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Biden Rushes in Where Clinton Failed to Tread

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/16/biden-rushes-where-clinton-failed-tread

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Obamacare was a load of crap. Obama bailed out bankers to the tunes of trillions of dollars. Obama extended the war on terror to seven more countries. Obama extended Bush era tax cuts to the wealthy. Obama refused to prosecute bankers for bank fraud and refused to prosecute Bush era war criminals for war crimes. The paris accords are an absolute joke, little more then a fig leave giving the appearance there concern while the Western nations proceed with “business as usual”.

Obama had “kill lists” of people to be executed this including US Citizens and Children. Obama set a record for the number of migrants deported from the USA. He pushed mass surveillance of US citizens, he declared Venezuela a threat to national security , he backed coups of democratically elected Governments in multiple Countries. He repealed posse Commiatus and busted up the BLM movement.

He left a legacy that was easier for guys like TRUMP to build on and there no reason to suggest Hilary would not have done the same. This the Hilary that suggested a war on Russia and bombing Iran to oblivion.

And no all of the harm Obama did was not because of the Republicans. He and his democrats were fully on board with it. The course Biden pursues will be all his doing and not a “The Republicans made me do it” scenario.


I keep getting a visual of Flip Wilson’s Geraldine saying “The devil made me do it.”


While the DNC may not accuse Biden and Harris of “socialism” the way the GOP does and will, the DNC will continue to deploy more firepower against progressives than it ever does against the GOP.

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Get to know Biden’s Chief Of Staff


Looking at the picture of Hillary smiling here, reminded me of the Rolling Stones song, “She Smiled Sweetly.”

Don’t it?