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Biden’s Defense Secretary Pick Shows the Revolving Door for Military Contractors Remains

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/09/bidens-defense-secretary-pick-shows-revolving-door-military-contractors-remains

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Sarah, did you think the military industrial complex was going to go away?


Ro Khanna says he’s voting for the waiver because Austin is black. Totally not because he’s a corporate tool of Democrats instead of Republicans:



Now, let’s see if the BLM advocacy movement has any semblance of a single moral fiber at its core or if it is a selfish, racist advocacy group consisting of pseudo-intellectual thugs and otherwise common criminals, as described by some. If it is the former and they want my support as a White man and human being, then they are obliged to issue a full-throated denunciation of this potential nomination based on his prior incarnation as a warmongering sociopath on military welfare or, as he would prefer to be called, a “soldier” and, yet worse, based on him being a Raytheon good ol’ boy.

Cheering mindlessly for this “breaking the glass ceiling” nonsense at the expense of Muslim women and children who are, quite obviously, savages for choosing to live on the US bombing ranges formerly known as Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria would clearly make them the latter.

Is it that All Lives Matter or that only Black Lives Matter? I won’t indulge in semantics here and spurious, shrill whines about “You don’t know what we have had to endure in America for four hundred years!” by BLM shills and their handlers.

All Zahra and her son Reza heard last month in Yemen was a loud explosion and then they ceased to be.

That is all that matters. You had your fun tearing down statues over the summer and causing all sorts of mayhem for the general, law-abiding public. Now, here is your chance to go and do something useful for a change and actually contribute to the betterment of America.

Speak up. Did the Police seize every single megaphone? We cannot hear you.


From Caitlin Johnstone, “Didn’t the Supreme Court rule that corporations are people anyway? Make Raytheon the Secretary of Defense, make Boeing Secretary of State, make Goldman Sachs the Secretary-Treasurer, make ExxonMobil the head of the EPA, make Amazon the CIA Director, and Google the Director of National Intelligence. Then you’d have a completely honest face on the head of the US empire.” In something that should be from The Onion but isn’t, Biden is about to appoint a man nicknamed “Mr. Monsanto” to run the Department of Agriculture, so why not just appoint Monsanto itself.


Unfortunately the continued denial of the fact that the US ostensibly exist to support military adventurism is just another silly conclusion among many made by those who’s vision has a preference for fantasy.
18 years in Afghanistan and 2 trillion dollars spent should tell you something. According to reports the USA has spent a total of 6.4 trillion dollars on wars in the Middle East as of 2019.
What is worse is to assume that the voice of the people or the sway of intellect among politicians will alter the mentality and military domination of our Nation.
Anyway, it’s all just fun and games now, the future will be about resources and who has the will and the means to procure and possess those resources regardless of who they belong to.
The US has no annual budget, National debt is currently 23.3 trillion dollars, the current national deficit is 3.1 trillion dollars, current US auto loan debt is 1.36 trillion and rising and the US has borrowed 4.5 trillion dollars this year.
All this is with a population of 328 million people!
We are the worlds largest consumers and we have been having the world’s largest party in the world’s largest amusement park.
That’s not going to change unless we change human nature.

Actually the US national debt is more like $27 1/2 trillion according to the US debt clock website. trump (with the help of our irresponsible congress) has increased the debt almost $2 trillion per year he has been in office.