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Biden’s Troubling Foreign Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/28/bidens-troubling-foreign-policy

Biden told the rich nothing’s going to change under his administration. When is the left going to believe him?
He’s proven negotiating with his team is a waste of time.
The people will gain nothing, under the Democratic Corporation.
The new America, same as it always was.


With all due respect, Mr Erlich, no.

The Obama/Biden Administration began US involvement in three proxy wars, Syria, Libya, Yemen.
The Trump Administration, no peaceniks by any means, haven’t gotten us involved in any new wars.
The Trump Administration has signed a preliminary peace agreement with the Taliban.
The Trump Administration is proposing a troop reduction from Germany.
The Trump Administration has dropped the regime change approach to Syria.

You write, Mr. Erlich, that “Trump’s defeat could lay the groundwork for a significantly better foreign policy based on peace and non-intervention.”

But based on actual evidence, it’s quite reasonable to draw the exact opposite conclusion. Especially given the short shrift – I would call it outright scorn – given to progressives trying to influence Biden.

You’re correct, Mr. Erlich, Biden’s foreign policy is troubling. Yet you gave him too much credit by sugarcoating Biden’s reality and distorting Trump’s in a thinly veiled attempt at sheepdogging under false pretenses. That’s troubling, too.


Nailed it


Biden’s foreign policy is effin awful.

But his domestic/economic policy is probably even worse:



““A world totally dominated by the United States will probably never exist again,” says Bessner.”

That is the one positive outcome of the Trump regime. I predicted he would ruin US hegemony with his erratic, spectacularly stupid, America first hostile behavior; and the vassal states would be fed up with his idiocy and destructiveness and go their own way.

Now lets get rid of him before he further destroys this country. OK Biden sucks but it is choice between disaster and an apocalypse. Trump has proven himself to trample on American law and constitution vastly more than any other president so far. Except for the war he vastly outdoes Nixon. If he gets elected again there will be nothing stopping him. He has appointed twenty percent of Federal judges in four years, just think what he could do in four more years. And RBG won’t last another four so he’ll get to pick her replacement-kiss the Supremes good by when it comes to reasonable jurisprudence.

I expect that on Jan 21 the Southern District of NY will pile on the indictments against one Donald J. Trump former US president, con man, chronic prevaricator, sadist, rapist, cheat, evil doer.


I read on antiwar dot com that biden was planning on ending the support for the saudi war in Yemen if elected. I sure hope he hasn’t changed his mind on this. And I sure hope he doesn’t make susan rice secretary of state, or any other position, because she’s basically just a black version of hillary clinton in her hawkish policies.

What we REALLY need in this country is major demonstrations - like the BLM demonstrations - of all these pro-war, pro-military spending policies that never end no matter which party is in power. Also we need to collectively boycott the companies who support the pro-war politicians in their campaigns: hit these callous money grubbers where it hurts. This and voting for progressive candidates who prioritize public good over military dominance is the only way we’re going to stop this insanity.


While Biden’s presumed foreign policy positions will be to stay in the same lanes as the Trump Adm. currently finds itself in, there are some very different archs potentially, to where that might lead us.
Certainly the potential for conflict with Iran ( which means the entirety of The MENA ) is worse with Trump. They’re both dolts on Venezuela, but Trump is more apt to be The Dolt-In-Chief, in regards to that country. Pompeo is a loose cannon and wants to be POTUS, as well That spells big trouble. .
As to N. Korea, Afghanistan, Syria …both the Democrats and Republicans are holding each other in place. Unfortunately, it’s a horrible place and resembles a dark and deep dead end. Checked off as opposed to checked down/out.
The best Americans could hope for is that the focus returns to re-establishing Chinese agri-business markets. And, that sane younger political leaders refocus the country’s gaze and views on the hollow homefront. We Americans, as a people, really do need to do some navel gazing and to get a check up from the neck up.
For starters, how about figuring out how many young Rittenhouses there are, and start dismantling that whole damn thing. If we don’t end this nothing else will really matter, anyway.

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Yes, Trump’s and Biden’s foreign policy is not identical…but there is very much an overlap.

