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Biden’s Agriculture Secretary: Heitkamp Is the Wrong Choice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/18/bidens-agriculture-secretary-heitkamp-wrong-choice

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Seems like everybody Biden puts forward is the “wrong” choice.

Who woulda’ thunk it???


But, if we question “our” former party (sold to the very worst lizards on earth) doesn’t that mean we’re “FOR Trump?” I’m so frigging glad, we’re back to NORMAL! Mmmm… Golden Rice® & herbicide/ radioactive fracking brine flavored GE monoculture, CAFO pink slime!






I am just going to call Joe: Business as Usual Biden.

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Biden’s abominable cabinet choices are the result of an inverted political strategy whereby progressives rally behind corporatists before the election without exacting any concessions, all the while vowing to hold their feet to the fire after they take office. If there is a more inept, incompetent, asinine way of going about things, I can’t see it. Predictably, Biden is giving progressives exactly what they should have expected all along - the middle finger.


Many CD posters frequently reminded us that Obama’s 8 years were Dubya’s third and fourth terms. Grab your ankles tight and ride out Dubya’s fifth term.

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Repeatedly focusing on Biden’s words as if the meanings taken by the listener have any real relation

to Biden’s intentions is a great mistake. The Obama/Clintonian use of words as a tool of deception

which is deliberately used against progressives is the central advertising technique of the

democrat version of Free Marketing.

Biden is far less skillful at fakery than his oily predecessors, but he is just as big a phony.

The DNC is incapable of allowing their words to have any relationship with meanings - other

than as a form of lipstick on a bulldozer.

She’s absolutely the Right choice for the job. It’s just that the incoming administration’s view of what the job is doesn’t consider what the job needs to be.

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Every one of Biden’s choices is the wrong choice, because Biden was the wrong choice.

So I’m sure that after hundreds (thousands?) of LOTE Dem advocacy columns, CD will begin advocating for the Green and Peoples’ Parties in three, two, one…


and he’s sticking it in the same ol’ Business-as-Usual places

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Don’t worry, we’ll hold Biden’s feet to the fire and make him do the right thing. Remember, it worked with Obama and …oh, wait. Nevermind.

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As soon as Obama started appointing his Cabinet, there were a number of people who had supported his “hope and change” Presidency that suddenly jumped off the bandwagon and realized they had been conned.

This time around there was no excuse. Here and elsewhere people were suggesting this would happen which is why so many implored people to start supporting third parties. Obama worked a Con. Biden did not have to . It was pretty obvious what he was going to do and those that were conned by Obama have no excuse this time around.

This time the con was by those people who insisted that Biden could be forced to listen to the left by “holding his feet to the fire”. Numerous articles were that were in such a vein were posted here and now those same con-men are pleading innocence.

You, and we, would benefit by a deeper think on your current choice. I am missing a thought out basis for why? Rep Chellie Pingree has a record (and support). Her Agricultural Resilience Act is brilliant. It does not hurt that she is a farmer as well.