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Biden’s Agriculture Secretary: Heitkamp Is the Wrong Choice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/18/bidens-agriculture-secretary-heitkamp-wrong-choice


Seems like everybody Biden puts forward is the “wrong” choice.

Who woulda’ thunk it???


But, if we question “our” former party (sold to the very worst lizards on earth) doesn’t that mean we’re “FOR Trump?” I’m so frigging glad, we’re back to NORMAL! Mmmm… Golden Rice® & herbicide/ radioactive fracking brine flavored GE monoculture, CAFO pink slime!






I am just going to call Joe: Business as Usual Biden.


Biden’s abominable cabinet choices are the result of an inverted political strategy whereby progressives rally behind corporatists before the election without exacting any concessions, all the while vowing to hold their feet to the fire after they take office. If there is a more inept, incompetent, asinine way of going about things, I can’t see it. Predictably, Biden is giving progressives exactly what they should have expected all along - the middle finger.


Many CD posters frequently reminded us that Obama’s 8 years were Dubya’s third and fourth terms. Grab your ankles tight and ride out Dubya’s fifth term.


She’s absolutely the Right choice for the job. It’s just that the incoming administration’s view of what the job is doesn’t consider what the job needs to be.


Every one of Biden’s choices is the wrong choice, because Biden was the wrong choice.

So I’m sure that after hundreds (thousands?) of LOTE Dem advocacy columns, CD will begin advocating for the Green and Peoples’ Parties in three, two, one…


and he’s sticking it in the same ol’ Business-as-Usual places


Don’t worry, we’ll hold Biden’s feet to the fire and make him do the right thing. Remember, it worked with Obama and …oh, wait. Nevermind.


As soon as Obama started appointing his Cabinet, there were a number of people who had supported his “hope and change” Presidency that suddenly jumped off the bandwagon and realized they had been conned.

This time around there was no excuse. Here and elsewhere people were suggesting this would happen which is why so many implored people to start supporting third parties. Obama worked a Con. Biden did not have to . It was pretty obvious what he was going to do and those that were conned by Obama have no excuse this time around.

This time the con was by those people who insisted that Biden could be forced to listen to the left by “holding his feet to the fire”. Numerous articles were that were in such a vein were posted here and now those same con-men are pleading innocence.


You, and we, would benefit by a deeper think on your current choice. I am missing a thought out basis for why? Rep Chellie Pingree has a record (and support). Her Agricultural Resilience Act is brilliant. It does not hurt that she is a farmer as well.


Again, Suspira: Given the collapse of the spectrum of more specifically reform-minded Democratic Party primary candidates like Elizabeth Warren with her precise platform on breaking up the big banks and why, or Bernie Sanders with his yeoman’s work showing how Medicare for All was a National Security priority even before the appearance of our Pandemic Plague, or even those closer to the failure of either party to address the immigration issue like Julian Castro what was our choice? Staying home and leaving the election to the ever shrinking Trumplican electoral majority?

Candidates who were pressured to yield to low excitement getter Biden, like Julian Castro may have been too moderate for me, but I concede he has more knowledge and experience with porous border issues and the human issues of crossing borders. Especially compared with the business media manipulated (and there is no Labor Media to compete with the sole news\public affairs narrative in U.S.) Adam Smith cited imperative of Capital Must Have the Right to Cross Borders. Adam Smith in Wealth of Nations stipulated so long as Labor had the right to cross borders too. Which the Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrine adopted by our Duopoly never likes to mention, cuz they know it is a political non-starter.

With explanation the House of Clinton’s unfettering of Global Capital should have been a political non-starter for the already decimated U.S. working class. However, we had no Public Interest broadcaster or savvy Social Democrat candidate to even out the asymmetry of propaganda organs or any socio-political or Political Economy entity set up to deepen the electorate’s understanding of issues like global trade that Trump was stealing from the corporatized DNC and its mouth-piece in Status Quo Joe MBNA Biden.

Progressives have never even organized a DEMAND for Labor equal time on corporate underwritten “public broadcast corporation” to counter the Cold War propaganda re-purposed as New Global Order Business Orthodoxy under the first House of Bush administration.

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That you have such bad choices today speaks to the bad choices you have made in the past.

Progressives have to STOP voting for a party that does not represent them. the left has to STOP voting for parties on the far right. Both the Republicans and Democrats are on the right . I just do not see the wisdom of the left voting for one of them because the other is worse.

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How would ya feel if Trump had won?


Again, Trump won his first presidency due to the corrupt nature of the DNC. All of those people claiming to be progressives and on the left who voted for people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and the like in those years past ensured there would be a Doanald trump.

How would you feel if there never was a Donald Trump as President. How would you feel if a legitimate progressive and member of the left like a Eugene Debs President before Trump came around?

I would think you would be way farther along and feeling a whole lot better about progressives and the left then you do under Biden because right now there nothing to feel good about.

Go back to the Obama Presidency with his bailout of the banks, his mass deportations, his refusal to prosecute war criminals, his destruction of the Libya and the like. Was there something to feel good about if you were on the left?

Not as bad does not make it good.


You’re right of course about the bad choices in the past but here we are, having been unable to prevent people around us from making them, despite constantly warning about exactly what was happening and what the results would be. We can expect the same in 4 years; a Republican who’s worse (someone as evil but not quite as diagnosably mentally ill and incompetent) running against a Democrat who is therefore also worse.

The oligarchy is so well protected against all actions including speech that the only hope we have is to take it to the streets. And the headquarters and homes of the officers and politicians, and worksites of the machine. Demonstrations, education, boycotts, blockades, with as much flare as possible. Land Kayaktivism combined with the simplest possible iterations of truth.

CD: You might as well start a series of articles with a template. The headline is
“Biden’s (Fill in latest position being filled): (Fill in name of latest appointment) is the Wrong Choice”