“A Democrat, whether in the White House, Senate or Congress, would have little reason to roll back Trump’s toughness on China without some concession in return,” said Tariq Dennison, a Hong Kong-based investment adviser at GFM Asset Management told me. “One thing both parties seem to agree on in 2020 is to blame China for any of America’s problems that can’t be easily blamed on the other party. That’s not going to change anytime soon.”

The Biden campaign held an online event on July 8 pitched as the former vice president’s “vision for Venezuela and Venezuelans in the U.S.” Spoiler alert: his vision for Venezuela barely differs from President Trump’s.

In the Middle East, Kamala Harris told a group of Jewish donors Wednesday that a Joe Biden White House would not place any conditions on military aid to Israel, and that a Biden-Harris administration would continue the “unprecedented” military and intelligence cooperation with the Jewish state the country received from the Obama administration.

I could go on but let’s be frank when it comes to promoting American interests across the world, whether it is Biden or Trump, it means Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Perhaps Biden will be more efficient on foreign policy, perhaps as his record shows , he is more a warhawk than chickenhawk like Trump.

But for the world does that really mean Biden is the better option?


The best thing the United ( Ha! Ha! ) States of America could do for the rest of the world is to develop something neutral, or counter to; ya’ know, besides The Damn UniParty Consensus. It’s beginning to look like something crooked is going on under that damnable banner. {snark }


“The Biden ad was xenophobic and racist.”

Well, why should the writer, or even Cheung-Miaw, think it’s the ad and not Biden himself who’s racist? With all the BLM and other groups demonstrating non-stop the last few months one should’ve understood by now that racism and imperialism are inseparable Siamese twins. Its impossible to bomb so many Middle Eastern countries back to stone age, killing and wounding millions of darker folks in the process, without deeply entrenched racism. Just as the killing of blacks at random - still going on after 400 years - has to be part of the mentality that had found it acceptable to seize an entire continent from native Americans. So Biden is nothing if not an imperialist, and therefore racist.

However, if we go by comments in CD, its unlikely that people would vote for Biden even if he’d withdrawn that ad. In 2016 the vast majority here refused to endorse Hillary, and Trump won. My feeling is that the same result would occur again. Better to have Trump and hope for a true progressive in 2014 than an admitted Tweedledum.

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Gonna have to disagree with you on which administration would be worse in terms of conflict with Iran.

A glaring source of conflict with Iran is Yemen – where Obama/Biden/Hillary got us involved.
Another is Syria, where Obama/Biden/Hillary pretended we were fighting ISIS but wanted to oust Assad.

Both efforts, by the way, abject failures: The Houthis are kicking Saudi ass, despite the US policy of starving them to death. Assad, backed by Putin, is clearly in charge in Syria, despite US funding of Al Qaeda elements to overthrow him.

And let’s recall that Trump has had the likes of warmongering Bolton and Pompeo urging him on for years now, and somehow managed to not start a war. That’s kinda amazing.


Personally, I’m sick and tired " of all this winning ". As a child of a veteran I’m always ready to consider " bringing all the troops home " almost immediately. In this area, both parties make me sick.
I’m a N/A voter and Bernie progressive-populist, who is casting votes for many local politicians in 2020 and two for federal ones. That’s it.
I like that ratio a lot, currently. We’ll see what happens after 01/01/2021.


“If Biden wins, it seems likely he will end Trump’s tariff wars with allies, re-engage in the Paris climate agreement, and reverse Trump’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran.”

He’d better do a lot more than that. Same old same old is unacceptable in any form.

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LOL - Yeah Trump didn’t get the USA involved any new foreign wars. He brought it to the streets of America. Think the street violence is bad now? Wait until the Trump Chumps are told by Trump he lost cause the election was rigged!!

Yeah, I hear that sowing doubts about the election is going around. From my link below:

“Eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,” Clinton said.


Hope for a true progressive in 2024?
After two Bernie runs have landed progressives even more behind than we were?

Kopbama Harris is the VP pick.
A plethora of Republicans spoke at the Democratic convention.
The party platform could have been written by Mitt Romney.

Hopium is a dangerous drug, my friend.


As little credit as it gives Trump, the neoconservative wing of both parties has criticized him from the warlike right repeatedly over the last four years.

A trouble with the troubling foreign policy, among others, is that it gets carried out at home as well. You do not upset government after government overtly and covertly for decades without a full-bore MIC, socially divisive and bigoted propaganda, steep iniquity and loss of job security, a crippled social net, persecution of journalism and whistleblowing, and so forth.

