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Biden’s Top Trade Official Should Work to Protect Governments From the Rising Number of Corporate Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/01/bidens-top-trade-official-should-work-protect-governments-rising-number-corporate


ISDS suits? We are enabling them globally.

How could claimants get away with such obviously unjust suits? This piece left a couple of key points out:

  1. ISDS tribunals are for corporations to use, only–there is no provision for governments, unions, or civil society to sue corporations. What “free trade agreements” are is bills of rights for corporations, and the tribunals are the enforcement mechanism.
  2. The judges are three corporate lawyers, picked from a roster; there are no conflict-of-interest provisions. Also they can be held in secret.
  3. There is no appeal. There is no accountability.
    This has become such a beautiful payday possibility that there are now law firms specializing in these outrageous courts, and some participants are becoming uneasy. Imagine a nation using a system like this, with only one side having rights, judges not subject to any scrutiny…any tinpot third-world little banana republic would be embarrassed by such a system, but it’s used, and used increasingly in the international arena because governments for the most part exist to serve their corporate masters.

The web site italaw dot com has a lot of ISDS cases. The shift is disinheriting humanity and turning the entire world and all policy into corporate property and humanity into tenants, who must pay rent or quit.

Biden was likely elected because of his ties to the corporate state. He would be an unlikely pick to defend anybody against it.

Nomatter what the people want, since when have the US defended human rights against corporate ones? We established those new corporate rights - its why our system is so dysfunctional now.