an open mind and follow a few links you suggest if you are game to provide them.

In general I agree. HUD is an important position. Maybe Fudge isn’t as experienced in this area though, but I have no idea. @genedebs who is in her district doesn’t think much of her in either position but I know nothing about her yet.

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Ms. Fudge does not yet have managerial experience.
However, she will obtain a whole lot in very short order.
I suggest management by wandering.
Amazing how quickly old run down, not working processes, get fixed darn fast.
Goes for ideas, employees. committees, equipment, software, reports, and public disclosures.
You want a turnaround?
That is the way to do it.

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I read a piece about Vilsack that was fairly critical of some of his moves the last time he was in. It’s definitely not my areas of expertise, so I find some criticisms difficult to weigh. Overall, I think it would not be a bad thing to give someone different a shot though. Give Fudge a chance, why not?


Its the same thing all over again, which created an opening for Trump. DNC leadership only represents the big donors, mostly crooked finance, while the orange sloth puts big oil before your health and livlihood. Capitalism creates a form of slavery. The only thing worse than being exploited by Capitalists is not being exploited by them.

“I don’t know why we’ve got to be recycling.” Amen. Seems like Biden and the transition team only recognize people from the Obama era. And of course the failure of the Obama era “status quo” is a large part of what led the electorate to try almost anything (Donald Trump) to escape.

We need something clearly different and progressive or we will end up with Trump 2.0 (Trump or a clone thereof) in the next cycle. One place that would make a difference in that outlook is: making an impact in rural America.

The USDA needs attention to climate change and the needs of small family farmers – and not just a recycled, corporate, Vilsack!

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Thank you for your thoughtful comments, dara, along with others in this spirited exchange.

It’s funny that I’m such a defender of Tom Vilsack, as I’ve met him once, 20 years ago, and our interaction was limited to, “Hi, Governor. Thanks for coming to Dubuque.”

My political position and thinking are influenced by brother Art, who publishes The Storm Lake Times, in northwest Iowa. Art does his homework thoroughly, reading and consulting experts, including Vilsack, on US agriculture. My earlier comment referenced Art’s most recent column, and other columns are occasionally published in The Guardian.

With Vilsack’s pick as Secretary of Agriculture, I’m satisfied that Biden made the right choice, and that Vilsack will pleasantly surprise us.

Btw, my comments usually appear later in threads, and I’m more comfortable there.

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Thanks for your comments, oldie. The couple of times recently that I’ve seen your reference to THEE Ohio State University, cracks me up. I get it. At least The Ohio State University wins its Rose Bowl matches, usually, not that college football is that important.