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Biden Tells Donors and Lobbyists at Fundraiser That GOP Will 'Know Better' After Trump and Wall Street Bankers 'Are All Positive'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/11/biden-tells-donors-and-lobbyists-fundraiser-gop-will-know-better-after-trump-and

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With every imbecilic utterance this old fool makes he manages to become more insufferable than ever. Prepare for Clinton 2: Electric Boogaloo if this wretched fossil manages to scam the nomination.

But we all know if he gets it the pressure will be on ti vote for him, because, you know,…>TRUMP!

It’s going to be 2016 all over again.


New Snack: The Biden pocket- fully stuffed.
Time for progressives to chow down.


I’'m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear for Trumps second Inaugural Ball


Perhaps Trump will name him “Deja Joe”.


enjoy the moment

…or G.I. tract joe

“Wall Street bankers “can be positive influences in the country.”… Good one uncle Joe.


Frontrunner™ Joe sez:
“Wall Street and significant bankers and people, they’re all positive, they can be positive influences in the country on my campaign war chest.”

Just needed a minor edit.


He’s anally retentive.

Any single person who votes for this Icon of right wing Ideology is as much a traitor as any Trump supporter. I fully expect him to win the primaries amid a hushed and downplayed scandal of election fixing against the progressive front runner.


He’s deceptively deceiving the middle class.


Of course some Republicans know better, just as many Democrats like Uncle Joe know better than to sellout voters, throw them under the bus and otherwise make a mockery of a supposed democracy. For sure, Biden should “know better” than to try to make heroes out of Wall Street shysters, but Obama cashed in on that tactic, so why not? Bottom line in this political system is that “knowing better” doesn’t count for shit.


This guy is such an out of touch moron; his mind must be working around era 1917. He had eight years of mentoring in advanced prevarication from Obama; and didn’t learn a thing about how to fool the gullible-which is a very very large segment of the population.
Bernie will smoke him in the debates.


“Wall Street and significant bankers and people, they’re all positive, they can be positive influences in the country,” Biden told the audience gathered in Washington, D.C. “But they didn’t build the country. The middle class built the country.”

This is a total fallacy. The United States was built by Oligarchs, the economic elite, but that nation faltered and was never a significant world power. Without the economic advantages of free slave labor, that nation would have achieved little. After the excesses of laissez faire free market capitalism ushered in the great depression, a powerful labor movement emerged from the rubble which used its political muscle to elect FDR and advance progressive legislation. After 15 years, despite the overwhelming challenges of the depression and World War II, America emerged a superpower, with corporate taxes at over 90% and a newly created entity in the world called the “middle class”. The middle class didn’t create America - progressive politics, emboldened by the failures of free market capitalism, created the middle class.


Ol’ Joe has a serious thinking disorder.


Banksters and Republicans ARE positive forces that assure that the 1%'s balance sheets become more positive with each passing day while the 99%'s balance sheets continue to trend negative.

With 90% of Republicans loving Trump, Biden’s suggestion that Congressional Republicans not align themselves with Trump demonstrates that Biden is either stupid or a lying sack of ____…there is no third possibility.


There he is. “Joltin’ Joe” shows us once again what a typically shameless hack he is for the gangsters on Wall Street and the oligarchs. He WILL “win” the DNC nomination because he will tow the regressive party line just as he’s told. Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer and Feinstein and their ilk will all enthusiastically support him because they are for “Business As Usual”. If Biden wasn’t lusting for so much power he could have made even more money by going back to corporate friendly Delaware and being a shill for the DuPonts who basically own 1/4 of the state. I will never vote for this man. He is just more of what Gore Vidal said - “The Republicans and Democrats are just two wings of the Property Party”. Sorry, all you regular folks - if you don’t have lots and lots of property you don’t get to play with your betters.
It looks to me that these pathetic, hapless Demos are going to help install Trumpo the Klown and his vile enablers for another term and that will be our end as a representative republic. This particular band of political trash is the most treasonous bunch of scum I have ever seen in this country and tens of millions are capable of thinking of Trump as a kind of American Fuhrer as they vote and protest to take “their” country back from the socialists and the “illegals”. It is a cult and it is extremely dangerous.


Don’t underestimate how truly disastrous every run for national office by Biden has been, save for when he rode to VP on Obama’s coattails. The dogs aren’t going to like this dog food, no matter how well it is marketed, and it’s being marketed incompetently.


After 8 years of Obama/Biden seeking common ground with the Republicans, all we got was ACA. ACA was originally Heritage Foundation Romneycare from the Republican party.

With more than six months of filibuster-proof Democratic control, Joe worked with the Republicans and all we got was failed Republican policy.

Joe expects the tRump-inspired Republicans to now change?!? Or is it that he expects Democratic voters to change party? Either way, it’s not going to happen; instead, we’ll get more Republican policy from Joe. Next!