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Biden Tells Donors and Lobbyists at Fundraiser That GOP Will 'Know Better' After Trump and Wall Street Bankers 'Are All Positive'

Not only that, but there is talk that the convention could end up being very nasty - worse than 1968.

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Wouldn’t surprise me. But it’d have to go quite a ways to surpass 1968.

Hartmann is an admitted staunch capitalist. He’s a gatekeeper and speaks from both sides of his mouth. Wouldn’t trust him any further than I could pick him up and toss him.

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Couldn’t vote for the hildebeest or the reality show host. Would’ve held my nose and voted for never encountered a major weapons system he wouldn’t vote for no matter how poorly designed and useless Bernie Sanders. Won’t vote for him now though having done just a little bit of research. Defense (sic) plant jobs in Vermont are more important to Bernie (and to the good citizens of Vermont) than hundreds of dead innocents worldwide. OTOH I suppose I would be quite proud to learn that a bomb I worked on ripped to shreds a little girl in Fallujah.

Married to a billionaire real estate developer, Nancy Pelosi IS Donald Trump.

They are not only working the defensive aspects like sabotage and reduction of visibility they are also working the offensive. And, they are not putting all their eggs in the Biden basket. They are hedging their bets.

Notice the meteoric rise of Buttigieg. Reminds me of someone else who came out of nowhere in 2008 with Harvard credentials, pleasant personality, and a winning smile. Whereas Gabbard has had next to no main stream media exposure, Buttigieg is becoming a MSM nightly spectacle. Those “impromptu” appearances don’t come cheap. Regardless as to how cute and attractive one may be, this pervasive exposure takes some powerful connections and deep pockets.

I have no evidence but strongly suspect the Buttigieg support is coming from the same wealthy cartels that put together the Obama miracle. The Change we Believed In that brought us more of the same old status quo.


Republicans infiltrated the Democrats. Turnabout’s fair play.

In much the same way as cyanide is. Yep, positive in that respect, “Hands”, go back to the corporatist rock you crawled out from under.

neoliberal that checks off a bunch of boxes.

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How can anyone expect Buy-Down to know better, when he was trained by his (de-)mentors O’Bummer and P’Loser.  They let the War Criminals and the Banksters off the hook in 2009 without one single in­vestigation – much less any indictments or trials – so why would anyone in his right mind (or what’s left of a mind) expect WindSock Joe to be any different??

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How about  “Democrats Know Better Than To Vote For Me!!” — Joe Biden

Or does does the Droopy Windsock honestly believe that the 'Pooplickens will remove all those right-wing, pro-korporate & funnydementalist judges they’ve been installing at a record pace once Tweetle-Dumb is gone?

“… we all know in our gut this election is the most important election we’ve ever engaged in—and not just because I’m running,” Biden said. “With Trump gone you’re going to begin to see things change. Because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

And not just because he is running? It has nothing at all to do with him running. He acts like if he isn’t the Dem nominee there is no hope. A little megalomania there, Joe.

The country, with the exception of Trump’s diehard base, is turning more progressive with each passing month. And even Trump supporters want universal healthcare and protections for SS/Medicare. Biden is out of touch.

As far as the Republicans “knowing better”, that’s funny. They have used the same election meddling (gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc) since forever, and used the same strong-arm tactics and rule changes in the House and Senate when they held the majority under Obama that they use now. That had nothing to do with Trump - it’s just who they are. They represent only 25% of the population, but will always get their sad agenda passed via stealth methods.

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Looks like a John Kerry reenactment, only worse. Dems figured in 2004 that getting rid of W was of such cardinal importance that they should run the most bland character, who would attract a minimum of negative campaigning from Republicans and maybe even steal a few votes from them.

It backfired big-time in 2004 and will be even worse this time.

The most recent Quinnipiac University Poll came out yesterday (it is one of the best rated polls around and does not take private clients or any outside private funding sources). The poll is in the field for their national Democratic Party primary poll every three weeks. Some data:

Quinnipiac Poll April 25-28
Biden: 38%, Sanders: 11%, Warren 12%, Buttigeig 10%, …

Quinnipiac Poll May 16-20
Biden: 35%, Sanders: 16%, Warren 13%, Buttigeig 5%, …

Quinnipiac Poll June 6-10
Biden: 30%, Sanders: 19%, Warren 15%, Buttigeig 8%, …

Nice to see Biden coming down and Bernie moving up in this poll.

The other major university-based pollster of high quality (Monmouth University) will be in the field next week.