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Biden Under Fire for Telling Immigrant Rights Activist Demanding End to Deportations to 'Vote for Trump'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/22/biden-under-fire-telling-immigrant-rights-activist-demanding-end-deportations-vote


Deport Biden back to the old folks home. Now in my eighties, the thoughts of sugar plums sometimes dance in my head too.,…


If it wasn’t plainly obvious by now that Biden is the clear choice of the Third Way corporate democrats and the DNC it should be now. If any other candidate would have fucked up this many times before the first primaries we would have long forgotten their names by now. But since Haim Saban and the other big dimmo donors don’t have a fallback stooge just yet (mayor Pete is loathed by the black coalition, Cory and Kamala aren’t even popular in their own states, and everybody loathes Klobachar) its Biden or bust.
While the Banshee may have not screamed for ol Joe yet, she is certainly clearing her throat.


What’s Biden competing with Trump for, Crazy-R-Us or Liar in Chief.
Guess he “forgot” he told his corporate investors nothing would change under his administration.


“…don’t have a fallback stooge just yet…”

True, at least until Patrick and Bloomberg catch up to the pack, then I expect one of them will “surge” in the polls until the primary election.
Edit: I just picked-up on your last line, too early in the morning to think/get sick about her.

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“You should vote for Trump.” = Felony gaffe.


It’s alright, I’m having one of those mornings myself. Nothing a second cup of coffee can’t help:)

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Biden is an arrogant SOB who in no way deserves to be the president of this nation … or of any organization.

Hia presumptive “leadership” should be a mystery to us all, but more than anything is a reminder of the force (and folly) of the oligarchic-media circus which rules this nation with a strong, if not iron, hand on so many levels and with various shades of visibility, that it virtually TELLS us ALL what we should think and believe.

Uncle Joe’s constant disparaging remarks about Bernie attest to his solid belief in the strength of that arrangement. And he seems to COUNT on that strength to see him through his foolish remarks and his lack of credibility. Woe is us if he shoul “win.”

Along with Trump, he is a reminder of all that is wrong with this nation … and with us.

Those remarks he constantly makes opposing change, progressives, and Sanders are clearly symbolic of WHY we DO desperately need that CHANGE, and why the DNC-&-friends will do virtually ANYTHING to stop it. Trump is hardly the only anti-democratic force we face in America today.

It is truly time for us to wake up … before it is too late.


Clearly Biden is telling “democratic” voters you don’t have much of a choice. It is quite a presumption that can be put to rest by these voters if they grew a spine.


I got a hearty early morning belly laugh out of this article. Biden is exploding before our eyes and it is glorious… he just lost a huge segment of the Latino vote with this, any intelligent remaining people under 90 with the Reefer Madness gateway drug thing, his constant personal attacks on Sanders… and more than I can think of without my 3 cuppas… it’s like he has decided maybe he is too feeble and forgetful to be president and is trying to lose…


This is what happens when a candidate (Biden obviously) is pulled into the presidential primary race by big money and hokey polls pushed by corporate media. He just got out of bed on the wrong side and put his shoes on backwards and drank too much coffee!


Hey, Joe, I thought you wanted to beat Trump? Why do you think acting like a Republican is a winning pose? You do realize most of us on the Left won’t vote for another Republican, even a “Lite” one? We’re not reading the label, we’re listening to what you say.


Poor Biden, he doesn’t have a clue.
Regarding deportation–every country deports people who enter illegally, and especially those who are a problem.
I illegally entered three countries and tried to stay there to gradually become absorbed into the population and hoped to become a citizen someday.
When they caught me, they told me to get out and only come back via their formal merit-based immigration process.
I didn’t whine and scream about that. I complied. I totally understand and agree with their desire to control who enters and stays in their countries.


Nominate Biden in order to assure another Trump win.


One trouble with Biden with his severe foot in mouth disease is that he’s no match in a debate even with an idiot like Trump. Trump may be a buffoon who can’t hold an intelligent conversation; but his acting ability enables him to resonate with his base(politely put, not the smartest people in the room).
One thing about this conversation with the Latino; Biden’s style of disagreeing showed extremely insensitivity; he could have handled the issue better emphasizing that non felons had nothing to fear. On the other hand who can trust that would be true; and he wouldn’t just deport willy nilly like Obama.


One could get the idea that he really does not care and another clue to his stupid and insensitive answers is that he has never had any real personal contact with regular ordinary workers.

Da man wants to retire and get paid for talking to groups. LOL can you imagine!!!


I don’t like Biden and his “vote for Trump” statement was terribly callous but it’s not unreasonable for a presidential candidate to say that the US must deport non-citizens who commit felonies in the US.

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I tend to agree. The US corporate left punditocracy has been behind Joe all the way but I tend to think he would lose the general because of his over-ebbed cognitive capabilities and conservative lite policy positions. There is no reason for anyone under 30 to be excited to vote for him. He’s week-old, leftover baked chicken.


Biden has turned into a fumbling idoit just like Bush and trump
His BIG donors will run his agenda.


Biden is telling outright lies. The day he announced for POTUS this time, he held a big-dollar fundraiser in Philly with executives from both Comcast and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and has continued to go to those big-donor fundraisers. Just outright lies!! But he’s the choice of the party Pols and corporate America, and they will do just about anything to drag his politically dead corpse across the finish line to the nomination next Summer. You just watch. Bernie and the rest of us are going to get screwed with our pants on again. And they will richly deserve the defeat they will suffer to Trump next November, but the rest of us won’t. Of course, the establishment would rather have four more years of Trump than one day of Bernie in the White House, because Bernie would/will show the populace that things could be different - and better - for the masses.