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Biden Taps Bruce Reed, Deficit Hawk and Longtime Enemy of Social Security, for Deputy Chief of Staff

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/biden-taps-bruce-reed-deficit-hawk-and-longtime-enemy-social-security-deputy-chief


Get ready, neoliberalism down your face.


Biden is obviously selecting those with whom he feels comfortable working. This far his picks representative of a broad spectrum of our demographics certainly, but I do think he flubbed this one.


People act surprised, I cant imagine why. There is no single advocate in congressional history more on the side of big banking than Biden is and has been. Because of Biden, more than any other single person in history, student debt is through the roof and personal bankruptcy is basically impossible. People should not act surprised, its no secret that Biden is also strongly opposed to the survival of social security as a concept in general. All those senior citizens who voted for him were little different from senior citizens who give their retirements away to celebrity televangelists, clueless, highly irresponsible, and totally out of touch and unconcerned with the well being of future generations. I guess joining forces with evil to defeat evil is only really possible once you deceive yourself into believing you are not allying yourself with evil. It becomes more difficult to maintain the illusion, the more overt their evil becomes. That Journey hasn’t even begun yet, but it’s about to become a very very bumpy ride.


Don’t want to pre judge too much here, after all Biden hasn’t even taken office yet. Just think, on January 22nd Joe Biden could begin signing executive orders.
He could close Guantanamo, and all the kiddie concentration camps.
He could forgive all student loan debt.
He could declare our healthcare system a clear and present danger to the Republic, and set the Medicare are to zero.
He could order his justice dept to stop any and all prosecutions of drug offenders, and all those in federal prison for those offenses would have their sentences commuted.
He could order every dept, including the pentagon to be Green by 2025.
Of course, monkeys could fly out of my ass, wearing top hats and singing show tunes.
Which of these scenarios do you think is more possible?


I think the monkeys are more likely.


golly, so who is he going to listen to more? the vaunted “economic progressives” in his little advisory “club”? Or the die-hard neoliberal pirates that will be working in his offices day after day?

Why, this will be a puzzle! Kinda like the way Trump didn’t listen much to the neocons he appointed to advisory positions (waves at John “I am the Walrus” Bolton).

C’mon, man! Biden is conscientiously hand selecting great patriots, with whom he feels comfortable SERVING us ALL. Thus far, his picks represent of a broad speculum of OUR demographics… to paraphrase: Biden will have the most diverse, intersectional cabinet of K Street kleptocrats, Wall Street liquidators & slavering Neocon mass murderers ever assembled, to redistribute what little we’ve left, UPWARDS.

In closing: IT’S A COOKBOOK! Fly FLY, my MONKEYS!






If I were to bet, I’d put my money on the monkeys.


"…the selection of Reed is “inconsistent” with the president-elect’s “campaign promise to protect and expand Social Security benefits.”

More like the campaign promise was inconsistent with Biden’s agenda, which is no surprise.
And any time someone talks about a “comprehensive plan”, then pucker up.


The article contains this sentence by Alex Lawson:

“…Bruce Reed needs to conform to the path laid out by President-elect Biden…”


Sorry, Alex, Bruce Reed doesn’t need to do anything. I know that you’re using “Bruce needs” to mean “Alex wants” in the way that Mom the Authoritarian used it: “You need to clean up your room, young man - or else!” If you said that "Bruce needs to…because Alex wants him to… ", then we’d all see that Alex has zero power over Bruce. Until you find a way to retract your vote for Biden, you’ll have no “or else”.

That’s a classic. The only thing I look forward to on tv these days is the New Years marathon of Twilight Zone in the syFy channel. That episode in particular, “To Serve Man” really made an impression on my impressionable little psyche back in the day.
And my wife still refuses to watch the Wizard of Oz. It seems the flying monkeys gave her nightmares.
I guess we all may be in the stew soon enough, eh?


I’m surprised that anybody is surprised.

Instead of Social Security, and Medicare, Americans will have to buy insurance, that will be much more profitable for Wall Street, also foreign countries want on on that action too. .


Hi zed:
When that happens, D.C. will become the OK Corral. I think that since this is one of the few government programs that actually works for all the people----and in the middle of a pandemic too----
But I have read that Biden wanted to cut it a few times before -and if that is true, I think he will be “a dead man walking.”
Maybe Biden doesn’t realize that grandparents and their social security are one of the ways that unhoused people are now being housed--------- as more and more landlords are throwing people out!
That would be inhumane to do this to so many people. Besides, if he needs more money take it back from the Pentagon -----as military waste is what kills America’s future. Did anyone ever find those pallets full of money that were lost in Bush’s IRAQ? Fix that and you can raise social security. : )


I very much want to believe, maybe even need to believe, but I think so far there is no evidence to support the conclusion that Biden will do anything in the way of reversing the right wing overthrow of America. I just hope I’m wrong.


