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Biden’s Troubling Foreign Policy

Democracy matters.

There’s a big upside to Biden’s election: he could die or be declared mentally incompetent in a year or two.

Until Trump came along, Biden was the biggest liar in politics. All his lies are on YouTube.

We’ll have to tell the WTO and GATS to go to hell.

they wouldnt think of it. The US and the WTO are like lips and teeth, we’re so close.

Trump is just a reality TV actor. You know what I mean?

“America, You’re Fired”

Its like that…

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Even if he is mentally incompetent, no problem.

That even seems to be an advantage, as nobody will expect him to make any sense at all. Thst has worked well for a great many recent and current Presidents. Seriously, they need plausble deniability - the last thing they want is somebody who has to make sense.

They want somebody who doesnt give a fuck.

Somebody who was smart in the way most smart people are wouldnt be able to pull “Democratic President under GATS” off. because they have to maintain the illusion of progress while doing nothing.

Its a shame he’s so old and faithful (probably) to his wife… Scandal is a perfect way to waste years of precious time.


We’d need to go back even further in time than that to get to a year when we could elect a real Democrat and have them be actually able to put forward a real Democratic platform and implement it. Before the Punte Del Este Declaration on September 20, 1986, I think. If not that far back, definitely December 8, 1994, so that means before the 1992 election.

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Trump has already said that and told his fascist, brainwashed base that if he loses the coming election it is because it was rigged. Translation: I lost because I did not rig it good enough!

Thay have both rigged it, neither party could do it without the others total cooperation.

Yes, the DNC rigged it a yaer ago when they selected the Biden/Harris ticket for POTUS.

its been rigged for at least 26 years probably much longer. Otherwise how could they trade away control of the entire economic aspect of the economy to the jurisdiction of the WTO and be confident they could manipulate the voters into any fake situation their hearts desired? People would just vote for things and destroy the investors investments.

This can be proved by looking at what Bernie Sanders is alleged to have proposed, none of it could have possibly have been implemented because it was all traded away 26 years ago. So how could it possibly have been ‘decided’ in any way NOW, decades later? All Presidents can do is alienate more rights. In other words fuck things up more, not make them better. Otherwards, we would have fixed all these problems long ago.

You just wait and see.

For example, expanding Medicare actually means killing its “medicare like” aspect, leaving it unaffordable to the poor.

You should read the portion of the GATS that does this. Its easy to find. Search in it on social security.

Millions are likely to become a huge profit generator for multinational corporations, working for $1 a day in some huge country sized prison like the ones in North Korea.

I’m sure that’s what they think, but the North Koreans weren’t crazy and armed like the US public. It won’t end well.


"Why would they get angry about their jobs being traded away? Its been planned for 26 years, they had lots of time to get rich off of stocks.

Their services are just too expensive, its not personal".

Youre right, it is a recipe for disaster, but they are still doing it anyway. Its a train wreck in slow motion.

They are doing it because they are doing it. Its a classic example of groupthink. Why are the people here who call ourselves Democrats letting our country be stolen by the Bidens and Clintons and Obamas and Trumps of the world, thay are just laughig at us. How incredibly stupid people are.


Well not all of us are, I’ve been called a troll and worse (not that I give a dam) here for bringing up the fact that the dem party insiders are just as big of con-artists as Trump, and are not a political party at all, just another corporation. After the 2016 election, those of us who openly admitted to voting for Stein, were chastised for throwing the election to Trump, even though there were more dems that didn’t vote at all, than those of us who voted 3rd party. They seem to lack the ability to see that the dems threw the election then, and are doing the same thing today.

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The Club of Rome predicted huge depopulation of Planet Earth right around now. Because of loss of incomes, employment and subsequent starvation.

Only too true! Many of us saw this in the battle in Seattle when The WTO was shut down.

Looks like were going to prove them correct.

I hope not, because the rate we are creating new ways to save labor- reducingand upping the bar to getting decent jobs as we know them today, jobs are going to be very scarce within a few decades, maybe very much less.

“Services liberalization” (Outsourcing and offshoring or labor using the movement of natural persons provisions embedded in trade (in services, and other) agreements) will accelerate that pace substantially, . (Possibly by a factor of three or four or more) and make the changes in all practical terms so expensive to reverse - that they might as well be irreversible.

(escaping the obligations would requires massive compensation in lost expected profits, for the jobs that other countries already allege we promised them).

So getting out of the trap thats been created for us, may in all practical terms be impossible.

What was created is a huge asset protection scheme for the wealthy of the world that makes them impervious to democracy, basically eliminating democracy, as far as being able to change anything of economic importance.

We would have to pay other countries literally trillions of dollars in other concessions, for example, other sectors of jobs, in order to win back the right to regulate healthcare or health insurance. (Bernie Sanders campaign appears to have been a cover up to give people the mistaken impresion those sectors had not been traded away in the 1990s, but they were. the reasons why these radical changes have not already occurred to a very large degree has to do with (in 2010) the Global Financial Crisis which enebled countries to put off their GATS obligations and engage in protectionist measures (the ACA was likely one )for a decade. But we swore to end them soon at the G20 meeting a few years ago in China) So now its quite possible the outsourcing will begin.

No matter how many excuses I hear to offshore/outsource our labor (and I hear new ones every day, many of them are just outrageous exercises in rationalizing really evil behavior) nothing can cover up the fact that its a truly unbelievable breaking of the social contract and betrayal of trust.

Thats the real reason this election is SO rigged. Young people will be the most impacted. Many may never get a decent job, ever unless they join the international precariat of migrant labor, a demand of even well educated young people that they disenfranchise themselves just to get what they now would consider very low paying work is pretty harsh.

But the oligarchs love the idea.

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Wht do people not realize its rigged nomatter which of the political actors wins?

POTUS always been selected; before they are elected. Hell I predicted the Biden /Harris ticket before the dog and pony show called the debates even started! In my view, the only exception was JFK who was selected but turned on his selectors after he got in office and that is why JFK was called “ruthless” by the CIA.