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Biden to Take Aim at Trump's Midnight Regulations on Day One of New Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/30/biden-take-aim-trumps-midnight-regulations-day-one-new-administration


Is there even a slight possibility that the trumptard has done so much damage that even Biden is willing to embrace what is honorable and right for Mother Earth and we peons – time will tell …

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Spring cleaning comes early this year, and with vigor!

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Is the author genuinely this gullible? Biden has already admitted that he’s not going to bother doing much of anything about what Trump has done in a whole host of areas.

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Biden will make a big deal of overturning a portion of Trump’s most over-the-top actions, but most will remain because Joebama actually agrees with most of it. It will be a tearing-up-a-speech moment for the cameras. Maybe he’ll even sign with a Sharpie so the MSM can spend weeks chattering about the significance while ignoring all the nasty Trump stuff being normalized. Now that Trump is gone, Democrats can stick their heads up their collective ass as they did during Obama.