Biden did not “flub” anything. He knows exactly who Bruce Reed is, and he did exactly what he intended to do.


In case you hadn’t realized, the WTO is totally human rights agnostic, its totally about business. Additionally, in our trade deals, we the US are ten times more human rights agnostic than them.

The US leaving Medicare and Social Security alone!

Tell me something, do you care one bit about all those people? If you do, you will stop trying to tell me to stop believing what my eyes are telling me and swallow the poisonous Kool Aid the corrupt are selling in order to successfully con the people of this country out of everything they own, our country, and our democracy.

“Maybe Biden doesn’t realize that grandparents and their social security are one of the ways that unhoused people are now being housed--------- as more and more landlords are throwing people out!”

Its not his decision to make, dont you know how the multialeral rules based system works? These things are decided by a panel in Geneva according to very specific rules, in a specific order. And those rules have nothing to do with compassion - except that the kind you are describing is likely an impediment to global trade and business so it must be absolutely the minimal help possible, and can only go to those who have absolutely no other way of addressing the market failure.

I dont know, I am not a lawyer, It may even be forbidden. Become a country, so you “exist” and ask the WTO.

Have you ever lived in a big city where rents are skyrocketing? Remember in the 70s and 80s whe arson by landlords of their own buildings was a serious problem?


The landlords are seeing the apartments they are renting out quadruple in value in ten years in some cities, and they consider rent stabilization laws to be a theft of that value from them, they are on the warpath. Its a nightmare situation for the poor. We have two corrupt parties now, so its really really bad. We blew it.

Biden is like Obama in that he hears the big landlords, . He hears the insurance companies wanting to raise rates on companies that have sick employees…He feels their pain.

As far as everything I read, WTO makes all that stuff come back. It must go back to the way it was in 1998. Health insurance must go back. I am just going by what Ive read, this is speculation, but I’m not pulling it out of my ass like the worthless campaign promises of #$%FR@! neoliberals.

Guess what, your hopes are based on impossibilities,.

Because of GATS we likely cant build any new public housing that todays urban residents could ever afford. . Instead we’re exporting the energy that allows the older buildings to be heated economically. So they will HAE to be torn down. Sick, huh?

It cant be reversed. Itsgoing to hit poor people very hard to get forced out of the cities they have lived in their whole live, but wages havent kept up. Education hasnt kept up, especially math hasnt kept up.

Energy costs are going to jump up a lot because they are selling it off as fas as they can, there was ban on export of natural gas for 40 ers, its ending now.

Its not just going to result in the cities totally changing in makeup. Its going to add a huge amount of extra costs to homeowners in a good portion of the country. Costs they cant afford. Right at the same time as they are losing jobs.


There is not a single thing both of the idiot parties arent attacking. What will be left?

You dont know what you’re talking about. Compassion? This is the fucking United States of America. Where have people been the last 20 years? Where were we when 30 million Africans and Indians mostly children, were dying of AIDS even as drugs that could have saved their lives cost pennies? We were charging them $12000 a year for drugs that it turns out cost literally pennies, but only because Yusef Hamied BROKE THE RULES to save their lives, against our wishes… What did we do here? First thing, as soon as the WTO went into force, in the spring of 1995 We were eliminating the Reasonable Pricing Rule so we could gouge people in other countries confident in the knowledge we were gouging our own people ourselves.
Thats equal rights in America. Ever since Bill Clinton signed the URAA, Medicare and Social Security have been under a very dark cloud. YOU just cant see it because you’re blinded by the propaganda people are drenched in here, you think they would never do that so you dont even read the links I provide you. I know how it works. Do you ever think that I might be right?


I don’t believe anyone would cut SS to existing recipients but I do think Biden, et.al. will raise the starting age to 70 or beyond. That, in combination with a disease that primarily kills the elderly, would free up a lot of funds for the bankers.


Don’t you know about the World Trade Organization rules? Please read the Annex on Financial Services and Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services, you need to know the effective date is February 26, 1998. Please read them and our Schedule of Specific Commitments. (SoC)

Well, you’re speaking to a boomer who’s only just watched “Rosemary’s Baby” for the very first time? TV only got good for about 6-8 years: The Wire, BOSS, Breaking Bad, Babylon Berlin, The Night Of, Godless, etc. But, after nine months in a tiny Manhattan apartment… I’d only barely watched TV as a young adult (the 70s really were too distracting and the 80s fucking TERRIFYING. We lived in Central Oakland; flying monkeys & munchkins all carried Ingram MAC 10 or Tec-9 as crank & crack replaced sins). My current partner (who’d worked for Wes Craven & Zoetrope) is TERRIFIED to watch “Silence of the Lambs,” “Monkey Shines,” or “Martin” which my then girlfriend was in. I’m FAR more frightened to watch Neera Tanden & Vice President Harris. And having to watch Ivanka, and the rest of those creatures STILL gives me nightmares?