I wish I had some good news about it.

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“Nothings going to change” is coded language for the GATS scheme will not be changed. So that means things will quite probably change a LOT for working people? How?
1.) Expanding Medicare" means killing the affordable aspect of it in WTO-speak.
(So does “Medicare For All”) Remember how I kept saying “We have to leave GATS first” I wasnt kidding. But we havent and the candidate I was hoping wasnt a traitor, turned out to be, because now he’s giving us advice that clearly triggers the privatization of Medicare. Read it for yourself.

  1. Biden and Bernie’s “expansion” of Medicare directly against GATS rules is entrapment, and kills Medicare. If Medicare which is now seen officially as part of our statutory system of social security, is expanded to be any more inclusive than Social Security then it can no longer be a government entity!

Not only that, it may have to be no more generous than our non-medicare health insurance system was in february 1998, pre ACA, I suspect. Because it now and has for many decades, (until we break it) violate all sorts of rules designed to destroy public services and privatize them. Because its too good of a deal, and is framed as unfairly competing with the low cost products of CORPORATIONS, including foreign providers, who are chomping at the bit to get all that business…

Read up on the ideology of this cult, outside the US because here in the belly of the beast you wnt find it.

“the rich are not like you and I”

To them, we are past our sell by date, and the “natural” solution to poor people not being able to afford healthcare, is for them to go somewhere they can still afford it. Outside the US. Or to the providers from there. Not anything that cuts into profits.

See the top of the Annex on Financial Services- the top paragraph.


People have to understand what being in GATS’s scope means, see the document

This two line definition- and its alternate version in the Annex that applies to things like medicare and Social Security- is extremely important! For something to be “services” in the definition of GATS scope, is to be privatized by a death of 1000 cuts… slow slicing, so to speak (an ancient Chinese method of execution)

Only “services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority” (outside GATS scope) which preexisted it, (1995 or 1998, in our case) since creating new ones is forbidden - can be public, sustainably.

Everything else can only be a bridge to commercial profit oriented operation. Which will kill it as we know it today, that has been the global rich’s intent all along, to “get out from under entitlements”, globally. We are leading this effort… Both parties are in agreement. (Washington Consensus) …

Also they generaously decided to trade away the jobs…

A great many jobs if subsidies are involved (AND they are not exempt, which would require immediate action to withdraw the US from GATS, and compensation in other jobs)
Possibly millions of jobs (since visa quotas are being challenged by India as WTO-illegal) if we lose…

Maybe millions of now decent jobs may have to be put up for bidding. In any case, we are ulikely to be allowed to just ignore the commitments previous administrations made in the Uruguay Round to the Global South to enable trade in services.

Procurement means outsourcing, Many sectors were also committed in the AGP - See ~https://e-gpa.wto.org

See also this document, esp page 11 - note that even the UK’s NHS no longer qualifies for the exemption since it left the EU via Brexit. Thats gradually going to mean Britons will be pushed into for profit healthcare - Maybe it will offshore subsidized parts.

WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION S/C/W/50 18 September 1998 (98-3558) Council for Trade in Services HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES Background Note by the Secretariat I. INTRODUCTION 1. This Note forms part of the information exchange programme currently conducted by the Council for Trade in Services. Complementing similar Notes on other sectors, it gives an overview of recent economic and regulatory developments, including commitments under the GATS, in the medical, health and social services sectors. Delegations are recommended to read it in conjunction with more detailed studies issued by international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), UNCTAD, World Bank and OECD.

Everything we know is wrong. They are just telling us what they think we want to hear to fatten us up for the feast.

Seriously. This truth is so horrible they would never be honest about it. Neither party. They traded away the country’s future for short term profits. If things seem too good to be true, they most certainly are. They just dont want any kind of investigation into how bad these deals are for us.

They have lined their pockets, now its time for you to pay.

If this is correct, they miscalculated in a big way. When all hell breaks lose, and that’s right around the corner without a bailout for the people, they have forgot this country was founded on violence and continues to this day, it will be them in the scope crosshairs. And no amount of security or police will protect them. It’s about to get very ugly in this country, and they won’t escape that ugliness. What we’ve seen in the last couple of months is but a primer, of what’s coming.