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Biden Ran on a Return To Normalcy, but There's Nothing Normal About the American Health Care System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/20/biden-ran-return-normalcy-theres-nothing-normal-about-american-health-care-system

Biden has made it more than abundantly clear that in terms of policy “lunch-bucket Joe” is a misnomer and that “corporatist Joe” would be an apt. moniker for him.

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These are such bogus statistics, there are 11 states that don’t participate in the ACA. More significant is the privatization of existing programs and Medicaid in particular. I find it odd this is never mentioned in articles about M4A, only that people support it, support what? Government funded healthcare? What exactly is that, anything like the FDA and its corporate campus? Americans won’t even agree to practical methods to avoid viral infection, just how well informed are they in making a very important change to healthcare.

Life is an unfailing educator. And it teaches Americans that they need a publicly funded single payer system. That is why they support it in super majority numbers, whenever polled.
The current system has two purposes-to shovel money into the hands of capitalists and to corrupt legislatures. Two more good reasons for changing it.


I agree it needs changing, or regulation as it once had. That said, it is important how it is changed and what is changed. M4A has benefits but doesn’t really address some of the more pressing issues, it just changes how they are paid. And, to some degree, who decides.

Biden: the kinder, gentler face of American Fascism.