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Biden’s Treasury Could Fight Climate Change, But Would Lael Brainard’s?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/15/bidens-treasury-could-fight-climate-change-would-lael-brainards

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Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, we just had the hottest September yet:



Which might have something to do with why California is burning up. We’re holding our breath through several hours of a “red-flag fire warning” – watching the temperature climb and the humidity plummet. No fresh pyro-spectacles yet, in our current diablo-wind onslaught – cross your fingers!

Brainard supported expanding Fed secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF). Administered by fossil fuel investor BlackRock. Fed SMCCF has the debt of fossil fuel invested in notorious pipelines, the Dakota Access Pipeline. Since the Fed’s bailout, oil and gas companies have borrowed $100 billion from the bond market reported Friends of the Earth, Bailout Watch, Public Citizen. The report found the Fed purchased debt from oil and gas companies,12 have received downgrades on securities from credit rating agencies.

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Who’s gonna fight their way past Status Quo MBNA Joe Biden’s already hired gate-keeper to the even newer ‘reform cabinet’ he’s sure to appoint to one-up the ‘TARP bailed-out by Bush-Cheney reform cabinet’ of his boss Obama in 2009?

Do some reading up on the actual behind-the-scenes White House meetings in the first months after Obama-Biden welcomed former silent NY FED President Timothy Geithner into their ‘reform cabinet.’ That gate-keeper was none other than the Obama Campaign’s Chief Financial Advisor, the role he contracted to play again to guard access to the Obama-Biden Cabinet of Apex Wall Street Predators and Privatizers of 2009, namely Larry Summers…

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Biden had better dance with those who brung him, or he’ll be the guy we come after with pitchforks. All these nice people supporting him are not doing it because they want an Obama clone; we’re doing it because we couldn’t have Bernie. There is no justification for any of us to have to be screaming at Joe to pay attention to the crisis we’re in. He’s well aware of it and to ignore that would quickly make him more hated than the stupid cheeto man. Elizabeth Warren for Secretary of Treasury and no one else will do.

Well, I suppose if everyone in this country heated and cooled their homes with energy derived 100% from green sources such as solar and wind, and everyone drove vehicles powered by 100% ethanol, biodiesel or electricity derived from green sources then we could afford to just let the fossil fuel industry go by the wayside. Back on planet earth in the here and now, is everyone here who pisses and moans about fossil fuel bailouts ready to do without a vehicle, or heat and air conditioning - not to mention warm water - in their homes?