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Biden Says 'The Bernie Bros Are Here' as Protesters Disrupt Detroit Rally to Denounce NAFTA, Champion Green New Deal

Joe better get used to it. The Bernie Bros are nothing compared to the Trumplodyte trolls.

I’m not struggling. The thought of another Supreme Court pick is enough to make me hold my nose and put a mark by Biden’s name. I can’t stand Biden and everything he represents. He’s a phony schmoozing politician at its worst, but Trump is a nightmare beyond all comprehension…especially if he wins another term. No one will stop him and he could change America forever more. He could do a number of things that will keep the republicans in power for years to come. I’ll vote Biden even if it kills me to do so. With Biden progressives will survive to fight the bigger battle to form another party. The revolution will continue to grow.

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I simply can’t support the farce of two different parties any more. Biden gave us Clarence Thomas. I doubt his choice of judges will be all that different from Trump.


How soon you forget that it was Joe Biden who savaged Anita Hill to give us Clarence Thomas.
And Clarence Thomas stopped the vote counting to give us Dubya.
And Clarence Thomas gave us Citizen United.

Any pick that Biden gives us will be just as corporate friendly as a Trump pick.
And the Democrats in the Senate will cheerfully go along with Biden.


Biden defended that? A massacre that has left a stain on the American consciousness to this day. He oughta be deeply ashamed.

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I’m very suspicious about these protesters. I believe some were Bernie supporters but I have a hard time believing they would create such bad press by disrupting a campaign rally. I’m thinking more like Trump operatives posing at Bernie supporters to disrupt and fuel more division. Either that or Bernie really doesn’t want to win because even if he got the nomination he would need all those so-called ‘corporate’ or ‘centrists’ Democrats, i.e. everyone who didn’t vote for Bernie, to form a coalition to defeat Trump. You don’t form a coalition by brow beating and berating those whom you need as allies. So, I have to think it’s Bernie supporters infiltrated by Trump paid agitators to get them stirred up. (Think Erik Prince) I can’t believe Bernie’s supporters could be this dumb and would do this just on their own.

So your solution is? Do you think Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Sonja Sotomayer, and Elena Kagen are just corporate Supreme Court Justices? You really are a Trump troll aren’t you. No one would ever confuse Democratic picks for the SC to be the same as the Republican picks unless they were trying to foment disruption and division among Democrats. I call out your BS and tell you to get out of our race. We Democrats will decide what’s best for us. Go back to FOX News.

The solution is to avoid corporate candidates like Trump and Biden.
Bernie is the ONLY reasonable choice.


‘Bernie Bros’ Were Invented as Sexist, Racist and Anti-Semitic

The Establishment uses identity politics to divide those who might otherwise find a united voice and a common cause, writes Jonathan Cook.

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We are a product of ying and yang. The balance of power and place.
If we think too much alike we have too much power for the bullies to deal with. Keep the rolls 50-50 and the rub appears untenable, and the money power wins out over all of us.

Honestly, this is an article I missed. good grief, really? Bernie Bros are the result of 45? Holee shite!
Happy that I stopped the crap coming from ByeDim’s ‘Vote for ME’ group today.

Left an extensive WHY NOT, that will fall on deaf old white rich ears.

I liked your comment but I think Biden is in some ways just as dangerous as trump because both are a vote for a system thats quietly overthrowing democracy for corporations. One thats caused a million deaths of poor Americans by rigging the healthcare system.

So they both are really dangerous. I think its time to dump the fake two party system before it dumps us. There still is time to tell people about GATS - which seems treasonous to me.

You are right. It is the two party system married to capitalism which means control by the oligarchs using their money to buy influence and control to freeze out any opposition. Biden is their new face.

Trade ageements are fascist, weaponized instruments of coercion /extremism.

Nobody would agree with them, including almost all capitalists. They go WAY beyond any kind of reasonableness, they are an attempt to take over the world.