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Biden Tells Billionaires That Under his Administration, Things Wouldn't Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/biden-tells-billionaires-under-his-administration-things-wouldnt-change


From the article:

“Biden 2020: ‘Nothing would fundamentally change.’”

So it’s going to be Biden v. Twump I suppose. The 1% don’t like change—although most would probably be less embarrassed by the former than by the latter, either one represents the Reaganoid “stay the course” playbook in which the 99% get to share an ever-shrinking slice of the economic pie.

Sadly, enough of the people who want and desperately need change may be fooled into thinking that this humbug—the white Barack Obama—will give it to them.


The Senator from MasterCard speaks! Status Quo Joe.
once a corporate whore always a corporate whore. And he, and the ‘democrat’ leadership are making no bones about it now. They fully intend to be the Other Republican Party
It looks like the 3rd Way wins


The young must rise up and turn this planet right side up .


If Biden is the nominee it won’t matter which one wins. Medicare, Social Security, etal will be destroyed.

We will go back to teh Corporate death panels for health care and the War budget will jump


It is articles like this that explains why Joe the bankers fawning parasite, is the darling of the DNC and has been selected by them as the " FRONT RUNNER" !


with the millennial’s I know and work with … it’s just not going to happen. they spend the day talking about gaming. but maybe others know a different crowd


Wow, what an inspirational candidate for the majority! None of that hopey changey stuff from this guy!

“No one’s standard of living will change. Nothing would fundamentally change. No hope, no change.”


that’ll get people off the couch.

They cannot be thinking they are going to win with this crap. This seems more like a strategy to throw the game

…when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ - Sherlock Holmes


Higgins sez:
“In Biden’s comments Tuesday, the former vice president told a room of 100 of the New York financial elite …”

By maintaining his campaign in a tight orbit around Wall Street, Frontrunner Joe kills two birds with one stone: rake in the corporate investments AND gather a short list of pre-approved future cabinet secretaries.


How is he the front-runner of the Dems???


Basically the same speech that Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman. As at the last election, you will hear the Trumpies repeat this at every MAGA rally in Pennslvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida,


Aside from the hideous DNC boilerplate offering we’ve come to expect, there’s another angle guaranteeing Hair Plugs Joe has virtually no shot to grab the nomination - he looks and sounds even worse than Trump. Joe’s sporting that sickly, thin-skin, bulging eyeballs dread of old age. Plus, listen to a recent clip of him and notice how he also struggles speaking, a product of dentures and slow-firing brain synapses.

For once, the superficiality of many voters may finally work in progressive’s favor and eliminate at least one corporate dem. Rather than policy, the politically averse voter is affected most by gut instincts. How a candidate presents themselves, their apparent confidence and trustworthiness, etc rate higher with them than their stance on taxes, foreign policy and the like. After a few debates, Joe’s obvious slippage will tank his run.


3rd way Democrats of course feel it’s better to lose to a fascist than elect a socialist. That’s why they chose Hillary.


Now if this could get out on corporate media? Anyone want to take bets?
NOT, hopefully he will say this in the debates.


With Biden as the candidate the dims can run with a new campaign slogan “No Change”, that will certainly win them the election.


From your pen to the Goddess’ ears!

Hopefully this typical foot-in-mouth revelation from the “centrist” DINO shill, “Wall Street Joe” will “tank” and end his pathetic and embarrassing candidacy, admitted servitude to the 1% and continued wage and interest slavery for the 99%. More of everything that is destroying our republic, our planet, and peace…


Just say NO to neoliberal corporations-over-people Joe!


Based on what? They try to rig things as they do because they are weak and have to. No one should expect the corrupt rich assholes that run the system to just step aside and cede power. Expect them to fight, and fight back. If the left is halfway competent, we win. If they blow up their party to rig the thing for that rotten person, then it should be blown up.